James Reed

Industrial Designer | Craftsman | NYC

WOOD PORTRAIT [3] Nesting Cheery Bowls. I found this beautifully figured stump of cherry in the burn pile at a lumber yard. Never underestimate an old stump turned on the lathe. 📷 @exposureloft
FRACTAL EXPERIMENTS with @ianlovedesign. These #LichtenbergFigures are natural branching electric discharges associated with the progressive deterioration of high voltage components and equipment…says Wiki. I’m finding this technique of #woodburning super cool and only somewhat dangerous. 😬 It sounds just as gnarly as it looks..(sound on)
Back in the shop with some new inspiration. Starting to design the other half of what I’m calling The RENATA CHAIR. One of a kind knottery art back by @renatastone , matched with an organically hand shaped frame by @foundrywood...digging these collaboration pieces. 👍🏼
The WAVE PENDULUM. A recent project I completed for a client demonstrating visual traveling waves, standing waves, beating, chaotic, and rhythmic motion. A blend of art and science, my take on this kinetic machine was to showcase its beauty as minimally as possible. Made completely by hand, I developed a custom tuning method for the extreme accuracy of each length of the string. #industialdesign #productdesign #pendulumwave
Wishing everyone happy holidays! @shinola serving tray and rocks glasses... best when shared with friends and family. Thanks @highlandparkus for the goodies. 🌲❄️
WALNUT + BLACK. #woodedition of the Sonos PLAY:1 #conceptdesign . Swipe for some detail shots. #industrialdesign
WOOD PORTRAIT [2] All my favorites...Wenge, Walnut, Teak, Oak, Maple, Cocobolo. 📷 @exposureloft and his cool tattoos.
The BALVENIE BAR CART. @foundrywood and I were lucky enough to be a part of the first-ever #CraftedCollection – a curated series of handcrafted items incorporating wood from The Balvenie Distillery in Dufftown, Scotland. Big thanks to @balvenieus @cfda and @toddsnyderny for the opportunity to make something truly unique!
WOOD PORTRAIT [1] Spalted Maple. These beautiful lines are the result of fungus spreading through a tree, and ultimately causes weakness in the wood. What some may see as destruction, I (along with many other woodworkers) see it as a work of art created completely organically. Nature’s design! 📷 @exposureloft
I thought it would be neat to make an iPhone Case that could charge your #Airpods . The mechanical aspect that holds the pods in would be similar to the push-push micro SD card connectors. Not sure if it’s completely functional yet, but I like where this is going. Thanks for the fun collaboration @RyanFlomerfeltMather. #conceptdesign #industrialdesign  #productdesign
PHOENIX in FLIGHT! Happy 1st Birthday little man! You are pure joy and I’m lucky to be your dad. 😊 Thanks @sarahmustakas for capturing the moment 📸 #baby #babyboy #dadlife
Finally got the black lacquer edge treatment just right on my Maple Slab Coffee Table 👍🏻 Thanks for the studio time @exposureloft , digging this black seamless. 📸
Learning some photography magic with @brewwatches. Always down for a spontaneous photo shoot to learn something new. 📸
WALNUT + STEEL. First one done in a series of three dining tables with @foundrywood. Stay tuned for studio shots @exposureloft. #furnituredesign #industrialdesign
The latest RUNWELL CLOCK coloration I worked on with the @Shinola team. Available now! #productdesign #industrialdesign
#blackwalnut potential. 24 bowl blanks ready to go!
TEXTURE + FINISH. Nickel plated Sonos PLAY:1 #conceptdesign with custom fabric wrap. Textile design by @eric_whiting_ #industrialdesign #productdesign
TEAK BENCH complete!👍🏻 Definitely a team effort on this one, thanks guys. #handcarved #furnituredesign #woodworking
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