James Reed

Industrial Designer | Craftsman | NYC

WALNUT + BLACK. #woodedition of the Sonos PLAY:1 #conceptdesign . Swipe for some detail shots. #industrialdesign
WOOD PORTRAIT [2] All my favorites...Wenge, Walnut, Teak, Oak, Maple, Cocobolo. 📷 @exposureloft and his cool tattoos.
The BALVENIE BAR CART. @foundrywood and I were lucky enough to be a part of the first-ever #CraftedCollection – a curated series of handcrafted items incorporating wood from The Balvenie Distillery in Dufftown, Scotland. Big thanks to @balvenieus @cfda and @toddsnyderny for the opportunity to make something truly unique!
WOOD PORTRAIT [1] Spalted Maple. These beautiful lines are the result of fungus spreading through a tree, and ultimately causes weakness in the wood. What some may see as destruction, I (along with many other woodworkers) see it as a work of art created completely organically. Nature’s design! 📷 @exposureloft
I thought it would be neat to make an iPhone Case that could charge your #Airpods . The mechanical aspect that holds the pods in would be similar to the push-push micro SD card connectors. Not sure if it’s completely functional yet, but I like where this is going. Thanks for the fun collaboration @RyanFlomerfeltMather. #conceptdesign #industrialdesign  #productdesign
PHOENIX in FLIGHT! Happy 1st Birthday little man! You are pure joy and I’m lucky to be your dad. 😊 Thanks @sarahmustakas for capturing the moment 📸 #baby #babyboy #dadlife
Finally got the black lacquer edge treatment just right on my Maple Slab Coffee Table 👍🏻 Thanks for the studio time @exposureloft , digging this black seamless. 📸
Learning some photography magic with @brewwatches. Always down for a spontaneous photo shoot to learn something new. 📸
WALNUT + STEEL. First one done in a series of three dining tables with @foundrywood. Stay tuned for studio shots @exposureloft. #furnituredesign #industrialdesign
The latest RUNWELL CLOCK coloration I worked on with the @Shinola team. Available now! #productdesign #industrialdesign
#blackwalnut potential. 24 bowl blanks ready to go!
TEXTURE + FINISH. Nickel plated Sonos PLAY:1 #conceptdesign with custom fabric wrap. Textile design by @eric_whiting_ #industrialdesign #productdesign
TEAK BENCH complete!👍🏻 Definitely a team effort on this one, thanks guys. #handcarved #furnituredesign #woodworking
The RED METAL KEEPSAKE BOX is available now @Shinola. A beautiful little place to house your your special things. Powder-coated steel with black leather insert. #shinola #productdesign #industrialdesign
PROCESS + PREPARATION. Bespoke teak bench ready for glue up. #furnituredesign #woodworking #bespoke
Animations are a fun way for me to bring dimensionality to products I work on. Here are some details of the SHINOLA GOLF SET that launched a few weeks back. #golf #shinola #animation #industrialdesign #productdesign
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