33, Chicago

An old school fall night with some of the best people #thursday #goodbyetomiles #coworkers #mysecondfamily #them #orlandpark
This guy. This guy right here, he showed up in my life out of nowhere 8 weeks ago. Literally out of nowhere, walked in the front door of my work & i had no idea who he was. That same day was the same time we first connected & went out together. That night was the first night since my recent breakup that i felt like a person again. I felt connected to another human being. Since that day we were attached at the hip. Since that day i felt like life made sense. Since that day i felt like i knew what having a soul mate could feel like. You have been my rock four 8 weeks, you have been my other half, you have been my sidekick. I don’t know what I’ll do when you leave. I don’t know who i will turn too. We were Instant best friends. I look forward to visiting you in Milwaukee, i look forward to you visiting ya again.... i look forward to building our friendship more and more. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. I love you unconditionally and you will hold a place in my heart forever. Thank you for becoming my person. I will miss you dearly @miles_t0828
Time is going by way too fast. It’s been four years since this was taken. I miss being a football mom and i miss my baby boy not almost being a teenager. Ugh. #myboy #throwbackthursday #momlife
& this my friends is why nobody can be trusted #forreal #isanyonefaithful #singleforlife #nothanks #menaredogs #goviral #busted #fuckboy
“Focus on your goals, babygirl.” 🙏🏼
Gangs all here 💯
“Revenge is not in my plans, you’ll fuck yourself on your own”. 🖕🏼
Cheers @miles_t0828
💯💯💯 that’s greatness right there 🤣😘🤣😘🤣😘🤣😊😘
Two bottles in a week, even tho I’m trailing behind @leex_e by about 1,000 🤣🤣🤣 #workcompetition #rockbottombrewery #wekillinit #workmode #cominforyounashville
#crazynarcissist #bye #truthful if that ain’t the truth i don’t know what is 💯💯💯💯
Sundays are for breakfast together 🍳 🥓 ☕️ #doubleday #tryingtorelax #sundayfunday #bearsday #chicago #breakfast #domesticchick
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