stay fresh🍊🚿 SYD📍

You get what you give. This has become very apparent to me in the last few weeks - not just in the gym but in life in general. The attitude you put forward each day pretty much dictates the kind of day you’ll have/results you’ll get. We always have a choice. #valkyrieathletic
Tiny overpriced coffee is the vibe here. I also spilled this particular one all over me 10 minutes after this due to incorrect lid size☕️😎 #nochill
It’s a zoo out there 🐆 little shoot for @in_vogue_club - vintage collection coming soon✨
Ducked out for a Friday morning coffee (pun intended). Really thought I was coming down with the flu yesterday but somehow I’m 100% better today??? Happy days.👌🏽💋 #balmoral #fridays
Sunday appreciation☕️🥑🌴💞
Elevate, elevate, only obligation is to tell it straight⚡️ @98rileystgym online program keeping me humble one deadball squat at a time😅 If you’re curious check out for a week free trial. #98rileystgym #nodisappointments
SUPPPP✌🏼@sup_supplements are my new lil sidekicks. I’ve always been a bit skeptical of supplements but these guys managed to narrow their ingredients down to the bare necessities and I am A-OK with that. I’ve been using the collagen ones for healthy hair/skin/nails💅🏽 and the FIT ones for boosting exercise performance.🏃🏽‍♀️ Definitely recommend but.. (and I feel like it goes without saying) supplements are a waste of time if you’re ignoring your diet/training regime. Keep yourself in check.✨#supsupplements
HAPPY SEPTEMBER 1st/FIRST DAY OF SPRING🙌🏼🌸 here’s the pic of @stephclairesmith and I where I’m not holding a popsicle haha😘 #spring #sprung
If you don’t know what to do with your hands in photos and you don’t have pockets just adjust your clothing/swimmers😎On another note.. how beautiful is this country🙌🏼 #summercountdown
Accessorising is easy when your accessories are water and headphones😉💦 @mybkr
It’s funny how much is involved in the simple act of picking something up and putting it down. (Particularly when it’s something heavy🏗) But mannn oh man is it good for you when you do it right. Working on keeping my shoulder blades🔪 back and down for the whole movement. Haven’t felt as ☠️ after a session than I did after this. @98rileystgym #deadlifts #100kg #neverstoplearning
CBD🗞Two things I love doing: destroying myself in the gym, and people watching in city cafes. P.S. how good is the exchange of smiles between the barista and the guy in line.🥐☕️@skittlelanecoffee #sydneycafe #skittlelanecoffee #thelittlethings
Mood during deadlifts this morning 🌋🌋🌋 Grateful to be healthy and have the ability to challenge myself every day. Never forget how blessed you are if you woke up this morning with breath in your lungs, everything else is a bonus. #gratitude #deadlifts #valkyrieathletic
Imagine a world without leggings and baggy t-shirts😦 HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYBODY🤘🏽🍕 #penation
You heard it here first - coming at ya @sydneyrunningfestival Blackmores half marathon.🏃🏽‍♀️Is 4 weeks long enough to train for a half ???🙃 #sydneyrunningfestival #halfmarathon #askingforafriend
Today’s @98rileystgym online strength session finisher was a punish😅 Making very close friends with the big-gun kettlebells. (I scare myself too 💪🏼) #98online #strengthtraining
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