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Advice is a form of nostalgia. Often it sugar coats the past, glosses over the truth and paints a perfect picture of the story we want an audience to perceive... - That being said, I’ve done my best to provide an objective and transparent insight into my past experiences with bodybuilding. The good, the bad and everything in between. - Be cognisant of this when receiving advice, after all, time warps reality. - Nonetheless, super pumped to be presenting on all things bodybuilding and contest prep this weekend in the @jpshealth_fitness Advanced Body Composition Course. - Only a few tickets left, link in my bio! #TeamJPS
Monday madness continues... - My first contest prep season saw me lose just about everyone around me. From chugging down a protein shake at my 21st birthday, to avoiding all social events and interactions, I became a recluse as I pursued my bodybuilding aspirations. - The hermit life of a bodybuilder made dieting easy, but it also led to isolation and loneliness. - I thought at the time I was happy. I was pursuing something meaningful, or so I thought. - But the plastic trophies and glory of being the state junior bodybuilding champ brought temporary satisfaction. - And when it was all said and done, I realised how much I’d screwed up. - Fortunately, I’ve had some good mates stick around over the years. And family, well they don’t have a choice. - Fitness should compliment your life, and in those times where your physique goals take precedent to other priorities, don’t let them fall completely to the way side. Nothing should come at the expense of friends and family, not even a shredded six pack. - Much love to Casper aka @justinlumo for always being there. He’ll make one hell of husband Jess! #TeamCasper
Volumes important and so are the number of effective reps within a set, but none of this matters if your execution of the lift is mediocre... - Technique is the foundation of hard training. Being able to elicit tension on the TARGET muscle group(s) and standardise technique across a set is vital. - It’s like have the recipe for the perfect cake, but being a horrible cook. - You’ve got to learn how to execute the plan! - I’ve put together over 20 instructional videos for key lifts on the @jpshealth_fitness YouTube channel to address this. - They may not be as exciting or detailed as some of the other content I post, but undoubtedly the most valuable. - Pendlay row PB yesterday with 3x6 @ 100kg. Only adding weight or reps when form is timeless! #TeamJPS
Today the @jpshealth_fitness team took to the platform and it was raining white lights. - Many thanks to the boys at @melbournestrengthculture for hosting a super efficient meet and keeping the tunes on point! - Proud of my lifters @kate_louiseee and @thestudentofsuccess. - Kate has slowly cut down from the 72kg class and hit a milestone total of 300kg (+7.5kg) in the u/63kg class. - My boy, the lad, Matt with a great first outing on the platform, finishing with 9/9 and a notable 215kg deadlift. - Huge props to @samuel.schepis and @hot_and_dongerous for pulling together Sam’s first ever 9/9 performance and putting up some big numbers in the process. - A final well done to @pierrson who I handled today who fought hard and managed a 5kg PB on the squat! - #TeamJPS
It’s not only the number of sets that counts, it’s the number of effective reps! - This week my posts have centred around the big 3 variables in program design: volume, frequency and intensity. - Continuing on from the key considerations before adding more volume (hard working sets) let’s talk about how effective the reps within the set are. - @chrisabeardsley just dropped an epic article on how the determinant of muscle growth is more than just how many sets you perform for a muscle group per week, but instead the number of reps performed at: 👉🏼 a high level of motor unit recruitment; and 👉🏼 at a slow contraction velocity - Volume without sufficient mechanical stress is movement without adaptation. - I see this often, people ticking the boxes of ‘training volume’ but the volume alone without adequate stimulus won’t cause hypertrophic adaptations. - The bottom line is, if you’re chasing gains, intensity of effort and proximity to failure are important factors in ensuring you’re getting what you came for. - Busting a move yesterday with my @nickcheadlefitness . #TeamJPS
Sometimes miracles do happen... And no, I’m not referring to these two grommets. - But the fact that today the three of us chilled for 20 minutes without tears, yelling or screaming and watched the ducks do their thang. 🙏🏼
