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Posting this smiley pic from a few days ago when I wasn't suffering from a 2 day hangover and re evaluating my whole existence x 😊 x
Last night
Off to play mini golf dressed like a dolphin trainer x
Yeye getting leaner is all fun and games until the booty starts to get sacrificed ☠️🙂 not even finished cutting & can't wait to lean bulk after summer 😂🍑 #fitness #gym #tan
Forcing myself to have a rest day today since I haven't had one in nearly 2 weeks... 😭 rest is so important for growth but when I'm feeling motivated I find it hard to stay away from the gym 🙃 #firstworldproblems 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Moodiest face in the world thinking about my exams like ... (camera angle was actually an accident but ... 🙃🌚) #fitness
✨ happy violence ✨
Some1 book a holiday with me so I don't have to drown myself in fake sun all summer xxxx x x #bronzed
No lighting ever does the pump after a session justice 😭 anyways I know a lot of people struggle to hit the glutes when working legs as it's easy for quads to take over! However the workout I did tonight literally just worked my glutes - swiiipe for the workout, save & try it on ur next leg day 🍑 #boooty #miniupperboddefinition #iseeya
Born into the wrong climate. This weather forever plz
Bank holiday 👱🏾‍♀️🥂
No sunbed needed for us in the UK today ☀️😅 topping up my tan in my pj shorts n fav sliders photobombing in the back 👱🏾‍♀️
Feelin so happyyyy for the first time in ages 🤗😇💛
But did u really go to neighbourhood if you didn't have a photoshoot
HAPPY HUMP DAY 🐪 (people who say leggings aren't suitable to wear out the house offend me x)
Trying on bikinis making me feel the urge to book a holiday 😭☀️ also v happy with the shape & size my legs have taken on in the last few months 🙌🏽💪🏽 #strongnotskinny #curves
Got a pull workout in nice n early this morning along with 35 mins fasted cardio 😇 been smashing my workouts recently, feeling good 💪🏽 love this little crop from @fitleteclothing they also have matching leggings too 👯 #gym #fitness #workout
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