Johnny Orlando


i need some chapstick
when the tea is just too hot
couldn’t sleep the other night & had this song stuck in my head @alecbenjamin
you get the worst & the best of me
happy 2019!! to celebrate I just dropped the official behind the scenes of the last summer music video!! link in my bio🚀
spent the last few days relaxing with my family & reflecting on 2018. what a crazy year. i signed a record deal, travelled around the world, met so many of you guys, performed in arenas, and made some of the best music i ever have. i can’t wait to put this project out, and for the world to finally hear my music. 2019 i’m ready!!! (ps ignore my messy beach hair)
merry christmas from the orlando’s🎄if you missed any of the 10 days of vlogmas episodes you can catch up today on my vlog channel;)
we had an amazing day serving christmas eve lunch today at @myfriendsplace , an amazing organization that supports homeless youth in la!!🎄❤️
jingle ball🎞🎉
so happy to see everyone helping me supporting this amazing campaign ! 50% of each pop grip sold goes directly to @wemovement grab yours link in my bio💙 #ad
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