Step into my office!
Even zombies want to see the jacksepticeye tour!! #brains #tour www.jacksepticeyetour.com
Guess where the rest of that pole is hiding! 🤫
I like to listen to music that makes me think about life and get sad and stuff!
Got to meet one of the coolest guys in the world a couple days ago! Such an incredible experience! @vancityreynolds #Deadpool2
Got cast in the live action Hunchback Of Notre Dame movie. Can’t wait for you guys to see it.
Vacation’s over!
When I went to see Infinity War, I got to be part of a cool charity shirt campaign called “Together For Short Lives” thanks to @disneyuk “You’re Braver Than You Think”
Hey, did you know that tour tickets are still available?! COS THEY ARE! You can find them here: https://www.jacksepticeyetour.com
Heading to see Avengers tonight!
Good day, good vibes! 🔆✨
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