Jake Ross

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Just after an Ollie or something.
You are a babe
Down south. . Another chapter, Bells, Kilcunda, Suicides, I hope you are fucking ready. . 📸 @tbhphoto
My time in Sydney’s come to a close. Couldn’t thank the only man that really understands me in Sydney enough, some of the best times in the world living together, some I could never forget. Couldn’t thank you enough @benross.wws Been an absolute ride up here, the mates, the surf, the parties, it’s been an absolute ball! Adios Sydney
Time to hang the washing out
It’s Tuesday. And tacos start with a T They should make a saying with it... . I know where the fuck I’m going tonight @south_of_the_wall
Wouldn’t read about it . 📸 @harrymarkphoto
Year and a half. Thanks @rusty_australia for the mad brief.
Fruit loops. 9.11 . 📸 @handyandyphoto
A huge chapter about to start. Rolling in the deep - Adele
Whippet . Breaking young girls hearts
Shoot out. . Thanks @coffeecartelbali for an epic brief! Thrilled to be doing work with you again soon 🤙🏽🌵
🏄‍♂️🌵 Over the hump.
The art of not giving a fuck. . @peyotemod The babe behind the ciggie
Sunday .... still gonna send it. . 🏄‍♂️ @daveycathels
Set fire to the rain 🔥 🌧 If that’s not on every play list, it probably would get annoying trying to find the song every time.
Slab. Not the beer one, although... who wouldn’t want a slab on hump day!!
Aussie summer coming in hot.
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