Water Wildlife Landscape Photo

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Follow the Leader . 📸: @jferrara_photo
L O O P, S W O O P, N’ P U L L . 📸: @jferrara_photo
S H E L L 🐚 S H O C K . 📸: @jferrara_photo
T W I N N I N G . 📸: @jferrara_photo
THE 🎪 RINGMASTER . diver: @surfzach . 📸: @jferrara_photo
ASCENDING💧AQUIFERS . diver: @bobcatlisa . 📸: @jferrara_photo
T I G E R 💙 R E E F
F I R E & I C E
As 2018 comes to a close, it’s nice to look back at all the amazing experiences I have been fortunate enough to enjoy with some great people!! I can honestly say that this year is by far the best of my life... It’s crazy to think how diving and photography has connected me with so many individuals that i’m happy and honored to call friends! From Mexico, Dominica, Bermuda, Louisiana, Florida Keys, Newport, and Bahamas it was action packed with plenty of nights with minimal sleep, last minute plans, and scrambling to make it all work, but was always worth it... Thanks to everyone who made these trips happen... and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store! Happy New Year to Everyone and hope this next year is good to you 🥳🤙🏽 photo cred: @davidlangloiss @bobcatlisa @surfzach @dante_fla @keriwilk @chrisdupes @jadams_bda @dibsonbottom_adventures @spearitcharters @julien_pranamaya @seasniper_baja @mfm725 @surffishdivedave @frontlinefreediving @stephlynn222 @reefhunter @kyle_howie @skye_dive_ @ap_dive @mock_n_stalk @dylanaward @snapjones_fl.photographer @zackvibes @blafosse25 @liljinke @cnote305 @tommyoverboard @captainmehaffey @quietspaces @cassie.jensen.photography @miamiskindiver @szjanko @kristoferlanders @jjjustinbaker @vincent.e.leblanc i’m sure i forgot a few 🤷🏻‍♂️
A Whole Lotta Lorenzini
B L I M P I N ‘ A I N ‘ T E A S Y . this 📸 was taken under permit
Christmas came early for Mr. @jjjustinbaker
Stairway to Lemon
S T A N D Y O U R G R O U N D . diver: @bobcatlisa
Where the Green Grass Grows...
🤙🏽W E E K E N D V I B E S🤙🏽
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