Travis Allen

It's time to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA. Business owner since 2001. State Assemblyman since 2012. Next California Governor in 2018.

The political establishment misinforming President Donald J. Trump is now actually scared of a TRUE CONSERVATIVE GOVERNOR in California. There is ONLY ONE Californian that can beat Gavin Newsom and the California Democrat Party, REPEAL the Gas Tax, REVERSE the Illegal Sanctuary State and TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA. Join Travis Allen TODAY at
"CALIFORNIANS DESERVE A GREAT GOVERNOR" One who actually VOTED for President @realDonaldJTrump - @JoinTravisAllen
"THERE IS A REVOLUTION GOING ON IN CALIFORNIA": President Donald J. Trump just met with California Republicans to fight Jerry Brown's Illegal Sanctuary State. WE TOOK BACK OUR COUNTRY in 2016, now it's time WE TAKE BACK OUR STATE in 2018!!
***WINNING*** @JoinTravisAllen JUST WON the Alameda County Republican Party endorsement!! Travis Allen now has 18 REPUBLICAN PARTY ENDORSEMENTS. IT'S TIME TO TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!!
"If you can't trust @gavinnewsom with his best friend's wife, how can you trust him with your state?" -@JoinTravisAllen
California's Next Governor Travis Allen: "California used to be the greatest state in the nation. Underneath the California Democratic Party, we now have the nation's highest poverty rate, exploding homelessness and rising violent crime. Underneath the leadership of the Democrats, California has gone dramatically downhill." IT'S TIME WE TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA. Join TODAY at
Join Travis Allen for the BORDER RALLY to #TakeBackCalifornia on Sunday, May 27th at 1pm at 7515 Bristow Court in San Diego. Bring your friends and family and join the THOUSANDS of Californians who are committed to making California once again the GREATEST STATE IN THE NATION. . This is a FREE event and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. . Register at the Eventbrite link in the bio! .
****Travis Allen WINS #CAGovDebate !!!**** Poll from NBC Bay Area shows Travis Allen just won the Governor's Debate!
YOU CAN'T BUY CALIFORNIA REPUBLICANS WITH CHICAGO MONEY!! John Cox JUST FAILED in his bid to buy the CA Republican Party endorsement using hundreds of paid "proxies" - votes solicited prior to the Convention. Travis Allen received majority of votes of delegates present and voting. Today's NO ENDORSEMENT officially marks the end of the era of establishment progressives like Meg Whitman and Neel Kashkari buying off the CA Republican Party
@JoinTravisAllen addresses the California Republican Party for the STATEWIDE ENDORSEMENT. Vote is this morning! LET'S TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!!
This is Gavin Newsom and the California Democrat Party's San Francisco: Dozens of people slumped along subways, open IV drug use, unconscious men and women, and piles of vomit everywhere. San Francisco hasn't elected a Republican mayor in over 50 years. THIS IS WHY IT'S TIME TO TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA.
THERE IS ONLY ONE CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR that voted for President @realdonaldtrump , has WON every race he has run in, and that can BEAT Gavin Newsom and the California Democrats. Join Travis Allen and LET'S TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!!
As your next Governor, I WILL DEFUND THE HIGH SPEED RAIL in my very first budget. But we'll leave one section standing and hang a sign on it that reads: "JERRY BROWN'S LEGACY"
ABOUT TIME: Californians have a right to a secure border. We lock our front doors and our cars everyday. Why wouldn't we secure our borders?
Last week I was honored to win the endorsement of the @OCGOP ! This is the 13th county Republican Party ready to #TakeBackCalifornia !
"Travis Allen IS BY FAR THE BEST CANDIDATE IN THE RACE for securing our border and fighting illegal immigration,” said the founder of San Diegans for Secure Borders. “Allen consistently wins grassroots conservative polls BY A LANDSLIDE after debates with John Cox. Cox was a Never-Trumper who voted for uber-liberal, open borders Gary Johnson for President just 17 months ago. Cox also voted for Jimmy Carter for President.”
@realdonaldtrump AGREES: Oakland Democrat Mayor Libby Schaaf should be PROSECUTED for warning over 800 illegal immigrant CRIMINALS of an impending ICE sweep. Schaaf should be charged with over 800 counts of AIDING AND ABETTING FELONS and now 3 counts of ACCESSORY TO A CRIME for the 3 new crimes they have already committed. IT'S TIME WE TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!!
Moonbeam Jerry Brown​ just pardoned 56 convicted felons, including 5 CRIMINAL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS of crimes including KIDNAPPING, ROBBERY, SPOUSAL ABUSE, AND DRUG DEALING. These pardons eliminate the state convictions on which federal authorities base their deportation decisions. Donald J. Trump is right - it's time to get TOUGH ON CRIME in California and ENFORCE FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAW.
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