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Happy Father’s Day to the best dads I know!! I am so lucky to have you both! Without @spideyparker13 I wouldn’t have known what to look for in my husband and father of my children. You taught me how a daddy and a husband are supposed to be. You were and are the best example I could have asked for with your love and guidance! And @edeck87 you amaze me everyday with your endless love and dedication to our family. You go above and beyond and I am so grateful for you. Can’t wait to raise our wolf pack together and watch them grow until we are old and wrinkly. I am a lucky girl to have you! Happy daddy day!!
Feelin like a #USAbabe 🇺🇸 #kittenish (this tee is available link in bio)
Crazy to think we had Forrest 11 weeks ago tomorrow! Going from 2 to 3 babies has been no joke haha but we are loving how full the house feels!! Forrest is a total combo of Viv and Bub. Sweet and sensitive like Bub but demanding and a boss like Viv. Funny how different your kids personalities can be right?
Sunday staring at him
Throwback to last summer! Ready to head back to the beach and do some hair flippin #throwback #nomilkstainshere #flipmyhair
Guess what yalllllll?! Your favorite #DIFFxJJD aviators are back!! We designed 3 new gorgeous colors to get ya'll ready for those hot summer days. ☀️ Click the link in my bio to get your hands on my entire @diffeyewear collection. 🕶 ❤️
Daddy pig pile!!
Sometimes ya gotta eat on the job... when baby is hungry ya gotta feed em no matter what you’re doing. After this shoot (which was about an hour from home) we drove back, me driving, mama and glam team. It starting raining like crazy and Forrest was screaming his head off the entire way to the point of crocodile tears and losing his voice from screaming. It was so stressful and as soon as we got off the highway and were in a very low speed limit, mama and I switched seats at a red light in the rain so she could drive and I hopped in the back seat with Forrest and fed him with boob out leaned awkwardly over the car seat to calm him down! (Don’t recommend cus Its obviously not the right thing to do with no seatbelt) but my point of this post is even though things seem glamorous and fabulous in photos. Behind the scenes real shit happens. On the way home I cried, I got stressed and anxiety, and I was just a mom trying to do my best just like we all are no matter the situation! Now I need to know in the comments below has anyone ever done this boob out over car seat maneuver!
Find a man who knows how to use his tools
When kids take over (link in bio for lifestyle book coming out, lots of family, kids, and style stuff)
Yallllllll its finally here! I am so excited to announce my newest collection with @diffeyewear is live. As yall might know, this project is really special to me. For every pair of sunglasses that are sold, DIFF Eyewear donates a pair of reading glasses to someone in need. How amazing is that? Click the link in my bio to shop the new #DIFFxJJD collection now!
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