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Very grateful for this lot. - It’s been a big 12 months, and they’ve stuck by me through the good, the bad and the ugly. I couldn’t ask for better colleagues. From the banter, support and commitment to the cause, they are a pretty special bunch. - Very excited for what we have lined up for 2019! @nyrizlemanizle @miaschepis @frankiebes.pt @coach.kian @the_strength_student @alicia_movefit.
🎄 Christmas and the festive season is upon us... - Unless you’re a competitive physique athlete or weight class restricted athlete with competition in close proximity of Christmas, in my experience, attempting to diet for fat loss over the festive season is not a wise idea. - Restricting calorie intake and attempting to adhere to a calorie deficit when your environment and lifestyle is exposing you to more food, more frequently is setting yourself up for disaster. - That’s not to say throw caution to the wind and YOLO, although a few days or meals of a “seafood” diet won’t hurt. - Instead, aim to maintain weight and plan on a diet break as per the instructions above. At worst, gaining a small amount of weight is a very reasonable trade off for some enjoyment, indulgence and most importantly, memories.
Very proud of the JPS crew yesterday and their efforts at @thestrengthfortress team champs. - @amanda_divinephysiques with 8/9 and adding 15kg to her total. - @coach.kian with 9/9 and 20kg to his total and a milestone 500lb deadlift. - @jackzadow_ was an absolute trooper and despite many challenges over the past few months, walked away with an equal PB in the bench only and a massive hangover from the post comp festivities. - @t_shem coached by Jack and a superb effort with 20kg to the total and plenty in the tank. - Big thanks to @5trong and all of the volunteers from @thestrengthfortress for putting on a superb day, and as always very grateful to have @powerliftingaustralia supporting drug free lifting and giving us a platform to do what we love!
We make thousands of decisions each day, both consciously and subconsciously. - Humans are often impulsive and emotional creatures, which muddies our ability to make decisions with clarity. Myself included... - Hopefully this helps you all start making more informed decisions in both fitness and life, and enhances your ability to think logically and rationally.
Seriously cannot believe my big girl is almost 3. Time flies when you’re having... a very hard time chasing after two cyclones...
Well this is damn exciting! - @jpshealth_fitness VS @sigmanutrition - A little shocked to be presenting alongside one of the best in the business, Danny Lennon, and to be travelling around Aus teaching folk how to look good naked... - 👉🏼 MELBOURNE: 2/02/19 on home soil at JPS... 👉🏼 GOLD COAST: March (date & location TBD) 👉🏼 SYDNEY: March (date & location TBD)... - Tickets available via the link in my bio!
Often it’s not the program that bottlenecks your progress, it’s your execution of it. - You may have the best laid out training routine, evidence based, individualised and one that is very sound on paper. That’s all well and good, but if you’re not executing the lifts with appropriate technique, effort and working your way through your program with finesse, then you’ll spin your wheels. - I know that was certainly the case for me and my upper back development. It wasn’t until I learnt my anatomy inside out, refined my technique and dialled in my execution of my horizontal and vertical pulling movements that I started to see a return on my investment. - Don’t be afraid to take one step back if it means taking two or ten steps forward. - Video circa April this year when the shreds were real and the hair was glamorous...
Ok, so last night I woke up at 3am and was thinking about progressive overload... Weird I know, but bare with me. - So, technically speaking you don’t need to overload session to session or even week to week for the stimulus to be overloading. That assumes the starting stimulus was at the high end of being disruptive of course. - Think about that for a minute. - Essentially, you can use the same rep, set and load for an undetermined amount of time and still be adapting and growing muscle. - Mind boggling... - I’d really love to know how long this could potentially occur for and the influence of ones level of advancement in how this plays out long term. - Any how, the mental masturbation that followed was a thought experiment I’m grateful for having. I’ve known for some time that load progression isn’t necessary at a mechanistic level, but thinking of how this plays out in practice was cool. - Nonetheless, we all talk about it progressive overload, but very few conceptualise and can apply it in practice! - I made this graphic combining a few of my slides from the Hypertrophy webinar and it seemed quite popular on @jps_education so I thought I would reshare it here! - And if you’re looking to up skill in 2019 and raise the standard of your coaching to a whole new level, you’ll love our online mentorship course. - Our next intake is in Feb 2019, and you can enrol via the link in my bio. - #JPSeducation #RaisingtheStandard
Everybody wants to look like a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to stray from insta lean... - After my last show back in 2013, I spent an overwhelming majority of the following 5 years at a surplus where I went from 70kg on stage to 88kg (featured left). - This year, in a bid to make it to the stage (which didn’t come to fruition) my 16 week diet saw me drop down to 79kg. - Moral of the story: building muscle takes much longer than losing fat, and if you’re serious about making gains, you need to spend a disproportionate amount of time at a surplus and at a body fat that’s conducive to training hard, recovering and aiding growth!
