Justin Cole

🔹NOT a public figure 🔹Personal Trainer 🔹NASM CPT/PES/CF-L1

I'm in the zone this year. 🦍
What do I wanna do today...... be better than I was yesterday. 🦍 🔹Are you taking steps to make it happen? 🔹Are you letting self doubt and outside factors affect your motivation? 🔹MOST IMPORTANT: Are you just lip service or are you about that action boss? 🔹 Don’t lose sight of the vision!!! Clarity. Consistency. Progression. 🔹GrindHarder🤫 🎥: @incr3dibl3hulk 🏋🏼‍♀️: @andreasomer
CLARITY. CONSISTENCY. PROGRESSION. The motto🔹Don’t let anyone or anything f**k up your vision🔹
Supreme Team
If you’re lookin for a real one... #abidelaw17
Drip Too Hard
Life is just a maze, just goin through my phases.
I stay busy just working on me!
Better than the hype, I give you life.
I smile like a saint, with a sinner’s mind
I did not come here to play, and I did not come to observe.
Amazing weekend in the books. Epic memories made. Where we going next?? 🤔
The Weekend is here... let’s vibe
🔹Issa fitness lifestyle thing 🦍. 🔹 @_justdrich 🔹vision & on the 🎥 @incr3dibl3hulk 🔹#FightTheFluff #1919Productions
*Inserts inspirational fitness quote*
🦍Beast Mode Filmed and edited by the @incr3dibl3hulk
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