Jay Rodriguez

Tampa || Florida State

813 taking over at the casa day drinking and receiving assistance 🍻
And we back 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Jersey’s been good and so was Manhattan
I can drink in Cuba but sure as hell doesn’t beat good ol ‘MERICA🇺🇸🍻Happy ‘MERICA day everyone!! P.S. Drink safe and watch out for sparklers
What make you country?
🚨This lil shithead is finally 18🚨 Time to make the worst decisions we’ve ever collectively made in our whole life
And just like that we are finally free of public education folks! Time to ride or die 👅🤙🏼🍻
Patiently waiting for brewskis with the broskis🍻
Damn my babygirl cute 😍😩🤤
Sorry gov but I think chubbies under the gown is the move 🤷🏽‍♂️
I told y’all it got better
It gets better 😛
Hope everyone had a great Easter!Enjoying time with family and watching the little ones hunt eggs!
I need a vacation from this vacation 🏝🥥🍑
“Hi I’m Jay, and welcome to cake boss”
Got a lil nippily but we still did it for the gram!
Get through the week go to the beach baby!!!
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