After an overwhelmingly positive response from attendees to the Hypertrophy webinar and an abundance of interest from folk who missed out - we’ve made the entire presentation available for download. - It was a heap of fun to present alongside @bdminor and @hot_and_dongerous on the webz, and we have a lot in the pipeline for 2019, so stay tuned. - Click the link in my bio to grab yourself an absolute steal! #ThreeMuscleteers #TeamJPS
Here’s an interesting tale about guns... - More specifically about a boy who once had very small arms, but now has slightly bigger arms and who met face to face with a semi automatic last week 😝 ... - Last week I took an impromptu trip to Indonesia. Needless to say my visit was short lived after being held at gun point and robbed $500 on night one. - Classic Indonesian stitch up. - Nevertheless, before returning back to the motherland I took a visit at my regular training spot, Hammerhead fitness, where I caught up with my old training partner during my visits to Bali, Hardi. - The final exercise in my workout was cable curls. In which I surprised myself and needed the entire stack to complete my prescribed 3x15 @ RPE9. - Hardi walked up to me and said: - “Mr Jacob, in 2012 you could only lift 1/3 of the stack, you very weak back then. But very small too”. - Long story short, if you want to grow a muscle, the best proxy in the gym is to aim to achieve rep PBs across multiple sets and exercises. If you value security and safety, don’t stay out late in third world countries.
What’s the training objective when aiming to build muscle? - High force production at slow velocities. This is what creates mechanical tension. - Now, large magnitudes of tension will drive hypertrophy, but volume aka duration or exposure to that tension is equally important. - That being said, often the rate limiting factor in folk getting in sufficient volumes to grow is time. And myoreps and modified cluster sets (as coach @bdminor has me currently doing) are how I get the job done when time is limited! - By extending the set in fatigues conditions - we get more stimulating reps, and voila more mechanical tension. - Credit to Borge Fagerli who first introduced me to myoreps! - #TeamJPS
Some in house testing today, and with zero expectations going into this session, not a bad outcome. - Squat 230kg Bench 160kg Deadlift 260kg Total 650kg. - No food, no caffeine, no amp up... no worries. A few things to refine moving into the next cycle but I’ll take these digits. @bdminor
Hypertrophy webinar underway... Damn technology is cool. @hot_and_dongerous nailed his presentation on the physiology of muscle and @bdminor currently blowing my mind with his presentation on the relationship between intensity and volume... 2 hours deep, hopefully folks hang around for my basic bischhh presentation 😂 🎉
Ever find yourself overshooting your RPE on the first set of an exercise? - Did you notice the number of reps you were able to perform in your subsequent sets and exercises diminished? - Whilst training to muscular failure can be a useful strategy to idiot proof training and ensure your sets are effective, it can come at a cost - performance and volume. - A more useful strategy is to save training to failure and use it as follows: 👉🏼 On the last set of an exercise; 👉🏼 Later in your workouts; 👉🏼 On single joint and machine exercises; 👉🏼 In the final week/sessions of a mesocycle, before a deload. - #TeamJPS
Squats felt sublime tonight. My ego has been cashing checks my body can’t cash these past few months, but these last couple of weeks things have been flying, if you know what I mean. 215kg top double moving followed by 4x3 @ 190kg. - You can be my wing man anytime @the_strength_student TeamJPS
Christmas concert was a success. 1/2 children participated, no tears were shed and the scones and fairy bread were delicious.
My boy @coach.kian looking joocy... - Over the past 6 months, Kian has blown up due to a combination of his consistent hard work in the gym and following a somewhat decent program. - The focus when designing a program for hypertrophy is to nail the big rocks at the microcycle level - Intensity, Volume, Frequency, Exercise Selection and Progression Schemes... - 👉🏼 Intensity: The magnitude of stress within the week; 👉🏼 Volume: The amount of exposure/dosing of the stress. 👉🏼 Frequency: How to best inject volume and intensity throughout the microcycle to manage recovery and allow for adaptation. - Once we set volume, frequency and intensity and plugged in exercises, the next step is to determine how we are going to progress the stimulus. - For Kian (and many of my athletes) we overload the stimulus dependent upon the exercise and the overarching goals of the phase. - As Kian competed in powerlifting, we used single progressions in load on the big 3, aiming to increase his rep max (in the low end rep ranges: 1-5 reps). - On his accessories and isolations, we used double progressions and aiming to add reps first, then load. - It’s a fine balancing act when programming for an athlete with strength and aesthetic goals, but it can be done, especially given that hypertrophy can occur with a broad spectrum of rep ranges and loading zones. - Up 3kg in scale weight with some obvious changes in visuals along with 30kg added to his total, with more to come in the coming weeks ;) - Less than a week until the Hypertrophy Webinar, registration is open until Friday. Click the link in my bio to learn all about making muscle grow! #TeamJPS
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