Jenny Kleffel

Sports Massage therapist to NFL NBA collegiate athletes to everyday active people, injury and injury prevention @sportsacademyhq

Oh just being mother of the year in the pool..when they say “mom why don’t you ever get in?” Here’s example A B and C!! #poollife #motheroftheyear #nopersonalspace #calisummer
She was my flower girl 13 years ago!! She’s 18 now @kayley_allen143
Never thought I’d get to see Mt. Fuji in amazing 🗻#mtfuji
18 years together. 13 of those married. 12 of those military life (and counting) 10 of those as parents. 5 of those second time parents. 7 deployments 3 duty stations. Ups, downs, sideways and even backwards at times. Life is nothing but an obstacle course and it doesn’t matter how hard to work there is always going to be parts that slow your roll and make you want to quit. My obstacle course will continue to change throughout our lives together but I know in the end you will always be by my side through the bad the good and the ugly. I don’t want a straight course I want a course that showed we lived and thrived through it all and came out on top.
Finally got a break from the rain yesterday perfect timing for the 4th! #americanvillageokinawa #humidityhair #july4th #stopraining @craigkleffel
It’s a little windy #whitebeach
This water tho #nofliterneeded
Ready for some adventures #okinawa
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