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National Geographic Photographer // Filmmaker // North Face Athlete

@pfaff_anna and @sav.cummins stretching out the legs after being holed up in the shipping containers we’re calling home. Even casual walks don’t feel so casual out here. Temperatures of -10 F plus 60mph winds feels like what you’d expect it to feel like. Stuck in Novo caught in the middle of a solid storm. Winds are averaging 50-60mph with gusts over 75mph+ and sub zero temps. It’s good to see what kind of conditions the continent can offer. Everyone is excited to get to Queen Maud Land but also happy to have proper shelter as these large systems moves through. Lots of hilarious CrossFit like workouts in full down suits is keeping everyone sane, motivated and laughing. Waiting for next possible window to fly. Both Novo and Queen Maud Land have to be clear. Often only one zone is clear enough for take off and landings. Without clear skies and good contrast, the vast expanses of snow are nearly impossible to read for landings. @thenorthface #tnfantarctica17
Finally got from Cape Town into Antarctica’s Novo Russian airstrip last week. Conrad and Alex getting acclimated to Antarctic temps as we unload the plane. @thenorthface #tnfantarctica17
Towering above all else, Ulvetanna, aka the Wolf’s Fang, both inspires and intimidates. Taller than El Cap, it is a complex mountain with a history of epic ascents and numerous failed attempts. Every aspect of the mountain can hold your gaze for hours as you try to decipher the maze of ridges and lines and the type of climbing required to navigate it all. Certainly looks and feels like it will be cold and alpine no matter what option we choose. @thenorthface
Duffel shuffle. One last gear sort at the hanger before departure. Despite a few down days, everyone is still frantically grabbing last minute items, shoving gear in overstuffed bags, taking one last shower for the month etc. Off to the ice today. 📸 @sav.cummins
Well it’s not Antarctica but our delayed flight has been good for some casual cragging sessions around Cape Town. @alexhonnold not sending his project. Yes, even Alex has bad days...
Happy Thanksgiving from South Africa! Headed to the big ice for a few cold alpine missions w this motley crew. Geared up in Cape Town and waiting for a weather window to fly south. #tnfantarctica17 @thenorthface @yeti @natgeo 📸@Pablo_Durana
My Rule: No great moment gets left behind. Found this one from my first expedition to the Karakoram in 1999 while getting all of my old footage in one place with My Cloud Home. #sponsored #MyCloudMyRules #MyCloudHome 📸Evan Howe
A stroll w @tatummonod on the Athabasca Glacier 🇨🇦 Current mood thinking about the next month on the ice....
@conrad_anker receiving a few kata scarves and some serious love and joy from his Sherpa friends in Phortse, Khumbu Valley. It’s hard to go anywhere in the Khumbu with Conrad without having to stop endlessly to receive blessings and gratitude from the locals. @conrad_anker and @jenniloweanker ’s work to create and build the Khumbu Climbing School has been tremendously satisfying to watch over the years. Their dreams to bring better mountain training and the passion of climbing to the Sherpa community has been slowly and steadily coming to fruition. If you’re in NYC this week, Conrad and I will be speaking at the Explorers Club on Fri 17th at 6pm. We’re raising money to support the completion of the @khumbuclimbingcenter and future home of the KCS. If you’re in the hood, stop by and say hi...More details in the link in my bio.
Thinking about warmer days while packing for Antarctica....better get over it!
To simpler days....evening glass off w @oceangoingmonkey and Cholla back in the day. #tgif #eastcape
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