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Really bad photo from our two hours in Vegas where we made one bet and won my nanny $20,000. Epic night. Thank you David, Heath and Jonah and especially @curly_sue21
Here I am at my son’s Winter Recital. So proud of the man he’s become and how much he has grown. It seems like it was just yesterday that I deposited $100,000 in his bank account at the age of 4.
My kids are going to be so excited I got this photo with the guys and Billie Eilish @kroq
Congrats on 10 Mill David. I am so amazed by your passion and perseverance. You make everybody around you better and I thank my lucky stars everyday that I get to work with you. Here’s a photo where I wanted you to look up but as you would say you were “busy putting food on the table.” And my stomach thanks you for that.
This girl gave me some glasses to put on. I felt cool for about 10 seconds and then it went away. And then I was like “well, that was fun.”
Mukbang Queen goes to the other side of the table
Happy Cinco de Diciembre
I’m up high. I’m also really high. And also hi hello.
This is my favorite scene from FML. Watch the movie for free on my YouTube channel! Link in bio.
I’ve acquired FML and I’ve posted it on my YouTube channel as a thank you to everyone who subscribes to me. It will be there for one month. Go watch it for free! Link in bio.
Jojo and her bobo’s
This is the outfit the overweight guy wears in every movie when he’s trying to get in shape (🔥bio)
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