J A C L Y N 😜

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I’m a survivor, I’m not gon’ give up💚
Happy Monday! Take charge of this week & do you baby!💚🧡
Cheers to the freakin weekend ☀️
Life is better with him! ☀️
I hope I get to go on dates with you for the rest of my life @farnumgrindtime ❤️😍🥰😘 Date Night Makeup Tutorial is up on my channel!💋
New video is now live on my channel!❤️
I thought you might like a break from all the Valentines posts on your feed.💚 So here you go... you’re a bad bitch with or without a man, don’t forget it.
I swear I’m not clingy.
Change your attitude, change your life❤️
I know I’ve been absent from social media the past few weeks. I have been having a really tough time with my stomach & basically unable to eat. I’ve been at the hospital almost everyday the past week getting tests done & trying to get answers. As of right now, all signs are pointing to stress and anxiety. At this point, I am believing & trusting in God that I will be back to my normal self very soon!❤️
Last night in LA!😊
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