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Been so MIA for a while now! I'm finally starting to feel a little more normal, morning sickness is 👎! Thankfully it was only rough for a few weeks instead of the full 12+weeks! 🙌 I can feel my appetite coming back and starting eating more of what I'm used to having in my diet. Veggies for some reason made me feel super nauseous😷 Last night to celebrate feeling better I had a massive bowl of steamed broccoli ❤🙋😂 it's the little things! This also means I'm super ready to start working out regularly again👏 I'll be sharing my preggo mama workouts in the near future. - stay tuned!! 💪💁🙌 . I'm looking for stroller recommendations! Something a carseat locks into that isn't going to cost a kidney! Thanks👊💞
We are so excited to share that we are adding a little pumpkin to our patch!! 💕🎉😍💞👏👶 #may2019 #baby #ministassen #allthefeels
How I flirt. @lstassen you a snack.
This year has been filled with so many amazing moments. Looking forward to what the last quarter has in store!
Two more sleeps til she says "I do" 💜👰💜
Monday blues💙💙
Never thought I'd be given this amazing opportunity to grow my own business. In the health and fitness industry. Working from wherever I happen to be that day, and helping business builders create the life they want for themselves and their family. #coachlife
Your dreams are not nonsense, they are in your heart for a reason. If pursuing them for yourself isn't enough of a motivator, think of someone around you who could be positively impacted if you did go after them!💕 #dream
Our Team has just opened up a free INFO GROUP to get your online health and fitness business started! ✨ YOU want to be in this group and spots are limited!!✨ Building a business of helping People become the happiest and healthiest version of themselves is exciting, rewarding and a HUGE priviledge!! Drop your fave emojis below👇tag your friends! I'll send you the link with more details. ✨💃🙌👑💞
Flashback to last November and that on stage feeling✨💪👠👙
Night Shift🌜 Any other gym owls out there?🦉🦉
Cheers🥂 to new lifestyle habits, giving the inconvenient some room and feeling better than ever!🙌🏼 #bootcamp DM me to get on our Team😄
"Those who show up, go up." Who else chose to show up and get things done today?🙋
Be brave enough to go after what you want and strong enough to never give up.
Feeling too jelly to take my phone out of the tripod after this session😆 ✨DM me for details on my program let’s workout together!! 💪🏼 #fitfriends
Loved this holiday! Also loved that I could take my business with me to the beach🙌 So excited about the momentum I'm seeing on our team! Honestly though, talk about boss babes!👊People from all walks of life ready to change their lives and help others do the same. You ladies in the 8 week bootcamp ready to knock out your goals, unstoppable! Our new coaches are on 🔥! I am so grateful to be part of something so much bigger than just me. ❤
What stands between where you are and where you want to go is your mindset. ▪ So much truth in this statement🙌 When I have moments where I feel like my head is spinning and things all of a sudden feel like a bit too much, I remind myself of other times, like this one, where I pushed through and hit my goals. ▪ The real thing is we are never going to be done with challenges, and feeling overwhelm is not the worst thing to feel! For me when it comes to my goals, overwhelm a sign that I want to do whatever's in front of me really well. Your goals should be challenging! ▪ Do whatever it takes to shift your mindset into a positive place! You can reach your goals! You can change your lifestyle! You can be who you've always wanted to be!❤
Home safe and sound! Santa Maria Cuba was beautiful. Such sweet people, amazing location and yes the food was good! Thankful for girl time and laughing so hard it hurt.❤🐚🌊
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