Travis Allen

It's time to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA. Business owner since 2001. State Assemblyman since 2012.

LEADERSHIP: President @realDonaldTrump announces state of emergency to secure $8B of funding to BUILD THE WALL. Incredible to have a strong US President who is willing to fight for our country TO PROTECT EVERY AMERICAN CITIZEN
***BREAKING*** Democrat CA Governor @GavinNewsom to pull National Guard from border, abandoning Border Patrol and leaving California borders undefended
****BREAKING NEWS**** Arizona GOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward just ENDORSED Travis Allen for California Republican Chairman!! Ward stands with President Trump and just won a stunning victory over Arizona's establishment "leadership" in a backlash against the failing status quo. Let's UNITE all Republicans and WIN in 2020!!
****BLOCKBUSTER**** President @realDonaldTrump delivers one of the greatest SOTU speeches ever. This is why we are Republican. This is who we are as Americans. #USA
"Trailblazer" Assemblyman @brianmaienschein , a favorite of special interests and political elites, JUST LEFT the Republican Party to turn DEMOCRAT! The "establishment" @ca_gop is falling apart and failing. We must have NEW STRONG LEADERSHIP NOW!!
SHE'LL LOSE: Radical Democrat @KamalaHarris announces soon to be failed bid for President. @TheDemocrats ' OPEN BORDERS, GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED HEALTHCARE, and SKYROCKETING TAXES aren't American values. Another President @realDonaldTrump win in 2020. #MAGA
In one of his first official acts @gavinnewsom wants to TAX YOUR WATER. There is no limit to what @thedemocrats will tax or excuses they'll make to TAKE YOUR MONEY. It's time Republicans start fighting and TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!!
***Travis Allen WINS CHAIRMAN'S DEBATE 62% to 36%*** Great turnout last night for the California Republican Party Chairman's debate at Redlands Tea Party Patriots in Mentone. It's time we TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!!
FIRED: Democrat appointed DMV Director FORCED TO RESIGN after massive fraudulent voter registrations reported in the "Motor Voter" program. To date the DMV has already admitted almost 25,000 ILLEGAL REGISTRATIONS, including non-citizens. How many more are they hiding?
California's Democrat Regulators now looking to TAX YOUR TEXTS. The decision is scheduled for January and charges could be retroactively applied for the LAST 5 YEARS!!
Gavin Newsom has already destroyed San Francisco. Out of control homelessness, rising crime rates, rampant public drug use, and the worst traffic in the nation. Don't let Gavin do the same to California. Sign the petition to Recall Gavin Newsom NOW!! [link in bio]
Today I am announcing my candidacy to be your California Republican Party Chairman. Californians deserve a STRONG REPUBLICAN PARTY that supports our values, ideals, and OUR REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT. It's time that we rebuild the Republican Party from the ground up. By Republicans and for Republicans. It's time we TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA.
***BREAKING*** @oneamericanews_ Reports: Travis Allen Eyeing California Republican Party Chairmanship
The days of the Republican Party losing ARE OVER. It’s time for NEW LEADERSHIP in California. It’s time we ORGANIZE TRUE REPUBLICANS across our state to FIGHT and WIN. It’s time to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!!
It’s time for California TO FIGHT. The Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, are trying to take over California. Tell everyone you know to GET OUT AND VOTE. Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors to VOTE REPUBLICAN and let’s KEEP THE HOUSE!!
****BREAKING **** President @realDonaldTrump announces 15,000 MILITARY PERSONNEL to STOP CALCULATED ASSAULT on our Mexican border. Not since RONALD REAGAN has a US President stood so resolute to fight for our country. It's time to BUILD THAT WALL!!
Gavin Newsom's San Francisco SPENDS OVER $300,000 to REGISTER NON-CITIZENS TO VOTE. The California Democrats’ latest plan COSTS YOU over $6,326 for each NON-CITIZEN VOTE. The Democrats have run our state for too long - it's time to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!!
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