{Jocelynn Zeruth🖤}

Favorite YouTuber: Aphmau, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Crankgameplays, some more that I don’t have room for! Loves Musicals!

Idk what I’m doing anymore but I decided to do this! So sorry but boredom struck
My schedule
Does Jumin Han is Gay.?
Lol found this online and had to post it!😂
I made Jacksepticeye fanart too! Both Mark and Jack are my two favorite idols!
I made some Markiplier Fanart!! I love Mark and his channel. He is one of my YouTube Idols! Every time he posts a video I get so excited!
One of the best songs every!!! My friends don’t understand what I’m doing with my life when I showed them it!😂
Happy birthday General George Washington!! #1 dad
{The Hole In One’s Heart Gets Filled By Others Around You.} - Hatake Kakashi
My little brother started to sing while playing his game
My friends playing games
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