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Welcome to my 🌎 where home cooked meals become culinary art. Feast your eyes w/my feed. #jncookingchannel 📍🇨🇦 New YouTube Vid👇JnCookingChannel

Have you try my recipe for Rose Dumplings? It’s not just pleasing to the eyes but so appetizing satisfying to the palate.
Took a little trip to Chinatown for these savory creamilicous lobster noodles. A slight crisp of the eggnoodles done in the @thecrispyricecooker was just perfect for this dish. Recipe and how-to video coming soon. . . #jntestkitchen #lobsternoodles #lobster #chinesefood
Spicy, garlic, butter king oyster mushrooms with shrimp. Quick and easy recipe is just perfect for a busy Sunday. What are you having? . . #jncookingchannel #shrimp #garlicbutteroystermushrooms #kingoystermushrooms
I love my food lightly battered and deep fried. These are my crispy, salty, garlicky boneless chicken drums served with a light green papaya herb salad, tomato garlic fried rice and crispy fried egg. Oh and the spicy soy sauce to heighten the experience. . #jncookingchannel #friedchicken #crispychicken #comgachiengion
The cooking symphony. . 🎶Conducted by Chef @dennis.fd . .🎵Recipe notes by yours truly #jncookingchannel . #jnasiancajunseafoodboil #youtuber #seafoodlover
That crispy top of a #dumpling . 😋Dad would have loved this. The shrimp and pork filling is moist and juicy. Best dunk in my spicy sweet soy sauce with chili oil. Worthy of a #throwbackthursday
Mom had a craving for #BanhMi ... my little in house sub shop for breakfast then. She loved it! 🤗
When you couldn’t decide which you want to make for him ... 😋 Because you know they are all his favorites!❤️ @dennis.fd ❤️ #swipe #homemadewithlove . #jncookingchannel #wontons #dumplings #foodporn #epicmeal
Dumplings or wontons? Wrapped in so many different ways. Deep fried, boiled, steamed or pan-fried... swimming in sweet broth, or floating in spicy chili oil or simply dipped in Thai sweet chili sauce. How do you dumpling/wonton?
Happy Monday everyone!!! Cassava Cake - Bánh Khoai Mì. Who remembers eating this as a child? Some add shredded coconut to the recipe, I just like mine plain. Click play to see this simple recipe made even easier with @thecrispyricecooker . Don't forget to hop over to @thecrispyricecooker page to see how you can win a cooker. . . #jncookingchannel #brandsilike #banhkhoami #childhoodfavorite #feedthedream #keepitcrispy
It’s a vegan day for Mom. So, I made us vegan vermicelli bowls. Fried lemongrass tofu, vegan rice paper springrolls (filling consists of, tofu puffs, shiitake mushrooms, taro root and carrots) served with a lemony, spicy, beancurd & soy sauce dressing. 😋
About that marrow .... 😋😋😋
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