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This concept is so important. Who’s on your bus?🤔 . If ppl are a part of your team or your inner circle, they’re on your bus. And if some of them think the bus should go left when you know it’s going right, you’re in trouble. . Because their intentions will get through to other ppl on the bus. Then you’ll have a bus with two wheels pointing left and two wheels pointing right. . This doesn’t mean you don’t listen to your mentors and closest allies. It means once you commit to a strategy, COMMIT TO IT FULLY. . Remember badass: Commitment to the strategy is more important than the strategy itself.🔑 . If you’re getting this, gimme a COMMITMENT below👇 . #committedtosuccess #jasoncapital #mindsetshift #motivation 💯
Entrepreneurial thinking... 🤔💭 Tag your entrepreneur friends that need to see this👇🏼 ✅ Follow @jasoncapital for more. . #entrepreneurmindset #jasoncapital #thinksmart
Each time you advance to the next level, you will attract new allies and enemies at the new level.🛩 • This also means that some of the allies and enemies you had at the previous level will not come with you to the new level. • I really hope this lessons comes thru to you. This is about more than environment. This is about understanding, and accepting, that what you got here will not get you there. • This game is always evolving. The only way to play and win is to be ready to adapt at a moments notice. • And the only way I know how to do that is to live life with a light grip. • What did Ferris Bueller say? Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out alive. • TAG THAT ONE FRIEND WHO GETS THIS TOO👇 • #levelup ⬆️ #motivation 💯 #jasoncapital
Environment is so 🔑. Thoughts on this?💭👇 . #nikolatesla #jasoncapital #smallcircle #smarter
Thoughts on this?🤔💭👇 . #motivation 💯 #resultsnotexcuses #jasoncapital #smart
I smile a lot because I have the #1 Skill that creates more #millionaires faster than any other I have ever seen. (And no, it’s definitely not real estate.)😆 • It’s COPY • Copywriting. • Email copy. • Video copy. • VSL copy. • Direct mail copy. • It’s all COPY. • I get asked a lot by ambitious ppl if they should start a business? • I say no. • Develop a high-income skill first. Start making 10k a month or more with your skill. • Then start to think about your next move. • Maybe it’s starting a business at that point. • Maybe it’s scaling your skill into a 7-figure skill. • Either way, develop the high-income skill first. • If you’re #ambitious and willing to work hard, my highest recommendation is COPY.👈 • P.S. I love my children @capitalfrenchies ❤️ • #jasoncapital #copywriting #motivation 💯
Wasn't even close.😅 Driver has major balls... #lamborghinihuracan #nofvcksgiven
You’re good. You’re cool. You’re more than enough. You’ve got what it takes. You’re doing it. You’re going there. You’re making it happen. You’re pushing ahead. You won’t be stopped. You won’t ever stop. Your truth is too important. Now get out there and share it with the fvcking world. . #keepgoing #jasoncapital #motivation 💯
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How do you spend your free time?🤔👇 • #readingtime 📖 #jasoncapital #knawledge
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