Izabelle & Bruno

Food is the eyes to the soul of each culture. Pictures posted are the foods/drinks that I have made or the places I visited. Location posted🌶🍗🍺🍷ENJOY

No caption needed!
Sometimes all you need on a cold Saturday night is to cozy up with “Don” and a great plate of Homemade Hummus and Tahini garnished with Zaàtar and olive oil while binging Netflix 💝🕎
When you are Persian these three foods are life! Rice and the crispy bottom (some with potatoes on the bottom) Gormeh Sabzi (Green stew)and Gondi (ground chickpeas and meat meatballs)! Visit the nearest Persian food restaurant ASAP! Salute to a great weekend 🍹
My first attempt at Suvganiyot! Hanukkah🕎🕎🕎 donuts 🍩 🤩🤩🤩 They were stuffed with jelly and chocolate 🤤🤤🤤
It’s Donut Season 🤪Pick one!
If anyone knows how to order food, it’s my son🙌🏾🙌🏾 it doesn’t matter because I end up stealing his food anyway 🤪😂 Pastrami and schnitzel Sandwich with a side of mashed potatoes and sautéed onions 😋😍🕎💜🕎
Life is filled with miracles 🔐We just need to pay attention! HAPPY HANUKKAH 💜🕎 💜
This gives a new outlook to Babaganush! Fresh out of a grill eggplant with grilled garlic and tahini 💣 blend in your own Babaganoush on the table 🌡
70 percent of our communication is nonverbal 🍻When we have a drink, we tend to willingly and freely communicate ♥️ Enjoying cocktails with my loves♥️
When sweet and spicy BBQ wings are life! 🤪I definitely take pride in my wings! 🙌🏾😉🙌🏾 WARNING ⚠️ You will need a few cold beers 🍻 to wash it down!
The best part of a mall is the food court 😉 This is one of the best Poke I have had in a while! Everything done in perfection 👌🏾🙌🏾 Happy shopping season 💃🏽
Insanely delicious Shakshuka to start Sunday! Definitely a breakfast favorite at a local favorite place:Rothschild’s Coffee and Kitchen ❣️ Have an amazing day ☀️
It’s gonna be a long wait till that bird is ready🦃🦃🦃🦃..... 🍁🍁🍁let’s do breakfast right! 🦃🦃🦃. I guess it’s never too much black pepper on your yolks 🔥 I am grateful for waking up every morning surrounded by love ❤️ Happy happy thanksgiving everyone ☀️🦃🍁🦃🍁🦃☀️
Does it count as Taco Tuesday if you go for taco 🌮 Monday night but come home and eat the leftovers after mid night? 🍹🌮🌮 Delicious fish tacos which was washed down with apricot sangria 🥰🤪🥳😜
Thinking about the Paella dish I had back in Barcelona 🥺I am drooling writing about it. Flavorful Spanish rice 🥰topped with the piece is delicious Salmon cooked in an old fashion oven 😲. Local’s hospitality and kindness was heart warming❣️
So I have been home, sick for the passed few days😷with the flu 🤒: and missed on the first snow of the season ❄️ At least I got to eat this delicious chicken vegetable soup with Bruno laying on my side ❣️aside from the nutrients, there is something very comforting about chicken soup 🍲 Have a great Sunday ☀️
KYMA CHIPS Paper thin eggplant and zucchini chips with Tzatziki sauce. Absolutely crispy and delicious in a beautifully designed Greek restaurant 😁
RIP Burrito barrier under cheese with final destination of my tommy z🤪🤪🤪🤪
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