stay fresh, be kind✨🍊🚿 SYD📍

Yooooo summer lets do this 🥓🥓 can’t wait to whip out some new @midnightco next week in Byron 🌈💦
Loving you is easy 🧲 🌊 beauty day at Palmy but I wouldn’t recommend doing the lighthouse walk in thongs🙃 #palmbeach
The ocean got a nice top up thanks to yesterday’s rainfall 😏💧
🌺🌿🌷🌸 X NIKE
Pals since ‘07⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #somuchlove
If you don’t have a shoulder to lean on, you need to get on that asap. it’s goooooood 👍🏼
24 crept up on me but I’m ok with it ✨#birthdaygirl
Imagine all the things you would do if you weren’t worried about what other people thought of you. Be bold and be kind. #happylittlevegemite #midnightco
Hello🙊 @blackwoodpantry
The shade of blue that dreams are made of💧Sydney, I adore you and will probably never stop snapping photos of you no matter how full my camera roll gets😘 #cronulla #weekend
Crowds of Sculptures by the Sea: 1, Jen: 0. Swipe right to see my fave piece called “The Wave Within.” Was it worth it...🤔 #sculpturesbythesea #deathbycrowds
Just a girl and her Classics 🕶@midnightco
Hey November, I think we’re gonna be good friends.🖌💫
Time to crack open a bottle of SPF 50+ ☀️🐎 #itsgettinghotinhere
The tourist in me can’t be tamed 😎🎧 #heli #sydney
COURT VISION🏀⚡️It’s crazy how little we “trust the process” sometimes. I recently started working at Xero and I finally feel like I’ve landed. This company is such a tight community full of ridiculously talented people.. I feel very humbled to be a part of it. From the get-go I knew it was going to be a great place to work, but now that I’m starting to understand the impact these people and this business platform is having on the small business sector all around the world - it’s incredible. As soon as you are a part of something bigger than yourself, something inside you shifts.If you’re getting fed up with a situation you’re in, seek out opportunity. #human #xero #courtvision
Happy Birthday to the biggest (but most loveable) weirdo I know😘 Thanks for always making me laugh and letting me take ridiculous photos of’re the best, even though you make me say hi to randoms in the grocery store. 🛒💕
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