Jill Rokisky

Self-Proclaimed Dog Mom of the Year

Please get me out of Texas. It’s too hot.
I hate getting drooled over at the beach 😕
I just pray Pho Winners doesn’t go bankrupt without your business.... congratulations to my one of a kind big on graduating!! What will I do without this dog loving, game of thrones addict thirty feet away from me? TBD.
The two most inspirational people in my life: Harry Potter and Britney Spears.
“Ears” to Poppy’s first year!! . . . PS happy birthday Elizabeth
Happy birthday to this amazing sister of mine. Thanks for still loving me even when Mom forced us to match.
Have you ever seen sisters with such hair color diversity??
Gigi just turned 16 and I'm about to turn 21. How do I get my mom to stop joking she has a drinker and a driver? Happy birthday little Gi! Love you long time.
I'm all legs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ welcome to the fam g little!
Catch me back here in 10 years making my own movies (hopefully)
Another happy birthday to this best friend of mine! You're okay I guess. You have your moments. But really thanks for being you! I'm forever grateful we decided to room together freshman year. Congrats on your second decade!
This girl right here is the kindest and most genuine person you will ever meet. If you don't have someone like Cam in your life, you need to change that. Thank you for all you've done for me and being my mentor and lily! Gaylord won't be the same without you. Happy birthday Cam!
Your newest dog mom
Appreciation post for my little cause everyone needs to know how great she is. I mean just look at her! Beautiful. Wow. 10/10. Thanks for being you and not being too disappointed in me when I eat junk food.
Destin, Florida BYOB (bring your own blanket)
Not only did you turn 21 but you also became the godmother of my puppy (dogmother lol). What a week for you! So much for you big💕
Happy birthday roommate. C'est la vie.
Happy birthday to the orange mocha in my frappuccino
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