Before you add volume... - With the evidence mounting in favour of higher volumes leading to greater hypertrophy, I thought I would strip things back to ‘when’ more volume is needed to bust through a plateau. - Just because the research is showing a strong relationship between volume and growth, doesn’t mean you need to do more sets per week, yet. - Here’s a little check list I run through before adding more volume to a clients program: - 👉🏼 Are they making progress? 👉🏼 Are they recovering? 👉🏼 Is their technique and execution of lifts across all exercises within the ball park of ‘timeless form’ 👉🏼Will they have sufficient time to perform more volume? 👉🏼 Are they in a deficit or surplus? 👉🏼 Could they continue to progress via variation in exercise selection or order or better load selection? 👉🏼 Are they sleeping well and managing external stressors? 👉🏼 Are they injured? - The point is, before you add volume to your training, you must work through that check list and ensure you’re doing everything right to maximise your current program. - Even then, there are cases where less volume will be more beneficial for some. - Like medicine, the right ‘dose’ usually isn’t a blanket prescription for everyone. It’s context dependent! #TeamJPS
Tonight was a very fun evening with the swole patrol... - We held a pop quiz amongst the coaches and clients, where I asked questions related to training and diet. - It was really enjoyable. I questioned the gang on various topics to gauge where their knowledge was at, and more importantly to see how they came to their answers. - From metabolism, fat loss, muscle gain and everything in between, it’s damn pleasing to know that not only are the coaches, clients and athletes kicking arse with their own personal goals, but they’re pretty damn switched on when it comes to fitness! #TeamJPS
Nothing informative to say today, just a narcissistic post sharing my arm gains. - And apparently you folk prefer to see me curl than squat 😂 - Week 6 of this specialisation phase and the DOMS is real... #TeamJPS
‘Paying attention’ is a habit that will take a coach from good, to great. - Ever heard someone say - they have an eye for detail? - That’s a person who pays attention. - I see a lot of coaches go through the motions. Mindlessly churning out programs, counting reps and taking sessions purely to pay the bills. - Having an eye for detail encompasses many things for a coach. - Whether it’s subjective interviews in a consultation, interactions with clients on the gym floor, program design, instructing exercise, assessing body composition or watching a client move, the more a coach can master the habit of observing and evaluating the daily happenings of their practice, the more effective they’ll be at eliciting change. - Every day for a coach is an opportunity to learn. But failing to open your eyes is closing the door to growth and development. - We cannot change what we don’t see, and the first step in helping a client achieve their goals is to pay attention to the right details! #TeamJPS
To the love of my life, my partner in crime and my beautiful Yancey @siobhanstapleton , happy anniversary baby... ❤️
Operation cloud continues... - In an era of science, mathematical equations and information, the process of increasing the size of contractile elements of muscle protein (getting freaking yolked) has become a game of brain, not braun, for many trainees... - Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about thinking your way through program design and using science to help set in place a plan for building size. - Critical analysis is key, not just in how we train or diet, but also in utilising both subjective and objective measures to help quantify and qualify progress. - That being said, what I constantly remind myself is that thinking my way to cloud like status is only part of the equation. - The other, you guessed it. Crushing the iron. - If you believe you can devise a mathematical equation to build muscle, without any hard work, you’re leaving out one huge portion of the formula! #TeamJPS #goldenearsaywhat
💃🏼Monday madness... - In 2010 I adopted a psychotic approach to fitness. - I was trying to make it in aussie rules football and my training regime was down right crazy. - 🏃‍♂️I would wake up, run a 3km time trial daily (fasted). - 🏋🏼‍♀️Post run I would have a shake and then head immediately to the gym where I belted out 40+ sets in a workout (just checked my training logs). - 🐔 From there, it was home for a chicken, and then I would fast until later in the day where I would either have football training or go for another run. - 🤦🏼‍♂️This was the protocol for 3 years, and it drove me into the ground. I was robotic with my training and would do literally anything I could to look like Greg split and Ben Cousins. - So much so, that I burnt out and quit footy as I was constantly fatigued and injured. Surprise, surprise... - ❓Do I regret it? - No way, it shaped who I am today and taught me the importance and gained an appreciation of two things: 1. Food. 2. Rest. - Hindsight is always 20/20, but in making mistakes, we are always afforded the opportunity to learn and grow. - 🧠 Not to mention that the mental fortitude I developed is something I’m forever grateful for. - Anything in comparison to this feels like a breeze. But I strongly advise against doing this sort of whacked out training. - Featured here is a binging episode where I ate avocado on toast LOL! - 📺 Check out my first IGTV episode on my journey where I chat about this more, and happy Monday folks! ✌🏼
The only perk of having a sick little one, they’re DTC (down to cuddle)...
