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A trio of tips for back hypertrophy... - A throw away by a lot of coaches/lifting enthusiasts is to do your deadlifts, rows and chin ups and you’re wings will grow. - Whilst I agree mostly with that advice, it’s a little simplistic. - Believe it or not, my back was a huge weakness early in my lifting career and I shit you not, I deleted all photos of my rear because I was embarrassed. - So, how did I turn a weakness into a strength? - 👉🏼 Scapulae control. - This may be unconventional advice when it comes to back hypertrophy, but it’s hugely under appreciated aspect of back development. The primary functions of the back musculature are to move the scapulae/shoulder (retraction, depression, downward rotation, addiction etc etc). Learning how to control the scapulae through both horizontal rows and vertical pulling movements makes a massive difference in your ability to develop your back. - 👉🏼 Appropriate load selection. - The mechanics and length/tension curves involved in rows makes it such that you’re weakest when the back is overloaded the most (think barbell close to your torso, when the elbows are flexed). Dropping the ego and ensuring you have the strength to load the back appropriately through this portion of the rep is vital. - 👉🏼 Minimising compensatory movement. - When rowing or doing pull ups, often there is compensation at muscle groups that are not intended to be doing much. For example, on pull ups, as you near the top where the resistance is highest (a descending strength curve), most people compensate by internally rotating their shoulders, thus shifting tension from the back to the delts. Similarly on rows, people compensate by swaying their torso to create inertia/momentum, or flex and extend their wrist to bring their hands closer to their midline. - Any how, I hope this helped folks. And remember, timeless form with appropriate volumes/intensities with a well thought out progression scheme is also hugely important. #TeamJPS
Would you rather squat 3x body weight or have guns that turn heads? - A purely hypothetical question, yes you can have both, sure it’s vain to want bigger biceps, but indulge me and comment below 😂👊🏼... - The reason behind this question is premised on discussions I’ve had with folk regarding why people fall into powerlifting. - The answer, IMO is that they get into lifting initially to pursue aesthetic goals. Then over time, the slow and frustrating process of body comp takes a toll - more so psychologically. - The next logical step without stopping lifting all together is to shift the focus from cosmetics to performance and thus they pick up powerlifting. - Whilst this isn’t always the case, on average I think this rationale holds true for most individuals. I am of the firm belief that no matter what your training protocol resembles now, most of us likely started lifting to pursue aesthetics, not powerlifting... #TeamJPS
A simple framework for basing your decisions when your progress stalls. @gregnuckols was the first to introduce me to this, and I’ve used it for a number of years now with a great degree of success. - Systematic and structure adjustments that pay attention to the individuals response to the protocol is key 🔑
Somehow managed to get this session in before a trip to the hospital, a couple of injections and waking up disorientated this morning 😳 - My first ever migraine and holy crap, that wasn’t fun. It’s only when we have things taken away from us that we truly appreciate what we have. And last night was an important reminder not to take my health for granted. - Deadlift 1x2 @ 215kg followed by 4x2 @ 202.5kg and hack squats for 3x10 @ 160kg. - Ps - I’m all good, just being dramatic 😂 #TeamJPS
❌Upright rows are bad for your shoulders ❌ - Many years ago I thought upright rows were a ‘bad exercise’. - I remember reading a 2014 paper that found upright rows are closely correlated with shoulder impingement. - So as an inquisitive lifter, I did some further digging, I found out they mimicked a shoulder impingement test (Neer’s test). Neer’s test is done by elevation and internally-rotated arm in the scapular plane, causing the supraspinatus tendon to impinge against the anterior inferior acromion. It’s essentially the same motion as barbell upright rows. Logic led me to believe that if the motion is a test for impingement, the exercise inherently leads to impingement. - As time went by I realised that perhaps it wasn’t as black and white as I thought. - First I had an assessment done by a physio who found no issues with my shoulders. - Second, I played around with different types of upright rows - rope/cable, dumbbells, EZ bar and barbells. - I also varied loading zones and rep ranges to see which ‘felt’ best. - After trial and error with hand with, the degree of internal rotation and the ROM etc I found the cable and EZ bar for reps of 15+ felt great, especially if I didn’t pull beyond my sternum (keeping numerous parallel to the floor). - So folks, bad exercises doesn’t really exist. Sometimes they just don’t fit some people OR the user simply isn’t performing the exercise appropriately for them! - Upright rows yesterday saw my activation set for 18 or so reps. After 10, I ran out of fingers to keep counting!
