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Millionaire by 24 🌴 * Best-Selling Author * Top 100 Entrepreneur By White House I help ambitious people replace “rat-race income” with Laptop Income.

“Since adding email marketing sales increased by 20%!" -@jetsetfly - I'm not surprised. Copy is THE #1 High Income Skill in 2019. - That's why I'm setting up something BIG- just like there are the Marvel Avengers who are Earth's Mightiest Heroes... - ...I'm assembling Earth's Mightiest Copywriters. - If you're interested in joining us check out the link in my bio.👈 - #motivation 💯 #jasoncapital #copywriting #emailmarketing
Stop giving a fuck about what others think to make 6 or 7 figures in 2019... - At my private mastermind in Tampa last weekend, Joel Marion spilled the secret behind his 9-figure supplement business... - A few years ago Joel was working at a gym teacher stuck in the Rat Race making 42k a year... - Me, Joel, and my top students give no fucks about the opinions of others. And if you want to escape the Rat Race I highly encourage you to do the same. - Quit being a slave to the opinions of others. Quit being trapped in the Rat Race. Quit your job. - It's SIMPLE but far from EASY but I have your back. It's like that old saying goes: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - LMK in the comments below what your biggest goal is for 2019. I'm curious to see what you're about to dominate and how I can give you the push you need to get there.👇 - #motivation 💯 #jasoncapital #entrepreneurmindset
I hate this question, "WTF is copy?!" - I get asked this ALL. THE. TIME. And I tell them, "Copy is the #1 High Income Skill. Period." - Why? Because copy is oxygen for online businesses. Think about it: - Youtube titles? That's copy. - What you say on a webinar? That's copy. - Facebook ads? That's copy. - Bottom line: Anything spoken or written for your business is copy. COPY IS THE MESSAGING. - (Even this Instagram post you’re reading RIGHT NOW is copy.) - If you're looking to get rich in 2019 you'll need copy. Check out my story for today's badass copy tip w my man @jetsetfly 👈 - Don't waste another second, take action now. - You'll thank yourself come 2019. - #entrepreneurmindset #jasoncapital #successtips #motivation 💯 #copywriting
Think about it... - Today everyone’s on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube... - They’re checking email…. - They’re watching videos... - Studies show people are spending 2 and a half hours a day on their smartphone… and 3 more hours a day online. - You will not convert today’s prospects with yesterday’s marketing. - Don’t get left behind: - ==> FREE New Masterclass: Copywriting Is DEAD… (brand-new) Link in @jasoncapital bio👈 - P.S. A mob is rushing in for this right now since I announced it earlier... - I’m so PUMPED to share this with them (and YOU) stud… - #entrepreneurmindset #copywriting #jasoncapital #successtips #motivation 💯 #ecom
Copy is THE #1 high-income skill to get rich in 2019…🔑💰 - If you need more traffic… more customers… or more clients… - This is THE answer: (link in bio) 👈 - I’m so pumped to share this with you here… - Dominate your path, - @jasoncapital - P.S. This clip is from my talk at an event called Ecomvention, it had 300 attendees and was put on by 17-year old Mark Baum. - THAT IS F*CKING AMAZING. - A 17-year old putting on a star-studded marketing conference. - I was so impressed I’m having Mark speak on stage at the High-Status Summit about how he’s killing it at only 17. - So in case you were still letting that bullshit of “I’m too young” get to you, there’s one less excuse you have to DOMINATE SHIT too. - #motivation 💯 #jasoncapital #successtips #copywriting #copyisking #entrepreneurmindset
I’m beyond grateful that so many of you ask me for my copywriting wisdom. - Your trust means a lot to me! - I’m pretty open about my failures and my successes. And it is true I just teamed up with the most successful copywriting team IN THE HISTORY OF THE INTERNET to mentor your free... - Their copy is so good Facebook BANNED them for 6 months. - In fact, one sales video they wrote generated 110,000 customers a month! - But we simply can’t respond back to everyone when they ask us how to write copy that can make you rich... - So, as a way to show my appreciation to you… - We’ve decided to just give you the “Copy Cheat Codes” we use to guarantee our copywriting turns traffic into customers. - You don’t need to be a copywriter to understand it. - Anyone with access to these copywriting “Cheat Codes” can see the exact formula we use in every product or service we offer. - And now you can learn exactly what we do. - Think of a video game: If you don’t have the cheat codes, you’ll lose to the guy who does. - Click the LINK IN MY BIO and you can see the copywriting “Cheat Code” in action.🔑 - See you soon stud. - @jasoncapital - #copywriting #highincomeskills #entrepreneurmindset #jasoncapital #motivation 💯 #successtips
If it’s important, you should never just “do it”. Put yourself in the right state before then take action. - @jasoncapital and @realcraigballantyne - #getoutofyourhead #jasoncapital #successtips #motivation 💯 #copywriting
Hey boss, @realcraigballantyne and I didn't want you to miss out on your LAST CHANCE to secure your ticket to the High-Status Summit 2019 now at $400 Off. Link in my bio👈 - That link is ONLY for top Team Capital VIP. - We hope to see you in beautiful Newport Beach in January for the Summit!😎 - @jasoncapital - #motivation 💯 #jasoncapital #highstatussummit #success
Are you getting your information from the best? Or are you getting your information from someone who’s just “pretty good”?🤔 - If you're looking for an Environment engineered to connect you with 8 and 9-figure Titans, meet like-minded solo-preneurs, AND rock your world, secure your seat at the 2019 High Status Summit before Early Bird Pricing disappears (link in my bio)👈 - See you there in sunny Newport Beach, stud.😎 - @jasoncapital - #DanPena #HighStatusSummit #entrepreneurs #jasoncapital
To achieve 7-figures, freedom, and impact MILLIONS of people world wide there's one thing that holds 96% of people back... - It's your couch. - F*CK YOUR COUCH. Dan Kennedy taught me that you can't do business sitting on your.. couch. - Let me explain. Your couch is your comfort zone. If you're on your couch eating, watching Netflix, smoking something green and legal in a handful of states, what AREN'T you doing? - You're NOT increasing your income. - You're NOT inspiring ANYONE. - You're NOT unlocking TRUE freedom. The kind of F*CK YOU freedom where you can up and leave to Bora Bora, like, TODAY if you so desire. - So again, F*CK your couch.🖕 - And, if you're looking for an Environment engineered to connect you with 8 and 9-figure Titans, meet like-minded solo-preneurs, AND rock your world, secure your seat at the 2019 High Status Summit before Early Bird Pricing disappears (link in my bio)👈 - See you there in sunny Newport Beach, stud.😎 - @jasoncapital - #fuckyourcouch #fuckthecomfortzone #jasoncapital #motivation 💯 #entrepreneurs
Watch till the end to learn how to stay focused 🔑🧠👆(clip from The High Status Summit 2018) - #HighStatusSummit #Focus 💯 #EntrepreneurCoaching #JasonCapital
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