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Christmas here is all year round! ☃️It’s getting even colder now. Fluff up yourself and stay warm my friend! @floridashistoriccoast
St. Augustine is a city that feel likes straight out of a fairytale. There are little surprises everywhere, like this Pedestrian Crossing sign by the famous Old Jail. It’s just perfect. 🌈@staugustinebuzz @staugsocial
Setting your soul free is, sometimes, as easy as driving a #pickuptruck through the American #countryside . @nissanusatrucks
Deep within the rain forrest of #costamaya , finally I am here, admiring the beauty of the magnificent #mayanpyramids . It’s incredible to think that the Mayans never had wheels in their culture, and they never used them for transportation. I’m amazed by this ancient wonder from thousands of years ago, and the people who were ambitious enough to build it.
Mahogany Bay on the Roatan Island is filled with colors. Whoever resides in this yellow house, he/she is bound to be a #happysoul .
Forgot to wish everyone a belated Merry X’mas, and an early Happy New Year!
Just a simple #pinkwall in the #Mahoganybay in #Honduras . Pink, and, blue - they fill up my heart #likeadream .
#Wintervacation begins here, by the gorgeous #Tampabay !
I don’t remember what was so precious about this yellow flower. Maybe I was just holding onto the feeling, that at least we have these beautiful things in our lives.
In the eve of autumn, I caught a glimpse of winter. But don’t fret because as long as you believe, you can always find the summer, invincible in your heart. . . . 📷by @fantasyartspace
Smell the little flower in your hand; adore it as a wonderful gift from the sun.
Friends from Soufeel created this new necklace for me, and it says “summer” (which is also my birth name). Winter is here, but summer will never leave - as long you as have it in your heart! ❤️ . Maybe you’ll find something pretty here to treat yourself for the holidays: http://bit.ly/2KcBRDb 🎁 Don’t forget to use coupon code Jamvs15 for 15% off! 🙈 @soufeeljewelry . . . . . #Soufeelnamenecklace #Soufeelgals #Soufeelstyle #soufeellover #soufeel #soufeeljewelry .
We shared a view of the horizon together. We shared a dream together. That’s the most precious bond in some friendships.
An early morning walk out in nature, can give your heart a decent break from the busy and crazy life. The world is all yours, even just for the tiniest moment.
Childhood is sometimes just jumping through the grass like a #grasshopper 🧚🏻‍♂️🌱
When you laugh, the world will laugh with you 😆 featuring a very distorted face of mine 🤪
Happy making “friends” with this naughty robot man! Surprises exist everywhere when you keep an open eye.
When I was a kid, I could just sit by the front door all day long, and watch those different lives pass me by. Sometimes I wish I could slow down again like that, and simply enjoy what’s present in my life.
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