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Wife. Mama. Designer. Shop owner. Homebody. Chk out our magazine #MagnoliaJournal . Follow @magnolia for shop updates!

We designed and built this modern styled farmhouse that is now officially on the market! Swipe to see more pics and find out all the details and info at @magnoliarealtytexas
I told Crew to distract the guys so the ladies could shop a little longer. 😍 #nyc #fourMenAndAbaby
Today’s the day! We get to finally share this project the kids and I have been working on! ⠀ ⠀ We wrote this children’s book together to tell the story of our journey in the garden - a story of trying and failing and trying again and never giving up. We hope it inspires you and your little ones to get outside, get your hands dirty, and grow something great! ⠀ ⠀ We Are The Gardeners comes out March 26th! Pre-order a copy at the link in profile.
He's proud of his first TWO teeth! #sixmonths
Ladies night 🧡
I think it's time for the next size up #sixmonths
We loved featuring this home tour in the winter issue of Magnolia Journal! This 100-year-old cabin that sits out by a lake in Finland, feels like its own little retreat. Just a quiet place where you can slow down and focus on what’s important. I was immediately attracted to this compact kitchen- it only includes the essentials but still feels so charming! #MagnoliaJournal
This ledge in my office provided a unique way to have a gallery wall without actually having to hang much. To keep me inspired while I work, I chose to display some of my favorite pieces like the vintage metal street sign which reminds me of when I lived on 57th Street in NYC. The quote on the wall serves as a good daily reminder while the bird artwork is symbolic of my family. I'm all about filling walls and rooms with pieces that are meaningful and encouraging ❤️ You can read more about gallery walls and get inspiration in the winter issue of #MagnoliaJournal
There’s something about a fresh start in the new year that makes me want to switch to a clean & simple color palette and add in a few plants, subtle textures and a fresh scented candle! ⠀ ⠀ My new collection is out at @target and some of my favorites are the bedding, the potted plants, and beautiful new pieces for the table!⠀ ⠀ Check out our new collection of Hearth and Hand with Magnolia, available only at Target. #HearthandHand
It's always been my nature to reflect on the past and linger there a while. I find myself thinking about what I will miss and how life is just moving too fast. I mean Crew is already six months old and saying "mama" (I had to throw that in there, sorry Chip). Drake will be driving in two years and off to college in four. And just like that I have found myself mourning the past but now in future tense. You see what I just did there? This whole time thing can feel like a thief if you let it. I'm challenging myself in this new year to live for now. The present. Taking in every breath, every sight, and sound and holding it dearly. Not thinking about how the good ol' days have passed us by or how the best is yet to come. But that right now, this very second, this is the gift. These are the days. These are the moments. And I’m gonna breathe them all in. If there's pain and sorrow, or happiness and hope, let it in and then let it out. I want to enjoy the now because it's the only thing we can actually embrace. I want to hold it carefully. Hold it thoughtfully. I want to rid myself of the little distractions because I have found that these are the thieves that steal our moments and rob our days. But time, time is our most precious gift. Here's to seeing and finding the beauty, the hope and joy in the right now in 2019. And for goodness sake, let's have some fun while we’re at it! It's going to be a happy new year indeed. Believing that for all of us. #wonderinthenow #thesearethedays
Going into 2019 like... Just kidding that pic was taken like three years ago and I'm actually in bed and glad it's 12:07 so I can go to sleep now. Happy New Years everyone!!!
Laundry and legos ❤️
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