Jason M. McCord

Celebrating my birthday with great friends !!!
Lazy Dog's Ontario Mills celebrating my birthday with some great friends !!!
My son's masterpiece !!! Lol
Son having fun in a jumper !!!
Love you son !!!
My boy having fun !!!
My son getting his face painted on at a birthday party !!!
Today is not a good day for me, nine year's ago my best friend & brother Jacques Lee was taken from us...The Lord had his reasons and I know that now...there's not a day i don't think about you brother and looking forward to seeing you in the gates of Heaven !!! Happy birthday Jacques !!! Love you brother !!!
Son was getting X-rays for his teeth...Trooper !!!
Me & my baby boy at the beach !!!
In joining a cool one after a workout with my friend Tom...
Sushi & beer after working out with great friend Tom...I think we killed the workout. Lol !!!
Old pic from July 4th party, great time's !!!
Old picture at Oceanside Beach with my son and best friend Tom, great time's !!!
Great time's with family at Silverwood Lake !!!
My son loved my friend's shop...
Lol !!!
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