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start(ers) 〰️ when was the last time you started something new, just for you? I recently started (re?) learning French. Mostly because I really want to move to MTL, but also because I really needed something else to do. Something that actually has a right and wrong answer, unlike all the creative stuff I do on the daily. I love how my work is so free flowing, but ya girl still needs some structure. My current goal is to be able to order all my food and coffee en français when I head back to MTL in a few weeks 🙃 #lifeintheslowlane
for you, by you 〰️ eternally grateful for everyone who showed up & showed their support for the first @welllbeings workshop at @thecureapothecary . This is only just the beginning. 📸🎥 @logandunn (my talented AF pal!)
🌚 NYC, I’m coming for you. So thrilled to be partnering with (basically my twin hahah) @veggiekins and Amy Galper, founder of the New York Institute of @aromaticstudies to bring you our New Moon Ritual Essentials Workshop! 〰️ Join us on August 9th in preparation for the New Moon in Leo to chat intention setting and how to support a practice that aligns with you. We’ll explore the medicinal + energetic properties of essential oils, and you will create your own cleansing botanical bath soak to take home. Enjoy some goodies from our sponsors: @hukitchen @hippeas @kitehillfoods @jaxkelly 〰️ Tickets are $15 and spots are limited. But don’t worry Toronto fam, we’ll be live streaming the event for free! Link in bio to save your spot ✨
hydrated inside & out 💦 〰️ been on the hunt for something with hyaluronic acid, and also been dying to try the new @woodlot skincare. The first thing I check for is cute packaging lol, then I look at the ingredients. This rose water x HA toner passed both of my tests 🙂 Is cute packaging a deciding factor for you? 〰️ #mywoodlot #madeincanada #shoplocal #greenbeauty
I’m exactly where I’m meant to be 〰️ I wrote this in my journal last night while reflecting on the past year of my life. This morning I took a yoga class at @oxygenyogamidtown and my instructor said that exact mantra during savasana. Coincidence or nah? #thisis25 ✨ — One of the most important things I’ve learned in my early twenties is to date yourself. Often. And especially if you’re in a relationship. The more you get to know yourself, the more at ease you will feel with where you are and where you’re going. #quarterlifecrisis #loljk #selfloveclub #movenourishbloom
my first workshop is finally here!! It’s been a long time coming but today I’m so happy to launch my passion project @welllbeings 〰️ a wellness popup & soon to be podcast for everybody and every body 🍑 — The first workshop will be held on July 12 at @thecureapothecary ✨ Join us for a natural skincare chat lead by Nitasha, founder of The Cure Apothecary, and myself. The evening will end with DIY body scrubs made by you, for you. ✨ The event is totally FREE, with the option to make a donation. All proceeds will go toward @thestopcfc Make Lunch Make Change program, to provide healthy and fresh meals to those who may not have access to healthy food. You’ll be going home with some goodies from @atma_things @wyldskincare @evanhealy and more! Link in bio to save your spot — only 10 are available!
shop local (and your mother’s jewellery drawer 🙂) 〰️ #thanksitwasmymomsinthe80s #mejuri
unfollow your passion and cultivate it instead #havelesscreatemore 〰️ pc: @coachmike.b
Buying duplicates or “back ups” of products never made sense for me, but lip balm (and peppermint halo lol) is the exception. I gotta have one by my bed, at work, and in my bag at all times. 〰️ Currently for on-the-go: @sajewellness coco lips and safe hands. Living in the city I wash my hands A LOT and can’t go without moisturizing right after. Waiting for the day Saje comes up with some sort of in-store refill system! 🙏🏼♻️ #spreadwellness #greenbeautyblog
leaving this city feels like leaving my best friend. Dramatic? Def. It’s cancer szn so give me a break lol #overlysensitivewatersign ♋️✨🌊
Worth waking up at 7:30am on a Sunday. Bone apple tea!!! ☕️
So many cafes, so little time 〰️ If you ever find yourself in Montréal, do yourself a favour and head to @pourquoipas_espresso immediately ☕️ Their house-made ‘lait coco amande’ is divine, and I promise it won’t ruin the taste of your coffee like most almond milk does. (Local!) art on the walls, exposed brick, great coffee + vegan treats; this place truly is a hidden gem. For here or to go? In MTL the answer is always ‘for here.’ — #lifeintheslowlane #theartofslowliving #mtlcafecrawl #mytinyatlas
lugged home four bottles of @fousdelile kombucha 〰️ just one of the many things I love about Montréal. Every time I visit, I seriously consider moving here. Toronto will always be home, but it’s a little too fast paced for me sometimes. If you could move anywhere, where would you go? — #lifeintheslowlane #theartofslowliving #mtlblog 📸 @coachmike.b
flower child 🌼 this pic has nothing to do with it but today I tried out @oxygenyogamidtown and I’m v impressed. I already have my classes for the week scheduled, and that never happens!! Hmu if you want to sweat with me this week 🙃
buy yourself flowers or take a walk to admire some today, just because 🌸 〰️ a ‘just because’ bouquet of peonies, delivered via a plastic cooler c/o @coachmike.b #theartofslowliving #peonyseason
excess is not always abundance 〰️ don’t be so quick to hand your time & energy to just anyone or anything #foreverinenergysavingmode 😴
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