J A C L Y N 😜

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@Elucidmagazine Fall 2018 issue is out. Thank you for making me your cover girl 🖤 Stylist: @Cherylangeline @jilljacobsstudio Hair Artist: @Jesushair Makeup Artist: @Lipsticknick 3D Printed Dress: @Julia3daviy Photo: @richardcordero
Currently sick in bed, so here’s a picture of when I looked good yesterday 😁 Hi, how are you?
S U N D A Y 🥂
Had so much fun playing with makeup today! So weird seeing myself in pink!💗
Had the most incredible time at the cubs game! Chicago is my favorite city!❤️💙
This is the best photo I have of myself from yesterday. So enjoy. Such an incredible meet & greet! So thankful to everyone who came and told me their incredible stories!❤️
Cheers to the freakin weekend🖤
It’s that time of year🖤☠️ Shoutout to my hair for trying to cover up my massive pimple✌🏼 Please leave ideas/requests for videos you want to see next!!🥂
I choose happiness🙏🏼
My life on social media VS reality😂 People always ask me “what is it like to be so glamorous all the time. My response is always “I don’t know, you tell me” 🤣 The reality of an entrepreneur is not so glamorous. In reality, working for yourself has more challenges & obstacles than working for someone else. Sometimes you feel like the whole world is against you. Almost like the world wants to see you fail. But if you believe in yourself, follow your passion & stay true to you, that’s your recipe for success. I am so grateful for all my hardship because it has taught me so much & made me who I am. To any of you who want to take the next step in building your dream... stop waiting, stop doubting & take the leap of faith. If a girl like me can do it, so can you!🎉❤️
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