James A. Washington IV

#MrGetitDone #GodFirst Vice President for Gioglobal Management-|Branding,Strategy,Image|Marketing Strategist|Assistant/Road Manager to @yazzthegreatest

Happy birthday queen 👑 @thelilmoshow you are legendary no no scratch that you are iconic to grow up on your music was one thing , but then to get to know you personally is beyond a blessing! So upset I’m not in Philly I know you turning up !! Wishing you the best birthday today and all future birthdays to come beautiful 😘😍
(Swipe)My beautiful cousin @msberrybiz got married to my remarkable new cousin in law @diamante90 this pass Sunday and my cousin /boss @yazzthegreatest hath given this woman away 😊🤗 such a precious historic family moment as this union was joined ! #11 /10/18 #mrandmrskenny 👑My hats off to the both of you and to a beautiful union to come ✔️❤️ P.S a very special shout out to the @philadelphiaprotectionunit for making this moment a safe , peaceful and relaxed one for #teamYAZZ will defiantly be hiring you guys again ! Part of the family now !!
TBT at 24 years old I sat as an director of an college program....WOW 😮, never put limitations on what God can DO...The youngest at the table...The one with the least credentials at the table.. but I still sat there ! & The lord separated me from there to do even greater, but I’m like father what’s greater than this ?🤷‍♀️ & he showed me ! Oh He continues to show me ! It’s to many bosses out here that God didn’t appoint , and that’s the problem ! It’s to many leaders out here that didn’t go through the leadership trials of the Father and that’s the issue ! When HE positions you as the “BOSS’ trust me you will know ! Not EVERYTHING is about money , it’s about contentment and nothing contains you more than GOD for he who is wealthy that didn’t seek him is BROKE-n in the end, I’m here to tell you ! I’m going seek God in the midst of the greatest storm as well as the Greatest Celebration ! Even with tears in my eyes I still trust God , even when my heart lies empty I lean on him to fill the void ! For he has always and continues to show me Grace and Mercy ! & Favor even the more ! Yaull keep trying to go we’re yaull going without God and wondering why you end up stagnant! Yaull better act like you know PERIOD... 💪🙏🙌🙌
Make sure yaull tune into @empirefox tonight 8/7 as the beautiful @rhyonbrown makes her debut !! This episode Directed by my dear friend that I cherish so much @jussiesmollett I have never seen directing until I watched this GEM direct , truly gifted and blessed by God a phenomenal director I tell you !, however , I never want to meet directing Jussie again(insider) 🤣🤣listen ppl the bottom line is you don’t want to miss this episode ! Get your TV’s on now ‼️
Make sure yaull tune in as @empirefox is back tonight , the beautiful @tishacampbellmartin makes her debut as the singing group TBD from last season is back !! That’s right !! Catch them tonight on fox !!! get readyyyyyy
Came through my city for the weekend unannounced 😏had work to do yaull I’m sorry 🤷‍♀️😩 but this project I’m working on tho 😁🙌🙌 it will all pay off 💪 #staytuned & of course I had to find time to stop through @phillyfashionweek 🔥🔥until next time Philly 👻😘
#throwbackthursday who remembers this #jamesthemanager ?? 6 years ago mannn I had no clue....2 years in and thought I was doing something... All I knew is that I wanted to change the game...I was looking at all the other managers..& I remember saying these are managers🤔?? You can’t even distinguish the managers from the artist which one is who...I said no matter where I go or what I do I’m going to wear a full suit like my father taught me because I want people to notice me I wanted to stand out.... then working in my church suits started to fail me, I started to run out of things to wear my suits started tearing from all the wear and tear and I began to staple them😩 and ask my mom to sow them... But that didn’t stop me I began using my allowance to buy new suits; because my father refused to provide for me to work for FREE he said... because for years that’s what I was doing out here trying to get it,building artist from nothing to something to get my name out there... It wasn’t until I Got real tired and close to given up that my name had just started to evolve in Philly and people started approaching me on the streets saying”Aren’t you the Boul Jamesthemanager”Yaull don’t know how some days this kept me going, kept me grinding..The social media kinds and queens know nothing about the man in this picture... social media didn’t equate me it wasn’t provident enough back then to.... You had to get out there and make a name for your self, not sit around and buy followers 🤷‍♀️I worked HARD to get to were I am let me say that again I WORKED hard to get to were I am and I’m not even no where yet... yaull might say oh please his cousin hired him... but ask yourself why ?? Why did he call me back 2 work after all these years ??? Why did him and his management believe in me ??? This isn’t no family business, in this industry you have to have people representing you of a certain caliber. I’m so thankful to GOD for how far he bought me from this cheap suit I got on 🤣🤣 I’m so happy that my GOD bought me through... Nothing is impossible when it comes to him, I have so much in store for yaull #staytuned and never give up hope , never retract your faith !!! 🙏🙏🙌🙌
God I see you and I’m ready , Father I ask for humility , grace and mercy on this new journey that your getting ready to take me on.🙏🙏🙏💪
Screaming happy birthday to the queen 👸 @tarajiphenson . Hope your day is as great and as aspiring as you are 😊, I am so honored to have personally met you and to build with you day by day.!😘✔️🙏😊🙌🙌
As new journeys begin , God will remove people in your life , He also will place new people in it for the WIN ✔️ WCW @preciousjournee 😘❤️ The beautiful media producer for @empirefox
Going for the 👑 #staytuned #watchmework 💪💯 #jamesthemanager 📷 by my beautiful girlfriend 😜@preciousjournee
She ain’t down if she ain’t BROWN WCW😘❤️ @tarhondajay , Be sure to download her new single I got the Juice available now EVERYWHERE.... #supportthequeen 👑
The top use to look so easy until I started actually traveling there ,😩 90’s party drip 💧 😛 for the baby @tarhondajay video shoot , thanks for having me beautiful 😘❤️
I have never been able to take a ID picture that me or my father actually liked....& then BOOM took me 25 years to get one, there’s def a message in that !!! Are yaull ready for season 5????? #EMPIRE
Just checking in.. currently living my best life😊💅 Thank you father 🙏🙌sorry I haven’t been posting as frequently... new endeavors are keeping me busy, but I promise I’ll be back soon... until next time 🤗 and 😘
Nothing in this 🌎 Is impossible with GOD....You couldn’t even fathom what your prayers will bring...Never stop praying...please believe me he is listening 👂 I am an living witness , that prayer still works it still changes things ‼️🙌🙌🙌🙏
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