Jason Nash


Separated at birth
Had fun in Brooklyn today. My new stepdad came and he’s not so bad after all.
Some of you have got to know my mom through the vlogs and I’m always so appreciative when people tell me how much they love her. My mom worked long hours when I was a kid but always made time for me and shaped me into the person I am. The best part is now we have this incredible foundation and when we get together we have so much in common. She turned 75 this year but she reminds me more of someone who is 25. Always cracking jokes and always down for anything: including being in the vlogs! I love you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day! And can’t wait for Fourth of July. (Check out her modeling headshot and the one with Julio Iglesias, my two favorites.)
David Dobrik
Our first gender reveal. Excited to announce David is having a boy!! 👦
Thanos at a barbecue
The new live action remake of Snow White is 🔥🔥🔥
“Natalie the Personal Assistant”
Easter Sunday Funday
Perfect day
So great reuniting with Taco my college roommate and best man at my wedding. We sucked the juice out of grapes, threw the peels on the ground and laughed about the old days.
Move over Gigi Hadid
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