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Dieting is not bodybuilding, and bodybuilding is not dieting... - I’ve spent the better part of 5 years in a surplus, that is more calories than the body requires to maintain itself. The result, I look a little more like a bodybuilder. - Why is it necessary to spend time in a surplus? - At a foundational level, it provides for an environment that affords our systems more than adequate resources (energy/amino acids in the context of hypertrophy) to: 👉🏼 Allow for progressively harder training; 👉🏼 Support recovery from that hard training; and 👉🏼 Aid adaptive processes resulting in tissue growth. - This will often mean you won’t look Instagram lean and must accept some additional fluff. - - In a contest prep or dieting phase, we simply peel back the layers and reveal the body we have built during our time at a surplus. - Losing fat isn’t bodybuilding, it’s body shrinking. Getting a little hefty at times and progressively training harder is indeed bodybuilding. #TeamJPS #Team3DMJ
And, this is why I coach... @htopp_powerlifting #TeamHannah
Progressive overload... - Progressive overload and a calorie surplus to grow, no? - It ain’t that simple folks. - I’m yet to meet many coaches or athletes who truly grasp progressive overload for hypertrophy, myself included. - It’s a very nuanced and complex topic, but there are two things we know for sure: 1️⃣ Training must be progressive, that is it must be consistently/sequentially harder on average, over time. 2️⃣ Overload must be disruptive and stress your body beyond its current adapted state. - Many ways we can go about inducing an increased training stress, but again our focus must be on an overload in mechanical tension and metabolic stress. - In application, this means increasing intensity primarily in either load/effort (magnitude and duration of tension) and ensuring sufficient volume is present. Again of late, folk have focused on the later over the former. - Anyhow, tonight we got some serious overload happening. Squats 3x8/8/9 @ 170kg and Romanians at 3x10/10/12 @ 140kg. All of which are pushing the envelope in effort and load, and are both rep PBs. - Notice, it wasn’t just a single set I hit a PB on, but across multiple sets. This is kinda important as a proxy of measuring hypertrophy. - I haven’t felt this kind of pump/fullness in my legs for a long time. Not that I chase either, but it was an added bonus for sure. - New video to the YouTube channel covering progressive overload for hypertrophy, link in my bio! #TeamJPS
Working on my mind muscle connection... - Not a bad effort for 16 weeks of dieting and I’m pretty damn proud of how lean I’ve been able to get given all of the other commitments, duties and responsibilities I have. - It may seem narcissistic to some to roll up your shorts and flex thy buttocks, but man, anyone who has an appreciation for bodybuilding will understand what it takes to bring about some lines in the glutes. - Even in my first few competitive seasons, I never had a single line in my glutes. - It’s been a solid 5 years of hard training and eating at a surplus to bring about some muscle maturity in my legs, and what this symbolises is not my current condition, but my commitment to the sport. - Proud, but never satisfied is the name of the game. - #TeamJPS #Team3DMJ
Talking all things squats in tonight’s mentorship session... - Some key takeaways from the session for you guys: 👉🏼 Do you need to squat? 👉🏼 Different variants of the squat (low bar/high bar/front) have different mobility/stability requirements. 👉🏼 Set up is key: tension and starting position are paramount. 👉🏼 There are two primary objectives in the squat: vertical bar path (in most cases) and maintenance of centre of mass. 👉🏼 Efficiency equals safety, and a safe squat is a strong squat. 👉🏼Execution is a balance between speed and control. The faster you are, the stronger you’ll be, if control isn’t compromised. The slower you move, the better you’ll learn. 👉🏼 Speed of execution should take into account level of advancement and skill acquisition. 👉🏼 Cues are not throw away, generic terms. They should hold meaning and purpose to elicit a desired focal point in technique/execution. 👉🏼 If the bar ain’t bending, you’re just pretending. And should practice squatting. - These guys continually blow me away with how quickly they are learning and how passionate they are. - It certainly makes for an enjoyable session and productive learning environment. #TeamJPS
