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Family man 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Illustrator 🖼 Cartoonist ✍ The Inktober guy🖋 Building a universe one drawing at a time. ⬇️ART DROP CLUB!⬇️

STICKERS: Who wants Skull Chaser stickers? These are some test prints for the sticker set I’m putting out through @ArtDropClub ! (🔗in Bio) swipe through to see how Art Drop Club works. So pumped to see these get made. 💀 #skullchaser #artdropclub #artistsoninstagram #scifiart #stickers #comicart #skull #spaceman #illustration
SKULL CHASER: Finished coloring this piece. This new Skull Chaser print is available only through @artdropclub ! 💀 The Art Drop Club website is live now, (link in bio). Join Art Drop Club and in the first month you’ll get this print plus some other goodies in the Art Drop. Plus I’m putting an original drawing in one of the art drops! 💀 #skullchaser #comicart #artdropclub #ADC2019 #artistsoninstagram
INTRODUCING ART DROP CLUB. @artdropclub (link in bio) 📦 So excited to announce this! Me and @painterdraws were talking about how we wished more artists had cool prints, stickers, and other merch available online since we couldn’t always make it out to see them at cons. So we decided to contact our favorite artists and start a club where you get a delivery every month of cool stuff from an artist on Instagram, and Art Drop Club was born! Here’s the line up of artists we are working with (more to come!) @levitzo @jakewyattriot @anthony_holden @art_veider 📦 More details: Join Art Drop Club to collect exclusive art from creators you love. Each month Art Drop Club will have a theme and a featured artist. Art Drop Club members receive monthly themed art drops which include: -7.5” X 10.5” themed print. -Other themed goodies such as stickers and digital downloads etc. -4” vinyl sticker which is part of a series that can be collected by receiving consecutive art drops. AND -1 lucky art drop will contain a piece of original art by the featured artist! 📦 Head over to http://www.artdropclub.com (link in bio) to learn more, see the season line up and join the club! 📦 #artdropclub #ADC2019 #artistsoninstagram
ART DROP CLUB: Tomorrow my next big project launches and I’m super excited for it!!! ▫️ For the last couple months I’ve been working with @painterdraws to put this project together. Maybe you’ve been catching a few hints I’ve thrown out here and there. ▫️ I’ll be dropping all the details tomorrow but for now go follow @artdropclub. ▫️ #artistsoninstagram #artdropclub #ADC2019
TACOBOT: 🌮🤖 #foodbotz ▫️ #artdropclub @artdropclub
WINTER IS HERE: We got snow this weekend and overnight my town was turned into a winter wonderland. I was hoping winter would hold off a couple more weeks, but it looks like it's here to stay. With all these chilly vibes running around I was inspired to draw the SNOWICORN, Bringer of Winter! Thinking of polishing this up and making it into a print. Who would want one? - This month's theme over at the @AdobeDrawing account is "Chill" with the colors blue/green. I thought I'd give it a shot this month! #AdobeDrawing_Chill - #AdobePartner #digitalinking #digitalart #linedrawing #illustration #chill #artistsoninstagram #AdobeInsiders
SKULL CHASER: Working on a new print for a thing... details later! ▫️ #skullchaser #artdropclub @artdropclub #digitalart #digitaldrawing #wacom #cintiq #artistsoninstagram #drawingsketch #scifiart #comicart
SPREAD SOME LOVE: So yeah, who are your favorite #artistsoninstagram ? Who’s art do you double tap EVERY POST? Who have you turned on notifications for? Who have you bought a print, or book, or merch from? Who’s you favorite artist? Tag your top two (or three) in the comments and lets spread some love. Thanks, Jake
WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA? ▫️ I was sad to hear about the death of Stephen Hillenburg today. I was just talking with my kids this morning about the first time I saw sponge bob and what an impact it had on TV Animation. More importantly, it made and still makes a lot of people happy. My family included. ▫️ I don’t think I ever shared this piece I made a few years ago for the Sponge Bob comics. Thought I would share it in honor of Hillenburg’s passing and say thanks for all the laughter he helped to put in the world. ▫️ #spongebob #stephenhillenburg #illustration #illustrator #comicart #spongebobmemes #squidward #patrickstar #mrkrabs
ON SALE NOW: Intergalactic Travelers prints to add a little space to your wall. ▫️ Available now in my shop (link in bio). They should be back from my printer this week and will ship out next week. ▫️ Limited squantities of the fine art edition. ▫️ Thanks, Jake
Monster design for a story idea I’ve been thinking about. ▫️ Tag a friend who’s a chubby monster. ▫️ #monster #conceptart #sketchbook #missilemouse #skullchaser #drawing
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