Jade 🚘

Just a girl who loves cars ❤️ Jake ❤️ Southampton⚓️ Detailer 🚘 Qualified Mechanic 🛠

So here it is the only thing I’ve been waiting for since being young enough to know what tattoos are I’m absolutely in love with my first tattoo and I can’t wait to get it finished, thank you so much @nickgriffiths 😊🚗
What an eye opening weekend this was....
My two favourites - good first day filming 😎
Two men who make me v happy
A throw way back to nearly 6 months ago to when we first met and would go on drives to anywhere bonding over our love of cars and music and realising how alike we are 😊 no regrets since being in the presence of this special person in my life ❤️😊
Throwback Thursday to bashley ❤️
This is my state for sure
New York autumn 🇺🇸💔
Finally 18 🇺🇸🍰💥
Expect New York pics after the holiday 👽
The pure joy on my face when we got it running and driving sweet 😅 New York bound tomorrow 🌚🇺🇸
Oh baby 😍💦💀 part of the dream list 🤤
When I’m not thinking about cars most of the time I’m thinking of you ❤️ or both 🌚
One from the open Aston Martin day we had on Sunday 🌚
I always hide when jake takes photos 💀🙊
Fitment Friday ft fucked bonnet @fifitheimp slays no matter what so..... 😍🌚
Throwback to college 💩 wouldn’t be here without thanks to them ❤️ (mainly matt and James tho js)
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