Learning to lift... - It’s often the case that when trying to achieve improvements in muscularity or strength we are immediately drawn to the complexities of resistance training and nutrition. - We seek out advanced techniques, methods or protocols and pursue an approach that is often either unnecessary or inappropriate given our current level of advancement. - More often than not, we even fail to recognise that before applying the science of muscle growth or strength, we must first learn how to move with sound form and understand what that means, and looks like. - I know that this was the case for me when I first got into lifting. - From advanced overloading techniques, perpetually program hopping, lifting with horrendous form and seeking out the ever illusory ‘optimal’ plan, I span my wheels for years! - It wasn’t until I learnt the basics, focused on their mastery that I really started to see progress in both my physique and strength. - That’s why I put together the @jpshealth_fitness Learn To Lift strength training workshop. - To break down resistance training to its core, and teach the fundamentals of hypertrophy, strength, biomechanics, lifting technique and program design. - We have a few tickets left to our next workshop on the 28th of April at our Port Melbourne facility. - Tickets are available via the link in my bio, so come on down for your dose of brain gains! #TeamJPS
😏The magical hypertrophy routine... - ❌It doesn’t exist. - Nor is their a single piece of exercise science literature, a solitary video, article or piece of advice/information out there that will completely revolutionised# how you should train for bigger muscles. - It is the culmination of experience, evidence, practice, persistence, effort, patience and of course, time that leads to a jacked physique (tan not included). - 🤔So, what then is the best way to train for hypertrophy? - I don’t know to be honest.... - But you can check out my latest video on YouTube (link in my bio) as I discuss what I’ve learnt over the years. - I will say that hypertrophy is a by product: ✅Lifting/Programming practice; ✅Paying attention to the research; ✅Continual assessment and refinement; ✅Some guts and determination under the iron. - ❗️The more you pay attention to the above as opposed to minutiae and searching for the best program, the closer you will move towards devising the ‘optimal’ hypertrophy routine for you. - ♻️Even then, ‘optimal’ is not a fixed, rigid or set in stone concept. - 🎯 It is an extremely dynamic target. - 👉🏼Moving with life circumstances, nutritional status, health/injuries and a number of other important factors that influence program design. - But that’s a story for another day... - Nonetheless, starting with a foundational understanding of program design is key, and I covered just that in this video and the feedback has been awesome so far in this one, so thanks guys! 😎
First time coaching my long term online client and sister from another mister @htopp_powerlifting in the flesh... - After working together for 18 months online and coaching her through 5 meets via correspondence, today was truly epic. - 7/9 narrowly missing her third attempt on the squat (featured 165kg) and a 75kg bench and smoked 3/3 on the deadlift with a conservative 165kg to come out in first place in the u/84kg. - It’s days like today that reaffirm why I love what I do so much and how I truly appreciate the relationships forged through the iron! - Special mention to my online nutrition client @stephlara_ who showed some serious guts and determination today despite a last minute sauna session in @_mattbartholomew ’s Honda Civic. To pull off the cut and go 9/9 goes to show why you will be one of Australia’s best! #TeamJPS
How many memories have you made with loved ones this week? - I feel the value of non fitness related content is highly underrated, for fitness enthusiasts. - Over the years, I have personally found that the more I focus on doing life things and spend less time thinking about my personal fitness aspirations, the better the outcomes across the broad. - A question I have been asking myself a lot of late is ‘are you making memories’. - Now, not every moment of every day will be memorable in a positive way, but paying attention and being ready to take any moment and make it special is the key. - Lunch yesterday with 4 generations of Pevitt blood and this is one I’ll cherish forever.
