October 11,2001♎️.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARL!!!! When I first meet you I knew that I was going to be your friend. Ever since then we became even closer. We’ve been friends for a year it feels like we’ve known each other longer than that. I don’t even consider you as a friend. I como you as a brother. Besides Kristen you keep my toes up also. You love me like an actual brother would love his sister. You’re funny, protective, and you love what you do. Even though sometimes teachers try you, you turn your back and keep it moving. I never thought I would meet someone that can make me laugh so much. You are going to do so many things down the road. I love you so much and don’t think we are done making more memories. I hope today treats you well. ❤️ Oh and it’s my birthday too!!
Shortie and giant. 😋🏹
What a seven week experience. 😫 I can honestly say that being my first time working at Camp Grandview felt like I’ve work there for more than a year. Thanks to these people you guys put smiles on my face and made me laugh like never before. You guys are my family and I love you guys so much. 💛🏕
Oh hey.