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Those times that make you forget everything else That even the picture was a lucky accident #chasinglight
Still skipping And spinning around trees But no broken knees!☺️ . . . s/o to Richard for dealing with my incessant exclamations πŸ˜… p/c to you
two peas in pod three random men to make this happen . Three months of each other nonstop, and we leave Two seconds to attempt looking cool before she rushed off again . Honestly though, not sure how to handle life without her once more
s t r e s s e d and consistently dehydrated but how are you
Trying to play off my internal screaming as I face the readings from this past half of the term. Evenings have now turned from watching playoffs to writing papers. Also, yes it's summer and I've been in sweaters all day. It's windy, okay?
Leave the world a better place than how you found it as a child. Love people, and the environment too. #worldenvironmentday #worldenvironmentday2018 @unenvironment #beatplasticpollution
Get you a crew that'll climb over, into and on top of waterfalls in nice sneakers with you then go to the club that night πŸ€™πŸΌ We wavy always
You know it's a good time when we're all together πŸ‘―πŸ‘― I promise the laughter's real too, especially with Jian Min's commentary while taking pictures.
The biggest lie in movies is that everyone has a "spot". Taking recommendations for one in Toronto because my life soundtrack is still "Let's go to the Mall" by Robin Sparkles. Suburb struggles
Before you say this is the wrong season, know that the AC in STP makes me colder than when I sat on this ice in leggings or sunk into the snow up to my upper thigh (in jeans).
Hiking and views are pretty much my favourite things But what I remember most this time is who I was with, the conversations we had, the time we shared. Over 4,000km and seeing each other maybe once a year couldn't end our friendship ❀️ @snoweysnoopy
April was for staring at laptops and bodies of water. May is for still staring at laptops but bodies of athletes now too. (I promise I'm actually watching the games and not the people)
...Narcissism for sale. Now online. Remember how they pushed the Yayoi Kusama exhibit from spring 2017 to 2018? No? I do - shocked the AGO staff last year when I knew about the exhibit and was at their doorstep for the original date πŸ™ƒ
Take me back to when...
Still trying to recuperate from St. Paddy's weekend...and the past weeks...basically the whole term. Over 15 years later, I still haven't completely figured out this whole student thing yet.
Even with all the BlogTO and Narcity suggestions, my favourite place isn't in the country - let alone city. Someone give me recommendations for my own hometown!
I've feared change all my life but I'm learning to focus on growth instead and blessings ahead. . . (But tbh it's still January and I'm kinda worn out already) . . RG: @ruupali
I guess Kylie's deeper than me because I was only realizing things in 2017. Started 2018 with the most open and raw conversation, and some of my favourite people. I can't even describe what it means to feel full, acknowledged, valued. 2017 held some of my happiest yet also most painful moments. So to those who've always been right there, thank you for all that you do. You mean the world to me.
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