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..... ENGINE TEST ..... Engine Blade-off Test One of the Fan Blades is cut off during full speed to see if the fan case is able to contain a disconnected fan blade. This is to prevent a fan blade will rip trough the cabin during flight / take off. . #jetfueladdict #aircrafttechnician #aircraftmaintenance #aircrafts #planelovers #enginetest #rollsroyce . . By: @theairlinerss
..... IAF Nethra AEW&C aircraft at the Kalaikunda air base ..... . #jetfueladdict #aircrafttechnician #aircrafts #military #jetnoise #awacs #avgeek #avporn #planegeek . . By: @thevishnusom
The Gee Bee Model R Super Sportster was a special purpose racing aircraftmade by Granville Brothers Aircraft of Springfield, Massachusetts at the now-abandoned Springfield Airport (Massachusetts).Gee Bee stands for Granville Brothers. The R-1 won the 1932 Thompson Trophy race, piloted by Jimmy Doolittle. He also set a new world landplane speed record of 476 km/h (296 mph) in the Shell Speed Dash. Crew: 1 Length: 17 ft 8 in (5.38 m) Wingspan: 25 ft (7.62 m) Height: 8 ft 2 in (2.48 m) Wing area: 75 ft² (6.97 m²) Empty weight: 1840 lbs (834 kg) Loaded weight: 2,415 lbs (1,095 kg) Max. takeoff weight: 3075 lbs (1394.8 kg) Aspect ratio: 6.1 Incidence: 2.5 Degrees Powerplant: 1 × Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Wasp 1,344 cubic inch (22 l) displacement Air Cooled 9 cylinder radial, 800 hp (596.5 kW) Performance Maximum speed: 294.38 mph (473.8 km/h) Cruise speed: 260 mph (418.4 km/h) Stall speed: 90 mph (144 km/h) Range: 925 miles (1488 km) 630 miles, full throttle full throttle: 2.14 hours cruising: 3.65 hours Let me know what you think about this unique aircraft and thank. . By: @engine_one_rotate
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