John Wick: Ch 3 - Parabellum

The official account for #JohnWick3 starring Keanu Reeves - In theaters May 17, 2019

Regram from @HalleBerry : Thank you for making John Wick the #1 movie in America....ayyyyyyyyy!!! An overwhelming number of you have loved Sofia’s gangster dogs. So in honor of these extraordinarily beautiful #BelgianMalinois who damn near stole the show, head to my stories for a tribute to them and their amazing trainers! Enjoy!❤️
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Regram from @bosslogic : Saw @johnwickmovie Parabellum a month back thanks to @Lionsgate at their studio in LA. This movie does not disappoint and is the most action packed in the series. The pacing is full-on, actually it is kind of non-stop! @halleberry ’s dogs are the MVPs 😁 they are so dope, highly trained and you can tell. There is a lot I can say but it would give too much away…but I’ll leave you with this, John is pissed, don’t piss off John. Hope you guys enjoy the movie #JohnWick3 Out in most theatres today!
Regram from @HalleBerry : Whew, this is how I’m feeling today!! After all the hard work the day has finally arrived that I get to share something very special with you all that I’m extremely proud of. Let’s go JOHN WICK Whoop whoop!! ❤️
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