Why am I the only one not napping/bathing (the orange one is meticulous about his stripey coat)
Labor Day napping vibezzzz 😴😴
Two perfectly formed and perfectly aligned LOAVES
Case of da Mondays
If you’re gonna be a cheeky little bastard, then you get a ride in the machine 🎒
Montage of lazy 😴
Does this rug bring out my eyes?
LEGIT just vacuumed the couches. Why you so cute
Vacay cuddles. He is laying on a jacket I was wearing, but took off so his majesty could have a place to nap as he does not appreciate bare legs
Siamese death stare
Bff pillow
His majesty
Also golden/ginger hour
Dead/sleeping? position # 457
BFF spooning 😻
Wedding vibes. Unimpressed
Draw me like one of you (angelic?) French girls πŸ˜‡
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