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Your Uber driver 😜 | set by @ootdfash #ootd
A lil @fashionnova never hurt nobody 😋 #fashionnova
DIY laser hair removal @trusmoothskin you guys are my new favourite 🙌 I was definitely a little sceptical before I started using my handset but I’m so happy I did! After just a few weeks my hair is hardly growing back at all and it takes me less than half the time it would take me to even drive to my laser appointments. Definitely worth giving it a try especially for anyone who’s hasn’t got time it’s perfect 💕😍
Blush is my thing 🎨 | beanie from @fashionnova #fashionnova #makeup
Sunday’s are peaceful 🕊 | top by @ootdfash #ootd #jeans
Pink 💕 | denim by @ymijeans #denim #jeans #ootd
💎 In @hotmiamistyles
Anyone else always crack their phone screens? I’ve been through approx 4 phones this year already lol | dress by @noodzboutique
I miss playing soccer ⚽️ 😫 | wearing @fashionnova #fashion #fashionnova #soccer #ootd
Getting ready for bed while sipping on my new favourite protein, if you do squats this is a must have to build your 🍑 - this protein keeps you lean, feeling good and stops cravings for bad food #Organicinnovation follow 👇👇 @organicinnovation_au 😏😋
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