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WAKE & BAKE 🔥🔥 Anyone else feeling the heat of tomorrow’s launch?? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ Don’t forget to set your alarms for 10am PST/ 1pm EST because it’s time to bask and BAKE in our #MagicStar setting powder & #MagicStarConcealer 🌟🌟 Both are $22 and will be playing NO games so get ready 💥💥 #jeffreestarcosmetics #concealer #settingpowder #vegan #crueltyfree Photo by: @brandonlundby Makeup by: @lipsticknick Hair by: @jesushair Set design: @keithboos
BLOOD SISTERS 💙❤️ Two iconic palettes ready to change your makeup game 💯 #BloodSugar #BlueBlood #jeffreestarcosmetics 📸 @lizdaggerbeauty #bluebloodpalette #bloodsugarpalette
SET YOUR LIFE IN PLACE ⭐️ Our #MagicStar setting powders come in 8 flawless shades, giving you that perfect #JeffreeStarApproved airbrushed finish 🔥 LAUNCHING APR. 19TH 🔥 Retail: $22.00 Photo by: @brandonlundby Makeup: @lipsticknick @boomkackmua @stef_lova1 @jenfregozo Hair: @jesushair @e_scizorhands @hairbyyuichi Models: @chasitysamone @jazzerinenorona @latashialarae @gabrielzamora @lauracatlady @kameronlester @brittanya187 Set design: @keithboos #jeffreestarcosmetics #magicstarconcealer
SINISTER 😈😈 We know you all are hooked on our long wear #velourliquidlipstick formula BUT we highly recommend our #lipammunition if you’re looking for a stick #lipstick that has one swipe coverage 💋💋 Plus this #ammo component is perfect for every #JSCcollection 💕💕 Photo by: @66xx.steph.xx66 in shade ‘Sinister’ #jeffreestarcosmetics #lipammo #satinlips
GREETINGS EARTHLINGS 👽🖖🏻 This look will have you ready to step aboard the mothership 🛸🛸 @foxy_roxy_makeup used our #highlypigmented Alien #eyeshadowpalette ✨✨ #jeffreestarcosmetics #alien #alienpalette
SPACED OUT ✨✨ How badly do these #swatches of our #alienpalette by @anastasialovesmakeup make you want to bring all your galactic dreams to life?? 🧐🧐 #jeffreestarcosmetics #alien #swatched
FEELIN’ EXTRAterrestrial 🖖🏻🖖🏻 This beat by @itsstephtoms uses our #alienpalette with #velourliquidlipstick shade ‘Celebrity Skin’ on the lips & ‘Sarcophagus’ #SkinFrost for that shine👽👽 We can’t get enough of that military green girl 🤩🤩 #jeffreestarcosmetics #alien #eyeshadow
SEALED WITH A KISS 💋💎 This #lipart by @gone_awry.artistry is giving us serious #Titanic Heart Of The Ocean vibes 💙 She used #velourliquidlipstick shades ‘Jawbreaker’, ‘Breakfast At Tiffanys’, ‘Weirdo’ & ‘Drug Lord’ 💄💄 #jeffreestarcosmetics #blueblood #vegan
SIZE UP 💄💄 We know size doesn’t ALWAYS matter so if you’re an on the go type we highly recommend our #BlueBlood mini bundle 💙💙 This set has 2 new exclusive shades ‘Ice Tray’ & ‘Titanic’🚢🚢 Photo by: @natural2slaybeauty #jeffreestarcosmetics #velourliquidlipstick
DRINK UP 🥤🥤 Anyone feeling the thirst this morning?? 🤤 @makeupbyrugile has created a look using our #Thirsty palette that’s got our tastebuds WOKE👅👅 #jeffreestarcosmetics #thirstypalette
The #MagicStar concealer is life changing ⭐️ Will available ▶️ APRIL 19TH @ 10AM PST Online @jeffreestarcosmetics + @morphebrushes online and all their stores 💖 Comes in 30 shades. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Full coverage, hydrating. 20% pigment, can cover tattoos 🔥 C0 - White C1 - very light skin with rose undertones C2 - fair skin with neutral undertone  C3 - light skin with vanilla beige undertones C4 - light skin with rose undertones C5 - light skin with neutral undertones C6 - light skin with olive undertones C7 - light to medium skin with neutral undertones C8 - light to medium skin with olive undertones C9 - medium skin with warm peach undertones C10 - medium skin with olive undertones C11 - medium skin with rose undertones C12 - medium skin with peach undertones C13 - medium skin with neutral undertones  C14 - medium skin with yellow undertones C15 - tan skin with golden olive undertones  C16 - tan skin with warm neutral undertones C17 - tan skin with rose undertones C18 - tan skin with neutral undertones C19 - medium-deep skin with golden undertones C20 - medium-deep skin with warm olive undertones C21 - medium-deep skin with golden yellow undertones C22 - deep skin with golden orange undertones C23 - deep skin with rose undertones C24 - deep skin with warm neutral undertones C25 - deep skin with neutral undertones C26 - deep skin with olive undertones C27 - very deep skin with rose undertones C28 - very deep skin with neutral undertones C29 - very deep skin with golden rose undertones C30 - very deep skin with golden undertones Peach - neutralize dark under eye circles, dark spots, and acne scars  Green - neutralize redness of the skin Photo by: @brandonlundby Makeup: @lipsticknick @boomkackmua @stef_lova1 @jenfregozo Hair: @jesushair @e_scizorhands @hairbyyuichi Models: @sky.hannah @chasitysamone @jazzerinenorona @latashialarae @lipsticknick @gabrielzamora @lauracatlady @kameronlester @asiahairston @brittanya187 Set design: @keithboos #jeffreestarcosmetics #magicstarconcealer
ALIENATE ME 👽👽 Where are our fellow aliens at?? 🖖🏻🖖🏻 This look by @ingeradores uses our galactic #Alien palette which is back in stock and ready to SOAR to you 🛸🛸 She also used #SkinFrost shade ‘Ice Cold’ for her glow 🤩🤩 #jeffreestarcosmetics #alienpalette #vegan
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