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Tofu Tuesday • • • Sorry I haven’t been as active, it’s midterm season at school 🤓 🔹 Made baked tofu for dinner. 1️⃣ Cut tofu into cubes and seasoned with Chinese five spice and cumin (have to admit the five spice was a little strong) 2️⃣ Bake for 40 mins at 450F. Also time may vary, but just as long as they get a crunchy outside. 3️⃣ Turn half way through. I don’t press the tofu 1) due to time 2) I find that if I don’t press it I can still get a crispy outside with a soft inside. 4️⃣ Top with desired sauce or add to stir fry or anything really 😋
Happy Valentines Day ❤️ • • • Can you call a meal a valentines day meal if it doesn’t have chocolate or fruit? 🤔 This oatmeal is infused with melted dark chocolate peanut butter cups (from @traderjoes ) and topped with a blueberry heart. I made the oatmeal with @milkadamia ’s unsweetened macadamia nut milk which is super creamy and makes the perfect oatmeal.
Tasty Banh Mi 😋 • • • Not the best picture, but one of the best banh mi’s I’ve ever had. @littleshopofmary has delicious Vietnamese food. This vegetarian banh mi was so flavorful and was just what I needed for a filling dinner. This cute little shop is a hidden gem in Torrance. Fresh ingredients, friendly atmosphere, great choices. Can’t wait to visit again!
Loaded sweet potato! • • • One of my favorite meals to make is baking the mini sweet potatoes from @traderjoes . I bake them at 425F for 40ish minutes or until soft (Make sure you wash the outside and poke holes using a fork!). Then I heated up some baked beans from @traderjoes until warm. Then just load that sweet potato with the baked beans. Top it with anything you’d like (ex: sour cream, chives, sriracha)! Its quick, easy, and delicious! Psst @traderjoes please sponsor me 😊)
Stir fry? yes please! • • • 🔹Made this stir fry to help warm me up in this chilly LA weather. Stir fry’s are so easy to make and perfect for veggies left in the fridge. 🔹ingredients: any veggies you have —red bell pepper —zucchini —mushrooms —onions —hoisin sauce 🔹cut up all the veggies, sauté onions until golden, put in all veggies, mix until soft and add hoisin sauce to flavor (you could use any stir fry sauce) until evenly coated
A piece of art...or food? • • • Can you tell what’s under this bowl of goodness? If you guessed Big Berry ‘Energy’ Bowl then you’re correct! This was one of the best smoothie bowls I’ve ever had. It definitely gave me the energy I needed to explore the beautiful town of Hawi, Hawaii. I was surprised that the small town of Hawi would have a vegan/vegetarian place to eat. However @sweetpotatokitchenhawaii blew me away. Not only do they serve vegan/vegetarian options, but all products are 100% organic and 100% gluten free. Only more reasons to go back!
Rainy day calls for a nice bowl of soup • • • It’s raining here in L.A. so I decided to have a bowl of @traderjoes Organic Split Pea Soup for lunch. I have never tried their soups before. This soup is vegan/vegetarian friendly and comes with two servings per carton (of course I had the whole carton 😋). I will say that it was a little liquidy. If anyone has tried this before please give me tips! I might not have shaken it enough. But besides the liquidyness it still tasted delicious. It’s easy to make either stove top or microwave.
Do you like your oatmeal creamy or chewy? • • • I love a creamy oatmeal. Great way to get energized for the day, especially hump day (do they still call it that? 😂) Oatmeal is another easy breakfast to make for a busy college gal like me. I have a fun little video I made coming tomorrow...so stay tuned for that! I love to top my oatmeal with what ever I can, unfortunately this time I only had bananas. Usually whatever fresh fruit I have and sometimes peanut butter.
Tumeric Tuesday • • • Do you enjoy turmeric? I found that I enjoy the taste of turmeric and was so excited to try the turmeric almond drink from @pressedjuicery . I usually get their juices and a freeze, but have never tried their almond beverages before. This one tasted like golden milk. It was sweet, yet also had the spice from the turmeric. Great way to start off my Tuesday morning! Fun fact: Turmeric is part of the ginger family and known for its many health benefits.
Sunday Stacks 🥞 • • • I think that pancakes may be one of my favorite breakfast foods (its tied with waffles). What’s your favorite breakfast item? I made these vegan banana oatmeal pancakes and topped them with my favorite toppings, berries! This breakfast is one of my favorites because it keeps me energized until lunch and is easy to make and tastes delicious! Pancake recipe for one serving: —one banana —one cup of oats (grind into powder) —two cups almond milk (or any milk) —one teaspoon vanilla extract —optional: one teaspoon cinnamon Mix all ingredients in a blender and then pour into pan and cook! —optional: top with fruit and/or sweetener of choice
Shopping Saturday • • • What’s your favorite place to shop for groceries? I love Trader Joes and Whole Foods. This is what my fridge looks like after shopping and meal prepping my favorite meal, chili!
Fresh Roll Friday • • • Made these delicious fresh rolls the other day. It’s like a salad mixed with a burrito. Easy to whip up for a college student like me. Easy to make, just takes rice paper and whatever veggies you like : —rice paper —lettuce —carrots —cucumber Wet the rice paper, fill it with ingredients, and roll it up like a burrito Best served with peanut sauce!
Throwback Thursday • • • Wish I was back in one of my favorite states, Hawaii! Throwback to one of the best meals I had while in Hawaii. Kohala Village Inn Hub had a delicious vegetarian entree. The Okinawan potato (purple yam) was so tasty especially when paired with brown rice and kale, and topped with nuts. If you are ever visiting Hawi, I would recommend this place. What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?
Banana Bread Cake? • • • When all you have is a cake pan, banana bread becomes banana bread cake. Thanks @sweetsimplevegan for the recipe! Can you spot the other banana bread picture in my feed? 🤔
Hi everyone, it’s 2019 and thought I would make my account more personable by sharing some facts about me: ✖️My name is a Jingmei (see if you can pronounce that right ☺️) ✖️I am a junior in college studying mechanical engineering ✖️I have been vegetarian for a year ✖️I enjoy running and have run 2 half marathons...maybe another one this year 🤞🏼 ✖️I don’t like cheese 🧀 ✖️I love to travel 🌎
🌮 Taco Tuesday 🌮 • • • Got the tofu veggie tacos from @kogibbq food truck. What is your favorite food truck item?
Green Smoothie Bowl! • • • Who says greens can’t taste good? I’m back and have lots of yummy food posts coming into your feed!
When you don’t have spaghetti noodles, roasted potatoes will do! • • • I had spaghetti sauce and veggies but no noodles. I then thought, why not potatoes?! It actually turned out really good. What’s the weirdest food combo you’ve ever had?
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