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Autumn is here and it’s getting cold. Should I have kept my long hair to stay warm? The answer is nope, not until I move to Toronto.
"Smile is the best make-up a girl can wear”. I think it’s the best touch-up on the make-up a girl wears lol.
Being in the nature and faced with this view, I feel like a bird wishing to fly away and become part of it 🐦🐦🐦
I like exploring back streets. You never know whether something beautiful is hidden there, that the neighbors are keeping to themselves 🙈🙈🙈Happy Monday!
Love my necklace with the special design “Jamiecxw”. There’s actually a ton of cute items at their online store 🎁. Do some explorations and get whatever captures your heart 🧡💚 💜 💛💙 @soufeeljewelry Click to shop (link in bio): http://bit.ly/2xVI6Wd 🛍 Don’t forget to use this code for 15% off: Jamvv15 🤗🤗🤗 . . . . . . . #Soufeelnamenecklace #Soufeelgals #Soufeelstyle #soufeellover #soufeel #soufeeljewelry
In certain parts of the world, #blue is all the color you need to live a colorful dream.
Live under the sunlight; let the wind blow through your hair!
I felt like a dwarf under this huge gate. The muted colors expose such a dynamic look under the Tuscan sun.
I’d like to think, or at least I hope, there are both tenderness and strength within me! Captured by the light master @dieterchaney
Another portrait of me with long hair, looking more mature than usual. Maybe I’ll grow it out again one day 😋. @dieterchaney
A recent post from a photographer friend reminded me of our photo session earlier this year. Feeling very powerful in this, not my usual style lol. . Great time working with the very warm-hearted Dieter and his little sidekick Andi. Looking forward to creating something fun again soon! @dieterchaney
Almost forgot to mention and congratulate that the film “Haircut” is now an official selection of the Bahamas International Film Festival! @bahamasbiff 🎉🏵🎺 Fond memories working with director Hanxiong @bohanxiong and actor Fox @yijiz
Is the festival season coming up? Another #shortfilm I was lucky to be part of will be screened at the upcoming New Filmmakers New York! It was such a special experience playing a poor pregnant illegal immigrant! Congrats to @yibashicong @newfilmmakers
Every corner is a worth a snap in the beautiful town of #Carouge in Geneva. Happy Monday!
Last year this time, I started working on a USC #thesisfilm “Li Shan”, a Sloan winner directed by Vankee You. It’s a story inspired by true events, about a doctor who had the courage to stop an epidemic that swept a country. I just got a chance to finally watch the completed picture, and Vankee, you did such an amazing job! I am so proud of you, and so excited about this project!! @wenqi_you9281 . . . Here’s a set photo of some of us producers and friends of the film, in nurse and doctor’s costumes. What a fun time!
It was a day of escape in the beautiful #lakecomo , a paradise I didn’t want to leave.
Finally understood the concept of #bellagio in Last Vegas. The original town the famous casino hotel was built after, is so incredibly charming. Every little street is a hidden gem .
This time, my #bikeadventure was in Milan! There are so many interesting and unique neighborhoods in this big international city. I did get tired biking, but definitely not bored exploring my way around.
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