Monday got me like
NYE mood 😹 He is dead asleep
Your dose of cute for the day 😻
Merry Xmas y'all
Now taking bets for how long it will take the ginger stripey blob on the left to take the tree down. The Siamese blob on the right has already proceeded to gnaw on branches
We ready πŸ‘ŠπŸ» #starwarsthelastjedi #starwars (that brown blob on the left is Chewy, it is Filberts favorite so a bit unrecognizable)
I can think of about 10 other places in the house where they could sleep together more comfortably πŸ˜‘ #winteriscoming
Little over two years since we adopted this heavy sleeper and contortionist nutball 😻The light of my days and tester of my patience. Thank you @cattownoak for taking in all the special ones and spreading the love back around
Current mood
Cat tree .... or oversized device charging station? πŸ€”
Wisco rest stop essentials. Both facets of my life 🀀
Usually the seeker of ultimate comfort, today Filbert has made an exception
Humpday napping the right way
Waiting to hear back from Dior any day now on becoming part of the "petites mains" for the couture shows. In the meantime I'll practice on the couch destroyed by the cats ...
Best sick day companions
Saturday snuggles 😻
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