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🏁@NASCAR Driver | Truck Series ⚓@usnavy Officer🇺🇸🇳🇬 🔴🔴+197k mile C6 Z06 🔴🔴 📽DHA🎬 🏁THE Sports Agency🏎 🙏🏾Matt 25:23🙏🏾 👇🏾See Here, My Story, My Life👇🏾

My friend once gave me the keys to his @magnusonsuperchargers Blown Lamborghini Hurracan and said “do as you please”
Which iteration of #BeatUpVette do you like the most? 100k mile, 125k mile, or 197k mile version? #SheGetsBetterWithAge #QuestTo200k #corvettec6z06 #c6z06 #CorvetteZ06
If you have a huge dream, listen up. @USAA gave me the opportunity to share my life and what I’ve done to get to my goals in a short “Live Your Dreams” series a couple months ago, but in this video I dive in a bit deeper and a bit longer to explain a bit more. First step in beginning the journey toward whatever goal you have in life is FIRST having: “The Vision” #USAA
Karting today with mi novia senorita Ortiz...there’s like 100 drivers out today 🏁 @c_ortiz_c
Caption this... (make me laugh🤣) #navy #trackandfield #sprints #sprinter #60m #indoortrack
People ask where I got majority of my genes from, I’m thinking from my lovely mom! Here’s my mom from age 42 to 54....She works 70-80+ hours a week NIGHTS ONLY as a nurse in labor and delivery, and has owned multiple businesses that she would also work at herself during this time. #howharddidaginghityouchallenge #NotAvampire
This is not right at all, my fellow service members do not deserve this. I’m boiling right now, but I’m going to maintain my cool. On another note, I am once again super proud to know that @usaa stepped up to the plate and donated $15 million to support our troops going through this difficult time. Thank you so much #USAA !
#beatupvette just hit 197,000 miles 😳... #corvettec6z06 #c6Z06 #QuestTo200k
2008 vs 2018, I think the only thing that’s changed is the camera quality... #10yearchallenge #howharddidaginghityouchallenge
Not exactly 2008, but Me back in 2006 vs Me in 2018...did I age much? #10yearchallenge #howharddidaginghityouchallenge
Cinthia took this photo and we both thought it would be best if I work on my tan... (📸 @c_ortiz_c ) #NASCAR #ASUathletes
Next time your friend says racing at a super speedway looks easy, show them this.
@c_ortiz_c caught a photo of me in the mustang at #lagunaSeca today; always great running with #luckydogracingleague when I get a chance!
Say hello to my playground today; it’s Raceday🏁! #EnduranceRace #FordMustang #6hr #LagunaSeca ( 📸 @c_ortiz_c )
Honestly this was one of the coolest things I’ve done on the simulator! It was a 31 car field in a 227 lap race at Iowa in Xfinity cars and I ran with Team AR15 in the SESRA Series LIVE broadcasted on Youtube with real commentators. I’ve never ran that many laps in my life in ANYTHING 😅...ended up 12th after getting spun one time by a driver and after collecting a little damage from dodging a few wrecks in our heated battles. Good times! #NASCAR #iracing
At 196,000+ miles you can’t say she doesn’t sound amazing w/ the @magnusonsuperchargers blower! #beatupvette FTW! She’s very much alive! #QuestTo200k #corvette #corvettec6z06 #c6z06
After I asked her politely to help me push this 3500 pound race truck from pit road to the hauler 😄...What do you think her words were at this moment? #WCW @c_ortiz_c #nascar (📸 @by.diego )
At 196,700+ miles she’s running on all 8 supercharged cylinders and 3 tail lights!!! 😂 #QuestTo200k #BeatUpVette #corvettec6z06 #corvettez06 #c6Z06 @carvenexhaust @topspeedpro1
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