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Quirky maker of stuff. Lover of owls and big basset hounds. Crave creativity in all areas of life. Find me at clevergirlstudios.wordpress.com.

My desk buddy ❤️
Sneak peak....Berthe is working on a having a holly jolly Christmas....oh mon dieu! Bah!
“Can I help you?” An unexpected visit from Andrew this morning! He’s finishing a Tank sculpture he made for Matt’s 50th. (Please excuse the disaster mess I call my art room...)
So much fun celebrating Matt’s 50th! Angst Gallery was the perfect place to surprise him with the personalized mixed-media creation by our talented friend @sharonroark99 - she captured Matt’s love of sci-fi and monsters beautifully.
Strike me pink! I had so much fun reading at Green Bean Books yesterday. Many kiddos showed up and I even got squeeze some baby toes (with parents permission of course!)
Enjoyed a beautiful fall drive out to Yale Lake. 🍁
I like to match the leaves in Fall 🍁
I love working at a place where fun socks are embraced and welcomed:) ❤️
Yep ❤️
Night time tea....ahhh:)
We made lemonade yesterday with the lemons handed to us 🍋😊❤️
What a fun night with this incredible cast of First Ladies. We had a sold out show at Magenta Theater for Ladies First!
Fabulous fun at Green Bean Books! We had a tea party and read a couple of stories- the little ones enjoyed it. It did take some time for them to warm up to the the Hatter....I think the outfit intimated them a bit. But once the tea, cake and gummy bears were flowing, all was well:) Madeleine is such a good sport and played along as the perfect Alice. I’ll cherish this memory always ❤️🍰🍭
Finished. And it’s not even more midnight....I’ve got at least five more minutes. I’m actually super happy with how it turned out. My fabric hoard finally paid off;)
Getting there.....18 more hours to work on it if I don’t sleep....
“Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late!”.......oh why, oh why didn’t I start this costume sooner?
My studio helper today....some Hatter action happening.
One of my favorite finds from France-ceramic cup made by a local artist in Bayeux who had just opened her small shop a few weeks prior. I love supporting local artists wherever I go. I believe in helping to keep creativity alive and while this is just one small purchase, I hope it helps, even a little;) Thank you @morganethomassinceramique - you’re work is beautiful ❤️
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