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Entrepreneur, Producer/Director, Tri-Cities, Washington, Co-Owner of @moodylogic_llc

Life’s a journey. I moved to Richland this year and a lot of changes have taken place. I’ve learned so much in such a short time, and look forward to continued growth in my professional career. This year however has been more about balancing personal life with work life. How to deal with situations when everything seems to be falling apart and also how to accept small wins for the overall goal. For about a month now I have been doing a work out routine and I’ve never felt like I’ve had more energy and mental capacity. It’s another pillar that’s so important in personal life that can benefit your work life and everything else. Thanks @goldsgymrichland for being open on late nights. To the rest of 2018, hope everyone has had a great year so far.
Only in Tri-Cities.
Summer vibes, with good company. @kimossportsbartc
Saturday sunsets 🌅 - Life is full of beautiful moments, you just have to know where to look.
Take us back. #Paradiso2018 @lovemirr22
Highlight from Paradiso 2018 was this large banana. @dadalife
Closing the chapter to my Paradiso 2018 adventure with literally the most beautiful post-storm sunset. ⛈ 🌅 @lovemirr22
The original diso crew member. Circa 2015. The main. @trevyn_lovely2
Couldn’t have asked for a better group for Paradiso 2018. Thank you Ryan and Anna for your hospitality. You guys are awesome. 🤙🏻
Paradiso 2018 - This girl right here is one of a kind. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. ☺️ @lovemirr22
A L I V E had an incredibly consistent effort on camera angle decisions. Shooting with low quality gear means your original shot needs to be as clean and clear as possible depending on what kind of emotion we were going for. . Another aspect we kept consistent was the natural camera shake changing with the energy of the film. Depending on what the situation was, would reflect with the camera shake intensity. It was its own character in this film. Also utilizing still shots for the flash back scenes, because we wanted a more calm feeling.
A L I V E ’s second part of production started in late August 2017 and lead us to Naches in order to get a secluded feel of isolation. It’s also an incredibly beautiful location and the only downside to filming was the occasional airplane ✈️ flying overhead. Our mics would pick all of it up. . Also notice our use for lighting, using the front end of a car. The other method was to stoke the flame to be bright enough without trying to singe off Jesse’s eyebrows. . I myself also played a role in the film at this location. It was definitely something that took me out of my comfort zone but I feel the end result was good. . Filming in remote locations was fun and probably the most memorable part of production for me.
Scouting for A L I V E commenced in March of 2017. We traveled to most of the locations seen in the film in this time period. Paying very special attention to the way we would film each angle. . Even though we had every angle planned out, certain angles came into play on accident because of filming situational awareness. A skill set that comes with experience in shot composition.
This phone booth is one of the only phone booths for many miles from the Tri-Cities. It took us several months into production of A L I V E to even find and scout this location which is located at a rest stop a couple miles before Boardman, Oregon. . Filming commenced at this location on July 15th, 2017. We arrived early to set up the scene as we couldn’t have any background cars or interactions happening behind the phone booth. Our method was to diffuse the side which will be seen on camera, and on the other end I would hide myself underneath the white sheet and film from there. . Once we were done my arms were killing me, I had to hover the camera above my head and keep still for over 3 minutes per take. At least I gained a lot of muscle mass this day. 💪
A L I V E actually had a couple of shots done in Seattle, this particular image taken at the top of a parking garage on April 19th, 2017. . We absolutely loved some of the footage we got from the emerald city, however we couldn’t make sense of it for the story of the film. The odd travel trajectory for our main character Joel would have been the main conversation of the film, had we left these scenes in.
As festival season approaches, @jessepennock and I came into contact last year and started the beginning steps to creating a movie called A L I V E. . This photo was taken the last day of production in Goodnoe, Wa on October 1st, 2017. A location which we countlessly visited, even in great lengths in order to complete this film. . It won’t be long till the release so I will probably start teasing a few production photos on my Instagram. Hope you all enjoy. 🎥 🍿
Weddings on a Saturday. 🎥 👰 🎩
Thank you @freecultureclothing for having me and @lovemirr22 as models today. 📸
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