Three of my strongest ladies @miaschepis and @nyrizlemanizle @htopp_powerlifting. - All three hitting some mighty big numbers in the lead up to their final comps for 2018. - Nyree and Hannah will be competing in Open Nationals and Mia in Avia the week prior as we have some unfinished business 😉 - As we near the final month of their prep, the heavy(ish) singles are out to play. - Mia with 147.5kg Nyree with 135kg Hannah with 2x1 @ 140kg - I don’t post about my clients anywhere near as much as I would like to, but these three deserve the recognition for their hours and hours of hard work over the past few years. - I respect the hell out of them for how much self belief and drive they have and it’s seriously motivating to watch them pursue and knock down their goals! - I’m pumped ladies, the next month will be hyooge! Let’s get some 👊🏼#TeamJPS
This weekend was a hoot. - It really reminded me just how lucky I am for everyone at JPS and to be able to coach and spectate two of my favourite sports. - From coaching Saturday in one state, to flying back home to do it all over again yesterday was a blast. - Not to mention we had coach @jackzadow_ Fly back from Adelaide to coach some of our remote athletes @brionie_lifts and @strength_athlete_cole which blows my mind. He’s a gem! - My lifters yesterday @laurenclymo @amanda_divinephysiques and @moehasna each had a great day on the platform, PBs all round for these guys. - And whilst our crew dominated at the @obsidianstrength Open, my man @damonsalakas crushed the stage in Sydney taking home 3rd in the first times and 1st place in the 40+... - And what was really special was that @miaschepis and @notyourordinarypotato had their first crack at refereeing... - Congrats team, you’re all absolute legends and all your hard work paid off. I couldn’t be more proud. Very happy coach over here! #TeamJPS
Last night after flying back to Melbourne I managed to squeeze in my final session for the week. - Bench 1x2 @ 125 followed by 6x2 @ 115kg. - Then we had close grip rows, OHP, stiff arm pull downs and some fluff work. - Intro week done and dusted and things feeling really good. - Probably the best I’ve looked at 87-88kg, so things are moving in the right trajectory. Bring on week 2 @bdminor
Epic work by @khaledwithane today. This week marked 69kg down since he started at JPS in 2013 and today was his third meet. - Walked away with 8/9 a 12.5kg PB on the squat and narrowly missing an equal bench PB, but came back to smoke a 15kg PB on the deadlift. 3rd place in the 120kg class and plenty of positives to take away from this one. - Special thanks to the guys at @thestrengthsyndicate for putting on a great meet. - Wallah I love ya bro. #TeamLabor #WallahGahash
Here is a list of things I don’t know and questions I am currently seeking answers to about program design for muscle growth that I thought I would share with you guys... - 👉🏼 The utility of periods with low frequencies/high volumes aka bro splits for advanced lifters - theoretically to proliferate satellite cells and open up potential for further growth and per session work capacity in subsequent higher frequency/lower volume phases. 👉🏼 How best to standardise volume across different exercises to compare volumes across multiple mesocycles when exercise selection changes. 👉🏼How the magnitude of training effect per repetition changes across the span of ones training career - considering the implications of the repeated bout effect, accommodation, muscle damage and novelty etc. 👉🏼 The mechanisms by which low volume, high intensity training seems to ‘resensitise’ one to higher volume work. Anecdotally I’ve seen some wicked progress after strength blocks and pumps like never before. But still yet to fully understand why that is the case. - Hypertrophy is a deep and dark rabbit hole that I’ve found myself trying to crawl out of of late, but I can’t. It’s too damn interesting and a very perplexing phenomena which I only want to know more about. - Whilst it may seem at times I know what I’m on about, the more I learn about muscle growth, the more questions I have and realise - holy tits, I know nothing. #TeamJPS
There aren’t enough words to describe the way I feel about you Edo. It sounds cheap and corny, I know. - From frustration at my inability to show you how I feel, to adoration of your adorable little soul and energetic smile - you are a little whirlwind who brings about a vortex of sensations with every expression you make and word you speak. - Each day you get older, I miss my little girl more and more. At the exact same time, I love what you are every moment and am excited for what and who you’ll become tomorrow, next year and the year after that. - Never let anyone tell you who you should or shouldn’t be, because you’re beautiful the way you are.
