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VOTE. For those in Franklin County, early voting continues tomorrow and Monday! #imstillwithher
So proud of my dear friend @juliahartz. Today she took her company, @eventbrite public. She is one amazing leader and to see her today made me so proud. I then promptly took that energy to my office here and poured it into what I get to do at @express. A reminder of all that can be done when you put your mind to it! #ebgoeslive @henrycrownfellows
Celebrating our independence. A good reminder that the democracy we live in isn’t easy but it’s necessary. We don’t have to agree on our politics but we can value that we all are grateful for the nation we live in and the people who ensure it stays strong. So may we for one moment pause the fight to recognize so few have what we have, it is why so many want to escape persecution and strife to be here, and that our long heritage depends on vigorously protecting what has always made us great. #fourthofjuly #picnicpickles
Sunday brunch isn’t what it used to be. And I wouldn’t change it for anything. To an amazing Daddy for Owen! #happyfathersday
Two weekends in a row. Jeni’s makes for a happy boy. Thanks for the ice cream, sprinkles, friendship and everything in between #jenisicecream @jenibrittonbauer
An amazing end to time together as a family. I am grateful for all our friends family and all who give or have given their lives to make our freedom possible. Service to our country is something that crosses all of our politics and it also defends the right for us to have the vigorous debates we have which are the foundation of our great democracy.
I love that he always wants to explore. I am so lucky. #sunnyvacation #oceanexplorer @1derekb
Too much to love. #familyvacation
When you ask him if he wants to go to the park and he says “we need to pick up garbage to save the animals” how can you say no? 40 pieces of garbage later. #soproud #littleenvironmentalist
Post swimming snack. #fuel #intraining
A human parking garage. Trying to pick which ones to bring to lunch. #toughchoices
Happy Birthday to a great husband and daddy! I can’t imagine life without you! Xox. @1derekb
My two peas in a pod. Waiting for EB. #happyeaster
Getting ready for the bunny. #happyeaster
Although it didn’t work for us to be marching today. And Owen was not up for the crowds. “Daddy, it’s too crowded!” We are so proud of what these kids have started and will continue. This is not a march. It is a movement. Now get out and VOTE. #marchforourlives
Really excited to be a part of the Henry Crown Fellowship with the Aspen Institute alongside a group of inspiring leaders wanting to drive change! @hcfellows @aspeninstitute http://as.pn/crown2018
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