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🌮 Taco Tuesday 🌮 • • • Got the tofu veggie tacos from @kogibbq food truck. What is your favorite food truck item?
Green Smoothie Bowl! • • • Who says greens can’t taste good? I’m back and have lots of yummy food posts coming into your feed!
When you don’t have spaghetti noodles, roasted potatoes will do! • • • I had spaghetti sauce and veggies but no noodles. I then thought, why not potatoes?! It actually turned out really good. What’s the weirdest food combo you’ve ever had?
Farm to Beach • • • This is possibly the best curry I’ve ever had. Thanks @lavalavabeachclub for the most delicious dinner! The coconut curry sauce was so delicious and the veggies were cooked perfectly.
Happy Fryday! • • • Roasted veggies with salsa and guac? Yes please! What’s your favorite thing to roast?
Chickpeas? Yes please! • • • Chickpeas/garbanzo beans are so versatile. They can be used in soups and salads, to being a great snack. Just add a little salt and roast them!
Does this still count as ice cream? 🍦 • • • Love @pressedjuicery mango turmeric freeze! Glad I was able to snag one on National Ice Cream Day!
Happy Sunday! 🍓🍌 • • • Waffles: —1 banana —1/2 cup Oats —1/2 cup almond milk Use my @unprocessyourfood mini waffle maker! Smoothie: —spinach —banana —pineapple —water/coconut water —chia seeds —hemp seeds • What are your favorite toppings?
Simple Steaming Stir fry! • • • Made this delicious homemade stir fry inspired by @phoebecombes —zucchini —spinach —carrots —mushrooms —broccoli —quinoa (ready to heat from @traderjoes ) —tamari sauce • What’s do you like in your stir fry?
Inspired by @wernou 😍 • • • Craving this delicious dinner! —Salmon, quinoa, roasted broccoli and brussel sprouts on a bed of spinach 😋 • Who are you most inspired by?
❤️ those veggies! • • • Surprisingly, college food can be tasty. I had this delicious stirfry with a yummy teriyaki sauce. I promise its not all veggies 😜 the rice is under neath. • Do you like more veggies or rice in your stirfry?
Saturday Smoothie Bowl 😋 • • • Smoothie base: —banana —strawberries —blueberries —almond milk Toppings: —strawberries —banana —hemp and chia seeds —coconut flakes • What are your favorite toppings?
🌯 🌯🌯 • • • I love making my own wraps when I can. It’s like eating a salad, but the addition of the tortilla makes it a lot better! In my wrap: —kale —roasted red pepper —quinoa —avocado —corn —tortilla chips • What do you put in your wraps/burritos?
Love a good home cooked meal 🥔 • • • —Roasted potatoes: first boiled in water to soften then sprinkled herbs and roasted at 400F until crispy on outside —Roasted cauliflower: sprinkle with tumeric and pepper, then roast like potatoes —Toppings: quinoa, avocado, and @traderjoes eggplant hummus • What is your favorite way to eat potatoes?
Spaghetti tastes better in boxes 🍝 • • • Throwback to the best pasta ever in Venice, Italy! We went to @dalmoros twice because it was so good the first time. I got mine with no cheese and of course the classic red sauce. • What is your favorite time of pasta?
Mother 🌏 • • • Craving this mother earth bowl from @eatflowerchild right now! Not usually a huge fan of arugula, but it really tied this dish together. My favorite of course was the roasted sweet potato! • What’s your favorite roasted veggie?
Only the best falafel ever! • • • Went to @lasdufallafel while in Paris, France. The falafel was so good! The veggies on top of the perfect falafel, wrapped up in a delicious pita bread, dressed with tahini and hummus made this mouth watering delicious.
What’s your favorite kind of pizza? 🍕 • • • I love pizza without cheese. Is that weird? I got this pizza in Venice, Italy. The Italians sure do know how to make a good pizza! Topped it with grilled veggies and devoured it in minutes. Friday nights are a great night for a slice or whole pizza 😋
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