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Passionate ╳ Ambitious USA ↟↟ PNW ↟↟ OR Images ©Jamie McEldowney @kershawknives @dragonalliance @gopro Personal: @JamieMac808

Dinosaur... otherwise known as a Blue Heron.
Face to face. #smithrock
Here’s a little farm owl to brighten your Monday. 🤠🦉 #greathornedowl
The Monkey Face 🙈
Love hike days with @luvkitten 💚 <>
These dudes and dudets are gnarly! #themonkeyface #smithrockstatepark
Safe to say Smith Rock State Park is pretty neato! #smithrockstatepark
I see you 👁
The flyways are busy in Oregon! Love the fall migration. #waterfowl #pintail
I’m curious how many of you have been to Oregon? Did you get to explore?
This little deer friend is most definitely living his best life 😂 @westcoastgameparksafari
Falling from nowhere.
River camp vibes ⛺️🔥🎣
Peace & Chaos
Splash 💦
Thinking of magical places ✨
I usually don’t shoot “couples photos” or really photos of people in general. I prefer the furry and feathered type 🦊🦉. But, recently I had the opportunity to share a very special moment with a friend/co-worker while out on a weekend hike in the Columbia River Gorge. Super stoked for the two of them! Swipe ←
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