going to China now. 5 concerts next week. can’t wait...
with Julia & Renata in Guadalajara last week
Next concert - Girona Spain - on Sunday
Francis Lai is dead. he had a massive impact on all my work. I'm grateful for that day we spent together, 20 years ago... RIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Od5IzOzGTQ
from yesterday’s concert in Guadalajara Mexico
going to Mexico now, will pass Spain on the way back before I go to China... here are the November gigs. (more concerts will be announced very soon) 3 Nov Guadalajara Mexico 11 Nov Girona Spain 21 Nov Beijing MAO 22 Nov Hangzhou MAO 23 Nov Shanghai MAO 24 Nov Guangzhou MAO 25 Nov Shenzhen B10
#zaralarsson and me in a film coming to a cinema close to you very soon
my boy’s first casting
#electionday let’s go and vote ♥️
pineapple coconut
le garage
backstage at yesterday’s festival in Saint Petersburg
this boy now - summer 18
from yesterday’s concert in Sevilla / pic by manuelvacaphoto
soon done / sleeping self-portrait / acrylic and krink on cardboard (65x92cm)
matte kudasai
at home with my best friend
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