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the dreamiest plant-filled corner at the @sajewellness store in WEM 〰️ seriously considering a DIY plant wall installation in my home when I get back...
out here looking like a tita tryna take a selfie 😂 you can’t really tell but I have about 18 layers of vitamin e oil on my lips. I love that the weather is getting cooler but that means my eczema is coming back for revenge so here we go again!!!
all dressed up and ready to leave the function as early as possible ♋️💫 cc @costarastrology
Edinburgh 〰️ I wasn’t originally planning to make this a stop but I found a $50 CAD round trip and couldn’t say no. Was it worth the 4am wake up & getting back to my hotel at 2 am? Hell yeah. — And if you’re wondering how I’ve been travelling so much lately, @skyscanner has been my go-to for finding cheap flights (use incognito mode on google chrome when you search!) I also don’t always fly and will take the cheapest method possible even if that means a 12 hr bus ride 🙃 #shutupandgo @shutupandgo
salad. but make it fashion. #healthyeating2k18
idk about you but I think a home-cooked meal is the best way to tell someone you love & appreciate them 〰️ grateful to have spent our last day in the UK surrounded by family. I grew up not knowing my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents since they all live halfway across the world. The first time I met one of my cousins was 10 years ago, and my parents haven’t seen family in over 20 years since they came to Canada in the 80’s. Sometimes I can’t help but feel jealous of people who have large families / extended family members who live pretty much next door. My world just got so much bigger after this trip. Brb I think I have something in my eye lmaooo 😢 — ALSO duh amazinggg plant based meal c/o @sherwinmauroii @sherwinn._ posted this on my story yesterday but its too good not to post twice ah
I’m not tired you’re tired
how easy is it for a canadian to move to the UK? asking for a friend 😶
black and yellow but like -32 saturation for aesthetics
no makeup makeup 〰️ the weather is finally cool enough that my face won’t melt off so here’s a look — @w3llpeople blush/highlight duo & bronzer — @ecobrow in frida (i think?) — @glossier boy brow in black — @the_green_beaver ultra moisturizing lip balm (the aquaphor of natural lip balms!!!) #greenbeauty
act natural 〰️ s/o to the random girl who took this photo and got it right the first time 😩
before journalling & reflection vs. after, realizing you’re the source of negative energy in your own life lmao 🚮 #newmoonritual #checkyourself
feeling v 2008
(2016) a less-tatted, longer-haired, septum-pierced version of me clearly over the bullshit story I was telling myself: finish school even though I hate it and know I’m not going to pursue that path post-grad, don’t quit my mentally draining job because it’ll be hard to find another. I quit my job and left school a few months later and haven’t regretted it once. I found another job and created more space to pursue whatever the hell I wanted. 〰️ If there’s one thing I did take away from the classroom, it’s that wellness is multi-dimensional. It’s your school/work/home environment and the way you contribute to that environment. It’s your financial habits, nutrition and exercise habits. It’s your relationship with yourself and the relationships you allow in your life. It’s your ability to know deep down when you’re lacking (or being drained) in any of these areas, and to act on it. You and only you can cultivate a life well-lived. — 📸 @adark.lana #darlingyou #thatsdarling #iamwellandgood #wearewellbeings
alright summer, wrap it up.
my blog domain expired yesterday so I’m working on switching everything and giving it a new look + creating new content. For a while I considered deleting it forever but my blog is like my baby haha. This time around I’m not putting so much pressure on myself lol 〰️ I was going through my camera roll and found this pic from my trip to Philly, and also found pics of my skin at its absolute worst during my eczema flare up. I’m still in the process of healing, but I’d love to share a more in-depth story on that on my blog rather than an IG story rant hahah. Anyways have a wonderful short workweek if you read all of this!!! 📸 @cherry_timato
saw no princes nor met anyone named edward on this island, but I did manage to find (good af) coffee that isn’t timmie’s ☕️ 〰️ This country is so beautiful and I’m making it a goal to visit every single province+territory in my lifetime. Road trip anyone? (you drive tho bc i’m a toronto girl and don’t have a license even tho i’m 25 lmfao) #PEIcoffee #explorePEI #chasinglight #coffeeshopcorners
around this time three years ago I was on my break at work and received a text that a good friend of mine had passed away. It was a friendship I’ll never forget. It was the kind of friendship where you could talk until sunrise and sit in complete comfortable silence together. No conversation was off limits. I knew he was hurting inside, but you never truly know—slowly over the years he drifted from our friend group until we lost contact altogether. Mental health is not something to brush off. It’s not a hashtag on one day of the year. It can be uncomfortable as fuck to talk about and it can be exhausting to navigate, but these conversations must be had. It sometimes can even go unnoticed until it’s too late. Check on your loved ones, especially if you haven’t heard from them in a while. Let them know you’re thinking of them and that you’re here. Even if they aren’t ready to talk, one small gesture could be the difference between whether or not they wake up tomorrow.
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