Jeffrey Solomon

Manager extraordinaire. No I am not Kappa. Business inquiries to

Babysitting @char_mini . She found a spot she likes. I’m less enthused.
Found my way on the field at the West Ham match. #comeonyouirons ⚒⚒⚒ Shout out to Ahmed, who we met after the game and called me Jerf instinctively.
Don’t leave your airdrop open on a plane.
(Cries in privilege) On my way to London. First trip over an ocean. I hate flying. This will be a test of will.
Little Jesus bought to punch your arm if you look.
There is no music label. Whoever is claiming there is made it up. If she made a music label she would announce it herself.
Fun at the hockey game with the fam
Happy Thanksgiving govblr govblr
Soupçon day 2
Twitch con day 0
I have only located a single photo of me from last Halloween. Let this serve as a historical proof that I did have a costume in 2017. 📸@alystoker
Decent spot. But standing room only.
My last big trip to LA I saw Peter Stormare and everyone I told just asked who that was. But this time I saw Stephen Guarino, Denzel Washington, Jerry Springer, Steve Smith, Queen Latifah, Ilana Glazer, Jake Sanders and most exciting of all a really cute dog named Monkey.
Pretty good birthday.
Coming to the stage to make a major announcement. My pleasure to announce The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is coming to Coke Freestyle machines in participating Wendy’s locations later this week. #quakecon2018
You must be this tall to fight this robot. #quakecon2018
CFL games let you get incredibly close!
Mozel Tov Brian
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