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Thank you for my mother who showed me that a woman can be anything she chooses. And to all the women and girls in our lives may they know there are no boundaries and I am so grateful to learn from them everyday! #internationalwomensday
The loves of my life. Even when one is skeptical of the why we need to take a family picture. #happyvalentinesday
The things you can do when no one is around. #boxing ?
Out in the snow today! After weeks of protests, he finally realized he loves it. Surprise. #winterfun #kidsinthesnow
It has been so long since he has let himself fall asleep in my arms. #vacationbliss #loveowen
Owen wanted to make sure I had some animals to make my trip this week better. Peacock is one of four joining me. We will see what kind of trouble they get into. #caringson #animalsofinstagram #jinglejet
I’m not sure who is having more fun! #boyswithtoys #christmasexpress
Excited to meet Santa. Owen was too. #firstsmilewithsanta
Done decorating. #dinnerdate
Not a bad afternoon of work. Sun. Winter leaves. Wine. And Claudia. Well as a backdrop to a PowerPoint. #working #wintersunshine
Christmas brunch underway. #youngchefs #missingunclegreg #papaowentime
You never get tired when you have moments like these.
A good day on set. Dance. Music. Great fashion.
Sometimes a trip isn't about where you go. It's about who you see. Visiting Uncle Greg and Uncle Ian was a great way to close out summer. Missing them already. #travelingwithkids #uncles #copenhagensummer
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