New ebook coming this week! - To get a free copy, simply download the @jpshealth_fitness app app on iTunes or google play before 12pm AEST tomorrow and we’ll send you the download. Search JPS Health & Fitness... - This one is jam packed with information that will help you easily understand and apply the science of dieting for body composition! - Special mention to co-author of this, the rear delt king @mrfitness__ 👑 and @laugh.love.lift for making this one happen. - #TeamJPS
I told the girls they can eat any food they like, provided it fits within their target calories and contains an optimal amino acid profile... - They chose dirt... Bless their cotton socks 🧦
What’s the optimal training frequency for hypertrophy? - I’ve been talking about frequency over the past few weeks & I thought I’d share my views on frequency over longer time spans outside of purely practical considerations... - Beginners: pretty basic really. Moderate to high frequencies with low-moderate volumes to minimise muscle damage, induce the repeated bout effect and acquire the skills & competencies of basic motor patterns. - Intermediates: with the primary objective being to maximise hypertrophy & development, low to moderate frequencies with moderate to high volumes is what most will benefit from. - Advanced: As much is it kills me to say, things get a little more nuanced. In my opinion, a set frequency during your advanced stages of development isn’t going to be optimal. - Advanced lifters should likely include periods where they alternate between low & high frequencies. - Periods of low frequency/high volumes to elicit muscle damage & proliferate satellite cells (myonuclear domain theory) which theoretically may potentials further growth can be used whilst also improving intra session work capacity. - The inclusion of periods with higher frequency training and higher volumes Theoretically can help capitalise on the improved work capacity from prior training phases, furthering growth. - Additionally, periods of low frequency, low volume (strength blocks) can be useful to help prevent accommodation, stagnation & boredom. - A lot of the aforementioned is speculation and extrapolation based on theory & my personal experiences. - The reality is, we have very little research pertaining to advanced trainees when it comes to hypertrophy, so anecdote and theory is often our next best guess. - Determining the ‘optimal’ frequency is clearly highly dependent on the goal of a specific phase and a serious amount of context. - We know that frequency plays less of a role than volume & intensity for hypertrophy. However, downplaying its role in altering volume is not only erroneous, but daft. - After some low frequency/high volume phases earlier in the year aka bro splits, I’m back into some high frequency training & loving it.
Training during a deficit might look gnarly, but it doesn’t tickle... - Now that I’m well fed, and have more body fat, I can’t help but reflect back to a few months ago when things were getting a little nasty and be grateful for training with an abundance of energy. - When in hypocaloric conditions, energy availability is low, glycogen stores slowly deplete and fatigue rises... - These factors lead to a net increase in catabolic signalling, which is great for fat loss. Not so much for gaining or retaining lean mass. - Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to hack physiology, that are legal. - You have to accept the harsh reality that most potent stimulus in driving anabolic pathways (outside of exogenous hormones) is resistance training. - Therefore, the retention of muscle when in a deficit requires continually providing an overloading stimulus, which when dieting, can hurt. - So embracing the ‘suck’ as the @3dmj_godfather would say is part and parcel with fighting against muscle loss whilst dieting. - That being said, managing fatigue also becomes increasingly important, and a delicate balancing act of hard training and recovery is paramount. Blasting yourself into oblivion won’t end well, I assure you of that. - Anyhow, I’m very appreciative of how hard I can train, and recover now that the shift in energy balance has swung in a more favourable direction. - Do I miss the shredded life? - Sometimes, but the grass isn’t always greener ✌🏼 #teamJPS
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