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Grateful ❤️
Happiest World Diabetes Day!! 💙 Love my lil T1D nugget. This picture was taken soon after she was diagnosed with T1D this summer. She carried Rufus the JDRF T1d bear around with her everywhere. I never knew there was such a day or did I think we would be celebrating it with one of our kids, but Grateful for all the support we get day in and day out from her teachers, nurses, family, and friends. T1d really stinks but having support and people who love you make it not as bad. Thinking of all the T1d families today and every day!💙 #t1dlookslikeme #beyondtype1 #t1d #diabetesawarenessmonth #type1diabetes
Miracles happen to those who believe in Him.❤️ Gather the troops and pray your heart out. Wait for His response and trust His will. Witnessed my second medical miracle yesterday it was within a couple months of the first one. Prayer is powerful. I’ve been underestimating it for far too long. Never again, never again.❤️
Hip Hip Hooray for another year!!❤️
Magical Halloween 2018🎃
Leaving Chicago with tears in our eyes and full hearts! So hard to leave this framily! Grateful for the special time.❤️
Exploring the city with these two while the hubs was working was quite an adventure. Cellie’s skills with direction and he has never met a stranger...asking for restaurant recommendations in the elevator to cheering up the homeless. Lil’s responsibility.... making sure we had the room key before shutting the door and keeping track of her receiver, phone, and bg numbers. These two aren’t perfect, but they are perfect for me.❤️
Happy Sweetest Day!❤️ Truth bomb- we’ve never celebrated Sweetest Day at the Lebbin Household before because we were kind of feeling like it was a made up holiday like Squirrel Appreciation Day😆 We also believe we should be grateful for every day and treat it as such but this year we decided to celebrate in a simple way. I made these donut bouquets for my “Main Sweet” & “Little Sweets”. There is a tutorial on my blog or you can catch it on @wsbt and the link is in my profile. #everydayisanoccasion
We had so much fun at VerHage Cider Mill last weekend! If you’re looking for something to do we recommend it! They have crazy good cider! Oh and a carmel Apple bar that is super fun!🍎🍏 I’m a sucker for homemade carmel😍 My son didn’t get the carmel😮 but got chocolate sauce instead and Oreos. What are your favorite toppings on apples? PS- I’m not sure what I’m going to do when it actually is winter if I’m wearing my winter coat in Fall😆
We are going “batty” over @reesewitherspoon new book! I dressed up her Mud Pie Trifle for Halloween🎃 #everydayisanoccasion #whiskeyinateacup #whiskeyinateacuptour
Such a good day today🎃 This week has been so much better actually. For many reasons...one in particular Lil’s blood glucose numbers were steadier and another reason I love a good home purge, we have been cleaning out and purging our home...It has been so fun and making me laugh. When we were purging Lil’s closet there was a dress I love and didn’t want her to get rid of. She proceeded to tell me... “It’s just not my cup of tea.” 🤣 I have no idea where she got that. But I like it.❤️ #t1d #t1dlookslikeme #beyondtype1
Oh my word! I haven’t laughed as hard as I did today in so long. Big Marcel and I decided to teeter-totter together (second pic) and it just made me laugh so hard. I almost fell off the seat😂 Laughing is so good for the soul❤️ Hope you’re able to find some good ol “fall off your chair” laughter today!❤️ #everydayisanoccasion #beyondtype1 #t1d #matildajane
Got to sneak up to the bell tower with my love❤️
Lately all my crazy questions haven’t been so crazy! We went to the American Girl Doll store and asked if they had diabetes supplies for dolls and sure enough... they do!!! We couldn’t believe it!! The smile on my daughter’s face couldn’t have been bigger!!❤️ Thanks @americangirlbrand for making my daughter’s day! Now all her dolls have Type 1 diabetes just like her and she can take care of them properly❤️😆#t1dlookslikeme #beyondtype1 #type1diabetes #t1d
Such a special day showering our cousins with love and support. We are so excited to meet the newest member of our family soon!!💖 #babyshowergardenparty #everydayisanoccasion
Once I figured out I need to buy enough craft supplies for 2 people instead of just one, Lilly and my Crafternoons became bonding moments. I used to micromanage her craft and it was everything but a good time let alone special bonding time. Now, I’m so grateful for this special time and hobby we share together. Today, sister and I shared on @wsbt how we personalized her backpack, lunchbox, and made some sequins shoes she has been dying to make❤️☺️ We also shared about @goodinstore laugh notes because they are so fun to slip in a lunch box or backpack with a personalized note. What do you do to bond with your kiddos? Link to segment is in profile. #madewithmichaels #madewithhobbylobby #everydayisanoccasion #beyondt1d #t1dlookslikeme #type1diabetes
Our brand new @matildajaneclothing September Release is flying in today!!💖 Fall colors, costumes, leotards, fox tights and so much more!😍 Second picture has shopping link. 💕Darling Model and picture credit: @courtneybschultz go follow her and read her blog!! She’s so inspiring and crazy creative!!💕 #matildajane #chooseyourownpath
I have been loving everyone’s beautiful and perfect first day of school pictures! Here is ours😆❤️🐾 Thinking of all the mommas out there who are in transition...whether it be your youngest is gone now, you started a new job, you have a special needs child going to school for the first time, you moved to a new school, you have a child with a new diagnosed disease, you sent your young adult off to college, or for any reason I may have missed. Transitions are hard and my heart is with you!❤️ #type1diabetes #t1d #everydayisanoccasion
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