My social media hiatus for 7 days was refreshing to say the least. - Some ‘soul’ searching if you will, being more present and in tune with my daily happenings, some free time to myself and one hell of a productive week. - Not to mention it allowed me to come to a very big realisation (which I cannot reveal just yet)... - It’s amazing what happens when you disconnect from the digital world and your mind isn’t constantly cluttered with noise. - I recommend you all give the digital detox a crack. Even if it’s for 24 hours or a few days, it’ll be worth it. - For now, I’m back and there’s a new video on the @jpshealth_fitness YouTube channel on how to perform hamstring curls properly, cause I know y’all mirin the wheels. Link is in my bio! - #TeamJPS #Team3DMJ
Let the social media hiatus begin. Meat and potatoes are the focus. - Time to prioritise being a father, partner, coach and bodybuilder. - We ain’t got room on the plate for the digital world right now... - Email jacob@jpshealthandfitness.com.au if you need me. - Otherwise, I’ll catch y’all on the flip side. -
It may seem like I’ve given up on jumping on stage in 2018... - But this couldn’t be further from the truth. - Despite my lack lustre efforts with diet over the past month (by my standards), I’ve still been on that GSD as coach @3dmj_godfather would say. - I haven’t been perfect by any means with weighing or tracking my food, but I’ve done enough to make a small amount of progress in the physique department and at the very least maintained my conditioning. - After some reflection tonight, I realised that given the circumstances and what has transpired the past few months, it’s a pretty damn good effort to not have blown out, missed a session or skip out on meeting my weekly cardio requirements. - Yes, I’ve eye balled, eaten out one too many times and only tracked calories and protein for the most part, but with a shift in my focus, I’m all but committed to dial things in and find a way. - Nothing worth having comes easy, and whilst bodybuilding may not be my number one priority in life, it matters to me enough that I’ll give it my all before deciding on whether we continue to the stage. - As of now, you can expect to see me less on social media. The digital world isn’t a priority, and I’ll be delegating content creation for @jpshealth_fitness to my freaking amazing colleagues. - I’ll be back, but for now, we have life to do and a prep to bring to life. @nunez3dmj we ain’t done yet bro.
#RawFridays 🥩- My decision to be open about my contest prep... - After an overwhelming response to my post and VLOG yesterday about the happenings in my life and the harsh reality that I may need to put the contest prep on the back burner for 2018, I thought I would clarify a few things. - Much love to all of you who messaged and reached out to support me! - I’m doing just fine, and to be honest I’m pretty content with whatever decision is made, but will be doing all I can to make getting to the stage possible. - Just to reiterate, the prep is continuing for now. It’s time to knuckle down, focus, stop saying yes and put the meat and potatoes first! #TeamJPS
Reality is setting in... - Since signing up for this prep officially in January, I’ve had one too many curve balls thrown my way. - So much so, that last night Shiv and I sat down and discussed the changes that have unfolded so far this year and what that has meant for my mental well being, our relationship and my bodybuilding aspirations of 2018. - The primary question being: - “Is now the right time to be a bodybuilder?” - From the get-go I gave Shiv full control of this prep. She could call it off at any point, if she saw fit, and I would accept her wishes. - She knows me best and matters more to me than bodybuilding, period. - I won’t bore you with the details, you can check out my latest VLOG (link in my bio) for a fully transparent entry on why I’ve got 3 weeks until Shiv and I reconvene to determine whether we go ahead with this prep or not. - It’s crunch time. Push has come to shove and the reality is, I cannot continue to uphold my responsibilities and wear the myriad of hats I normally would under contest prep conditions...
Bodybuilding VS Powerlifting... - Which would you choose? - Some caveats: If you could only train for and compete in one sport for the rest of your lifting career, and assuming all non specific and variation would be with the primary sport in mind, which would it be? - Comment below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 - As I’m in preparation for the stage later this year, king khao @karl_drogoo is gearing up for a big 2018 on the platform. - What we both share is a mutual respect for both sports, and love for the iron and everything it encompasses!
