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Lead Vocalist-‘Jankee & friends’ | Associate Producer -Timbuktu Films | For Collaborations & enquires 📧rhea26gupta@gmail.com or DM - @rheagupta26

Our @youtube fam does it again! #RaasGarbaHits2017 crosses 4 Million + Views💃 Thankyou guys , I am overwhelmed with your love & support♥️
Hear me exclusively on ‘92.7 Big FM’ on all the 9 auspicious days of Navratri! Listen to both of my tracks - #RaasGarbaHits2018 & #RaasGarbaHits2017 and enjoy this festive season✨ @92.7bigfm - Rajkot | Baroda | Surat
Crossing 2.5 Million+ Views on @youtube today & looking at these free spirited kids from @karmmarg (Delhi) dancing on #RaasGarbaHits2018 just brought a smile on my face. These kids have faced trauma & abuse. Now these lovely young children study , learn & stay together like a family. Lets support them and make this a happy place for them by donating below : Indian Donors - http://icfn.in/ADHM/KMCS/ International Donors - https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/support-a-home-for-destitute-children-in-ind Big love to @preetiagarwalmehta. I love you Bhabs ♥️ #Repost @preetiagarwalmehta with @get_repost ・・・ Celebrating the festival season at Karm Marg with the kids dressed in Jugaad clothes and accessories! Taking on @jank_ee 's #RaasGarbaHits2018 challenge and enjoying every minute of it! Watch us having a blast! A fun way to celebrate Kanjak/ashtmi/ navmi this year.... We'll make the halwa poori from your side! You can support us by donating through the ADHM 2018 by clicking this link Friends from India: http://icfn.in/ADHM/KMCS/ Friends from abroad: https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/support-a-home-for-destitute-children-in-india #navratri #festival #raasgarba #dance #garba #raas #pujo #ashtmi #navmi #kanjak #ADHM #Airteldelhihalfmarathon @karmmarg @jugaadtrust @v.bavari @imranphilmi thank you for editing this so beautifully!
My ‘Trophy’ Husband👑😉❤️ #SPA2018 #StarParivaar2018 | outfit - @ka_sha_india / @shivanishirali
The BIG 2 MIL DANCE ! This has to be my favourite dance of the #myraasgarbamove challenge ! Love you my baby 😍😍 @kashmira_irani ♥️ #Repost @kashmira_irani with @get_repost ・・・ #BetterLateThanNever Presenting to all of you #MyRaasGarbaMove on my most favourite track this Navratri ... @jank_ee ‘s #RaasGarbaHits2018 And its 2 MILLION baby 💃🏻 Woooohoooo!!! . . P.S. Thank you @niknitinpatil for the beautiful choreography and for accompanying me ❤️
Waking upto #RaasGarbaHits2018 crossing ‘2 Million + Views’ on @youtube and we are still counting! Its ‘YOU’ guys who have made this the new Navratri anthem! Thankyou for all the love & support♥️ Download the song from @soundcloud - www.soundcloud.com/jank-ee & dance away this Navratri😉 Don’t forget to send me your Garba videos! #RaasGarbaHits2Million
#NavratriSpecial Did you make your Navratri Playlist as yet? Head to www.soundcloud.com/jank-ee (@soundcloud ) to download your favorite track right now & dance to the tunes of #RaasGarbaHits2018 this Navratri✨
Cannot get over the mad love and the endless amount of videos i received for #MyRaasGarbaMove , here are some of my favorites💛 Stay tuned for lots more to come on YouTube.com/ JankeeMusicWorks & lets sway to the tunes of #RaasGarbaHits2018 this Navratri💥
& We just hit 1 Million + Views on #RaasGarbaHits2018 on YouTube! This has been by after my fastest on YouTube from O to 1 Mil in less than 19 days :) I am truly grateful to my entire team who’s been a part of this project & more importantly to each & everyone one of ‘YOU’ who have shared / supported & spread the love in every way possible. My endeavour has always been to create bigger & better content & a lot of you have been part of this exciting journey with me from the first day. Overwhelmed with your insane support, thankful & couldn’t have been happier ! Keep the love coming. #RaasGarbaHits1M #LetsMakeit5M 😉
The making of #MyRaasGarbaMove for #RaasGarbaHits2018 💃 Practicing my moves just one day before the shoot🙈I really wish I didn’t have to struggle so much👀 | @arpanmahida 😆😆 @siddhayyyy @aksshhaayy_03 @uncutstories_films
Nama-Slay🙏🏻 📸 @nakuulmehta
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