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🏁@NASCAR Driver | CWTS/K&N/ARCA Series ⚓@usnavy Officer🇺🇸🇳🇬 🔴🔴+193k mile C6 Z06 🔴🔴 📽DHA🎬 🏁THE Sports Agency🏎 🙏🏾Matt 25:23🙏🏾 👇🏾USAA $50k Sweepstakes👇🏾

The only way you get a candid shot of me, is if I let you 😎 #iseeAll #poseForTheCandid (📸 @by.diego )
At the end of a long day and race night, my #WCW still helps push the 3400lb race truck from pit road all the way back to the Hauler....if that’s not true love then I dunno what is😄 (📸 @by.diego )
Yesterday was a good day😄, can’t tell ya what we were shooting at this major TV network studio yet till it airs but I’ll let you watch this video at the very least...maybe it has something to do with it, maybe not 🤙🏾
You go from 45mph street speeds to stopping in a box with a heavy race truck, it’s always a thrill! The only time I get a chance to practice a pit stop is when I actually do them in a race 😄🏁 #principaljets #cybersight #zuluaudio #northstarcontractors #amerit #veteranETS
I didn’t see this till some people brought it to my attention this weekend. It’s Veterans Day weekend in 2018 and I have to still deal with clowns who hide behind fake pages. Let’s all be better than this people and fight to have a more positive world. I will continue to serve the United States of America and protect everyone’s right to freedom of speech even if it means protecting the freedom of speech of clowns. (clown📸 @willybyron24 )
I want to hear your “live your dreams” story in the comments below. I’ve been sharing mine with you the last few weeks and the best part is this is STILL just the beginning. Remember, you are just ONE solid conversation away from going big, I’m telling you! Or maybe one sweepstakes entry away🤔. There are just a few weeks left to enter @USAA  Life Insurance Company’s “Live Your Dreams” sweepstakes. They are giving away $50,000 to one person to help realize their dreams. I’m proud to be a USAA member and to partner with them on this campaign. Click the link in my bio to enter this sweepstakes before November 20. Don’t give up. Live your dreams. #ad #USAApartner #USAALiveYourDreams #NAVYtoNASCAR
Happy Veterans Day to all of my fellow service members past and present!!!! Keep striving for your dreams!
I can’t say this enough because this weekend is about YOU: HAPPY VETERANS DAY WEEKEND TO ALL OF MY FELLOW SERVICE MEMBERS PAST AND PRESENT. Now onto yesterday’s fun and wild Raceday. We had quite an eventful day and night but our crew had a “never give up” attitude which allowed us to make the whole thing come together. For those who don’t know, this deal to race Friday night didn’t finalize till Wednesday afternoon and from there with limited resources and personnel, Reaume Brothers Racing & Copp Motorsports thrashed in a parking lot to turn a SB2 motor Texas set up truck to a Phoenix truck. We did run into adversity early on Friday with a rear end issue and starter issue but nonetheless we fought through like the soldiers this team was and kept the truck running all day and race. During the race we were a bit spread thin and split pit crews with another truck but with good communication we pitted usually on the 2nd or 3rd time around; the crew had double duty! All in all, we were in a race with ourselves and ourselves only and had one goal and that was to run our laps, gain truck oval experience, and finish the race clean. With this being my first truck race on an oval we did just that and we made the most of a day with a hard working great attitude team. I want to give a huge thank you to my girlfriend, crew, team, James Bratton, and the partners who came onboard this week to make this happen, without you I wouldn’t have been in the seat: @principaljets , @ZuluAudio , Veteran ETS & Amerit, Cybersight, North Star Contractors, The Sports Agency, The Red List Group & JBJE Transportation
🙏🏾Such a huge blessing again! I’m not racing for a championship, I’m just racing for my fellow US Armed Forces members on this Veterans Day weekend. So Principal Jets, @ZuluAudio , Cybersight, North Star Contractors, Veteran ETS, and The Sports Agency...from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for putting me in the seat again this crazy wild season so that I can represent and inspire our men and women in our military again! 🏁🇺🇸 #NavyToNASCAR #Phoenix #ISMRaceway #ZuluAudio #Cybersight #PrincipalJets #NorthStarContractors #VeteranETS #TheSportsAgency
For #BeatUpVette making it to 193,000 miles, I am treating myself to something fitting #Batman #darkknight #iceCream #imAbigKidNow
Had some Navy things to do today, now that that’s over it’s time to get to other work 🌃💻🏁#24hrsInaDay #only6AreNeededForSleep
Well that was fun 😁 🏁 #NSX #dailySupercar
This one was tough, tough to look back at some rough times. I’m telling you right now before you have any sustained success in life, you are going to get put through the ringer. Welcome it, say hello to it, embrace your failures. Welcome failure because it’s ONLY setting you up for glory. I’ve had ups and many downs in my racing journey from solid runs to horrible finishes. In the 9th grade a friend told me I couldn’t play football, that I was the worst. I have used those failures to work harder and dream bigger. Want to live my dreams? Learn to persevere. What are your dreams? If you don’t know, let’s help you find it. @USAA and I want to help you realize those dreams that’s why I’m so pumped to be partnering with @USAA  Life Insurance Company and their “Live Your Dreams” campaign. If you didn’t know, USAA is actually giving away $50,000 to one person to help realize their dreams. This is your chance, no more money excuses, go win this $50k! Click the link in my bio to enter this sweepstakes before November 20. #ad #USAApartner #USAALiveYourDreams #NAVYtoNASCAR
So I finally got my new drivers license. They said I was a vampire🤔...The left side photo is from 2005👶🏾, the right side photo is 2018👶🏾.... #8128yearsOld #AgeAintNothinButANumber
Had fun drag racing today and also helping out @that1legmonster. He’s ex-military and lost his leg protecting our country. Instead of feeling sorry for himself he decided to continue to live life and go after goals and dreams and now he’s living life to the fullest. #Salute
@nascar just posted the new Chevy truck & Xfinity Chevy, what’s your thoughts? 🏁
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