I don’t often post photos of my diet, and for good reason. - Over the years I’ve realised that publishing content of my specific food choices and calorie/macro intakes is rather useless. - There are more important messages and information that I want to share that will likely have a greater influence in helping you all with your goals. - Do you really get that much out of my food porn or macro targets? - I doubt it... - We all have our own preferences, budgets, cultural/religious customs and other social/lifestyle factors that influence our diet. - Therefore, the foods you eat should be predicated on these factors, not because (insert name of wannabe fitness guru) eats said food. - Sure it can be motivating, inspiring and give you ideas as to what to eat, but at the end of the day, we are all free agents, adults (hopefully) and can/should make our own informed decisions as to what we throw down our gullet. - This meal is a special one... - Prepared especially for me by @bella_cosi_ due to my dietary requirements and made with some serious love. - The guys at Bella Cosi have been so accommodating, so much so that they even put my order on the menu as the JPS Omellete for all of the @jpshealth_fitness crew! - 6 egg whites, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, ciabatta and no butter or oil. And of course it’s all weighed and tracked! - Eating out during a contest prep is often avoided, and rightly so. However, it has been a welcomed relief to know that I can make it work thanks to these guys and still nail the plan. - Not to mention that barista Vince makes the most epic long blacks I’ve come across to date, and has them ready before I’ve even placed my order. - Another example of why having support from those around you during a a contest prep can make the process all the more enjoyable! #TeamBellaCosi
How ‘wide’ should your hand position be for lat pull downs? - It’s common to hear lifters adopt the logic that a wider hand position leads to more lat recruitment and a wider back. - However, often logic is based on a premise or set of assumptions, which if untested can be false or misleading. - There has been only one study to my knowledge that has assessed different hand width’s and their impact on lat recruitment (Signorile et al 2002). - This study compared 3 different hand positions in a pronated position - close, moderate and wide as measured by biacromial distance. - It found that a middle grip hand position with a pronated grip recruited the most lats and biceps. - The superiority of a moderate or ‘middle’ hand position, if you will, when compared to a wide grip also comes down to the additional range of motion that can be achieved. - If you go too wide you will compromise range. Too close and you’re changing the mechanics of the lift and likely reducing lat recruitment. - A middle hand position whereby the hands are perpendicular to the elbow in shoulder aduction and horizontal abduction (the bottom of the movement) appears to be appropriate for most. - Not only will it have a healthy ROM allowing the lats to do more mechanical work (greater distance travelled), but also reduce the risk of shoulder impingement and discomfort, which anecdotally many experience with a very wide hand position. #TeamJPS
What do you see in the mirror? - After an interview with @susdvc_abel last night where he was complimenting many aspects of my physique (careful Abel, my head is big enough as it is), it highlighted to me that our perception of our physique and body image is often distorted. - It’s common for us to place other people on a pedestal or view their physique in an overly positive light, noticing only their strengths. - Similarly, we are all guilty of being overly critical of our own physique, often wearing the negative glasses too frequently. - Focusing on the areas we dislike or are unsatisfied with such as: 👉🏼 That little bit of fat hanging around our love handles; 👉🏼 Our lack of (insert muscle group) development; 👉🏼 The way our body has been put together (in comparison to our ‘ideal’ physique); or 👉🏼 Our strength/fitness in comparison to other athletes, competitors or regular gym doers... - I’m guilty of this too. - As my current goals are to be the best bodybuilder I can, I know I need to achieve ungodly levels of conditioning. - Even though my current body fat percentage is quite low and muscular development is above average, there are times where I can’t help feel dissatisfied. - It’s human nature to compare, and striving for improvement is indeed the name of the game. - We all experience some level of dissatisfaction with our own physiques. However, many of us let this ruin our happiness and are never content with what we have achieved or how far we have come in our physique and strength development. - After this discussion with Abel, I realised I’ve probably been a little too critical of myself lately. I’ve come leaps and bounds as an athlete since my last show, and whilst I’m not where I want to be yet, taking a moment to be proud of the work I’ve put in is all but necessary. - So, think back to when you first got into the ‘fitness’ game. Look in the mirror, and give yourself a pat on the back. - I have no doubt each and every one of you has come a long way, and you deserve the recognition. ❤️👊🏼
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