Second upper body session for the week went like this... - Pendlay row 4x12/12/10/10 RPE 7-9 Comp press 4x4 @ 110kg RPE 5 Pull down 1x20 @ RPE 9 plus 2x clusters. Tricep push down 1x20 @ RPE 9 plus 3x clusters. Bicep curls 1x20 @ RPE 9 plus 3x clusters. Side raise 1x20 @ RPE 9 plus 3x clusters. - @bdminor has me hitting some decent volume and frequency this week as we try to adapt to higher relative intensities in preparation for what’s ahead!
Take your diet breaks... - I like to be proactive with planning in diet breaks for my clients/athletes every 8-10 weeks during extended dieting phases. - Bring calories up to your estimated maintenance via carbohydrates and aim to hold your weight within a range - remembering that increased carbohydrates and food will lead to changes in body mass, not necessarily fat! - It can be tough to buy-in to a maintenance period, no matter how short. But it’s worth it and has been a game changer for my clients over the past few years! #TeamJPS
Deadlifts who dis... - Day 2 of this new cycle with @bdminor and we are looking to bring back some big lifts with a bodybuilding twist. - Today was deadlifts for 1x2 @ 210kg followed by 3x2 @ 200kg. First time pulling in a few months and these felt superb. Very much trying to focus on sequencing of the pull right now. - Followed by hack squats, leg extensions and hamstring curls. -
We’ve had keto, paleo and now with the emergence of the carnivore diet I figured what better time to introduce my own extreme approach to eating - the cereal diet. - I’ve been waiting for years now for the diet industry to popularise the cereal-diet, and I thought screw it. If morons are eliminating everything but meat, and can seriously claim that it imparts a number of health benefits - why can’t I have my cereal only diet? It seems the gloves are off... - So for those unaware, the cereal diet consists only of delectable cereals of preference accompanied by milk and or protein powder. - All your favourite cereals are allowed so it’s a bound to be a sugar, lactose and gluten fuelled fun fest... Something to really cheer about. - Pepper your taste buds and Angus. It’ll cure all diseases that modern medicine is yet to prevail, it improves lean mass, reduces fat loss and it boosts sex drive. Oh and you’re financial status will improve significantly due to the low cost associated with the foods listed in this diet. Schepis et al 2018. - If you haven’t already gathered, I am taking the piss. Merely to highlight the absurdity of the carnivore diet and any such diet that eliminates major food groups yet claims to impart health benefits. Oh, and also to ensure that carnivore questions don’t infiltrate my inbox any longer.
8 week shoulder focus cycle complete. - Here’s an overview of how it went down... - Volume: 25 sets per week (moving from 18-25 from weeks 1-8). Frequency: 4x p/w Average relative intensity: 8-9 RPE Rep Range: 12-20 Exercise selection: Dumbbell side raise, cable side raise, upright row, rear delt fly’s and facepulls. - Other notes: Exercise order was shifted to favour delts before arm work with upper sessions starting with direct delt work twice per week. - Also used agonist supersets for the last 3 weeks as a means of overload and it seemed to work quite well with minimal drop in performance but some insane transient changes in visuals. - Nutrition was solid, gained 1kg over the 8 weeks. - Observations: you need a higher degree of variation with high volume/frequency shoulder work to prevent wear and tear. Supersets were a great way to overload delts and I found this a very useful strategy pairing lateral and rear delt work in the form of multi joint (facepull) into single joint (side raise). - A fun little experiment and I’m pretty pleased with the results. My shoulders look noticeably better and a capped look at a higher BF % is a great result! - Any questions, shoot! #TeamJPS
Day 1 working with @bdminor. We spent 30 minutes on Skype today as Brian outlined the plan and underlying mechanisms and reasons behind the decisions he’s made. - Day 1 upper body saw lots of volume, high rep work and some cluster sets which was a heap of fun. #BrianIsSMRT
At the start of the year, the plan was to compete alongside these two. - Evidently I didn’t make it to the stage yesterday and I asked these guys to do me one favour - and that was to dominate for me and present their physiques with pride, class and confidence. - They kept their promise and I will be living vicariously through them over the next few weeks, so prepare for the spam! @the_strength_student @mk_amara @the_zen_project #TeamJPS
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