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Quirky maker of stuff. Lover of owls and big basset hounds. Crave creativity in all areas of life. Find me at clevergirlstudios.wordpress.com.

Thank you everyone for the birthday love ❤️ I feel completely wrapped up in a sparkly, pink cloud with unicorns buzzing around my head:) Matt’s gift to me, tickets to Sense And Sensibility, is the perfect cherry on top 🍒
When you work for an awesome team @allendesignsstudio and they celebrate your birthday! Seriously- look at the coolness of the wall I sit in front of 😍Lucky me!
A young, warrior woman gifted me these magical shoes. Why so magical? Because they transport me right back to my 70’s childhood. I feel most comfortable in kid-like clothes despite the fact I’ll be 50 in one year, 11 days, 14 hours and 5 or so minutes (but who’s counting). I also love stuffed animals, children’s literature and films. So there.
My desk buddy ❤️
Sneak peak....Berthe is working on a having a holly jolly Christmas....oh mon dieu! Bah!
“Can I help you?” An unexpected visit from Andrew this morning! He’s finishing a Tank sculpture he made for Matt’s 50th. (Please excuse the disaster mess I call my art room...)
So much fun celebrating Matt’s 50th! Angst Gallery was the perfect place to surprise him with the personalized mixed-media creation by our talented friend @sharonroark99 - she captured Matt’s love of sci-fi and monsters beautifully.
Strike me pink! I had so much fun reading at Green Bean Books yesterday. Many kiddos showed up and I even got squeeze some baby toes (with parents permission of course!)
Enjoyed a beautiful fall drive out to Yale Lake. 🍁
I like to match the leaves in Fall 🍁
I love working at a place where fun socks are embraced and welcomed:) ❤️
Yep ❤️
Night time tea....ahhh:)
We made lemonade yesterday with the lemons handed to us 🍋😊❤️
What a fun night with this incredible cast of First Ladies. We had a sold out show at Magenta Theater for Ladies First!
Finished. And it’s not even more midnight....I’ve got at least five more minutes. I’m actually super happy with how it turned out. My fabric hoard finally paid off;)
Getting there.....18 more hours to work on it if I don’t sleep....
“Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!”.......oh why, oh why didn’t I start this costume sooner?
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