Johnnie Manzanares

You live in a world where the Northern lights exist. That's pretty rad. ✈️❄️Annecy~le~Vieux❄️

Ever wondered what I would look like in scrubs? I haven’t either. But I found out.
Disneyland put up a wall right down mainstreet. Is Trump behind it? We know he loves his walls, so whose to say he’s not? Anyway, here’s me trying to kick it down. ...I may or may not have had a half bottle of wine right before taking this.
📷 @thelastmangoinparis Get friends that encourage you to take middle of the road pictures. 👭
I should’ve listened to my mom about bringing a (life) jacket.
Finally took one of those LA/Wings pictures. 🌹 #basicbutiloveit #LA #bucketlistcheck
This girl takes me on some of the best dates 😘
When you feel cute and there’s a wall and a mirror to complement that feeling.
My face when I realized I didn’t get any pictures on NYE. Probably for the best tho. Let’s be real. 🎉🎉🎉
Happy birthday Riles! 🎁🙌🏻🎈❤️ Love you to the moon and back!.... or w/e you know, no biggie.
Can’t sleep. I’ll never get over how cute (and alcoholic) the drinks at Cove Bar are.
I love this girl 💕🎄
🎄 vibes 💡
Look how cute my girl is 💕 Merry almost Christmas!🎁🎄
Feelin a little nostalgic at 2am.
I went to see Fall Out Boy the other week and meant to post.. They were even better than the first time I saw them. A couple things I'm thankful for: friends and concerts ❤️ And shoutout to FOB for their shoutout to Kaepernick and BLM
When you're scared cause the Upside Down is coming to get you, but then you're like "What up Demogorgon, come get me."
White people just standing around waiting to get murdered. Typical horror movie. #normanbates #happyhalloween
The Riverdale boys ❤️ #archie #juggie
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