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Just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% a stupid bitch
If he don’t listen to Brockhampton I don’t want him
My Air Force 1’s glow in the sunlight
Plaid is my favorite fashion trend to date
It’s so dumb that I even have to say this. I don’t have to prove myself to ANY of you but I’m going to say this 1 time. I’m so completely done with everyone who thinks they can “prove” that my followers are fake, Its so stupid that people will spend their PRECIOUS time trying to “expose” me and tell everyone that I buy followers, likes, comments, etc. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that people want so badly to figure out how I got my followers as if it’s one of the 7 wonders of the world. Let me tell you one thing, I NEVER wished for any of this. I NEVER asked for this. Last year around this time I was only averaging 200 likes per post and I was HAPPY with how my instagram was. I never posted in hopes of becoming “famous” or whatever you consider this, I started posting my outfits because I liked what I wore and randomly one day one of my posts hit the explore page and got 3,000 likes. Was I happy about it? extremely, but again I never asked for my posts to continue gaining traction like they did. Ever since then my posts have continued to show up on the explore page and that’s how I’ve gained my audience. I can even recall a day in January when I went to sleep with 9,000 and woke up with 12,000 IDEK HOW THAT HAPPENED. If anyone would’ve told me last year at this time that I would have this many today I wouldn’t have believed them. I would totally be willing to let someone look through my phone because you know what you’ll find? Nothing. No “buying followers” apps. I can even show you guys my engagements, my insights, every detail I’m able to see about my account because absolutely none of it is fake. What’s frustrating about this is that I can’t just contact Instagram and have them tell me themselves that my followers and likes are real and people will forever try to tell others that my followers were bought. Believe what you want but I know for a fact that this is all REAL. So sorry for this long ass caption but I needed to let that out to you guys because a lot of you have been more friendly and supportive of me than people in my real life. I’m so glad you guys are here and I love you if you read all the way to the end, I hope you understand me <3
It’s bothers me so much that my bed isn’t made in the second picture but enjoy
‪I tried following the worst account on Instagram and it said “edit profile” ‬
I’m only excited about thanksgiving for the Mac and Cheese🤧
I’m still extremely scared of losing this account again so don’t forget to follow my backup account @jelly.megan #selfpromo
Pictures look better in the sunlight
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