Tough life
Gros kiffe des objets fins, ce chat 🤩
Real life unpacking of ClareV ballet perf bag: Bay Area version. “Boot” for fractured pinky toe (its right foot mate, the Everlane babo is in the very bottom right), N95 mask for very poor air quality, spoils from very excellent Apéritif book launch soirée at the Riddler. And who could forget Filbert who cannot resist a good tassel!
In case you’ve ever been to my house, pet Filbert, and wondered why he is so dang soft
Your Monday moment of zen
Assistants to Sunday activities. Daphne has been making biscuits on the throw blanket for 10 mins now.
Appears to have fallen asleep whilst bathing. Have your ever napped on your back paw outstretched?
Me too, Filbert. I’d love to nap amongst the books.
Why am I the only one not napping/bathing (the orange one is meticulous about his stripey coat)
Labor Day napping vibezzzz 😴😴
Two perfectly formed and perfectly aligned LOAVES
Case of da Mondays
If you’re gonna be a cheeky little bastard, then you get a ride in the machine 🎢
Montage of lazy 😴
Does this rug bring out my eyes?
LEGIT just vacuumed the couches. Why you so cute
Vacay cuddles. He is laying on a jacket I was wearing, but took off so his majesty could have a place to nap as he does not appreciate bare legs
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