Travis Allen

It's time to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA. Business owner since 2001. State Assemblyman since 2012.

"THE TIME HAS COME FOR VOTER ID": President Donald J. Trump just called for NATIONAL VOTER ID. We use our IDs for everything - why shouldn't we use them to protect our elections from fraud? And why is the Democrat Party trying to stop this and allow illegal immigrants to get drivers' licenses?
DECADES OF DEMOCRATS' MISMANAGEMENT: Over 129 Million dead trees that the California Democrats' extreme environmental groups BLOCKED FROM CLEARING are now fueling 17 MAJOR FIRES that have killed 8 Californians and forced thousands of Northern California families to evacuate. It’s time to bring back California’s RESPONSIBLE TIMBER INDUSTRY and CLEAN UP OUR FORESTS for the safety of our entire state.
It’s time we put the Primary past us and focus on WINNING IN NOVEMBER. Conservatives across California must UNITE and ORGANIZE to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA. Today, I’m officially endorsing the Republican Nominee JOHN COX and announcing the TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA Grassroots Training to Support Conservative Candidates across California. Join our army TODAY, and together let’s TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!!
Gavin Newsom and the California Democrats want California to look more like San Francisco.
ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS NOW REGISTERING TO VOTE in Gavin Newsom's San Francisco. Next the California Democratic Party will try to make this a statewide law. WE MUST TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA.
11 time deported illegal immigrant ATTACKS WIFE WITH CHAINSAW then runs for the border. How many more of these stories do we have to hear before we SECURE OUR BORDERS and TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA?
The nation's highest taxes. Highest poverty. Highest homelessness. Rising violent crime and open borders. It's time for Californians to STAND UP AND FIGHT to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA from the liberal Bay Area Elites that have been running our state into the ground. Today I am announcing the Take Back California Political Action Committee to organize and support candidates to make California once again the greatest state in the nation. Join TODAY and together LET'S TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA.
Major Announcement coming from Travis Allen – Tuesday at 10am
HUGE WIN!! The Supreme Court just ruled that unions can NO LONGER FORCE EMPLOYEES to pay union dues and fund Democrat political activities without their consent. California's workers will finally have the right to KEEP THEIR ENTIRE PAYCHECK and only join a union of they want to. Janus vs AFSCME will be remembered as the first step in TAKING BACK CALIFORNIA
A HUGE THANK YOU to every one of the incredible California citizens who stood with me in the fight to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!! While the current result is not what we hoped for in this race, I am filled with immense pride for everything we accomplished and the UNPRECEDENTED army that united to save our state. While this chapter ends, the next chapter is just beginning. I'm already looking forward to the next round in our fight to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA. For now, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!
@tomilahren just voted for Travis Allen for Governor to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA! Get to the polls by 8pm and let’s TAKE BACK OUR STATE!!
Election Day is HERE and the polls are open! There is ONLY ONE candidate that can beat Gavin Newsom and the California Democrats to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA. Click the link in my bio to find you polling place and VOTE for TRAVIS ALLEN FOR GOVERNOR!!
IF YOU CAN'T TRUST Gavin Newsom with his best friend's wife, how can you trust him with your state?
Travis Allen LIVE in Huntington Beach: We will change California. This is YOUR STATE, it belongs to YOU the California Citizens. IT'S TIME: LET'S TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!!
BUILD THAT WALL: Construction just began to replace and upgrade 14 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border in San Diego. There is ONLY ONE candidate who has ALWAYS SUPPORTED THE WALL: Travis Allen for California Governor.
Join Travis Allen LIVE on the TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA TOUR: . Huntington Beach Pier Northside - Sunday 1:30pm Sacramento Capitol Steps - Sunday 6pm San Diego City Hall - Monday 11am Fresno Railroad Park - Monday 6pm Riverside City Hall - Tuesday 7:30am Los Angeles City Hall - Tuesday 12pm OC, Santa Ana - Tuesday 4pm . All events are FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Bring your friends and family and see firsthand why TRAVIS ALLEN will be the NEXT GOVERNOR of CALIFORNIA!! . Find all events at: [link in bio]
San Diego has released 349 illegal immigrant criminals SINCE JANUARY without contacting ICE due to Jerry Brown's Illegal Sanctuary State law. VOTE Travis Allen for Governor to REVERSE the Illegal Sanctuary State and TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!
In Antonio Villaraigosa's Los Angeles and Gavin Newsom's San Francisco, HOMELESSNESS has reached EPIDEMIC PROPORTIONS. Travis Allen has a plan to CLEAN UP OUR STREETS and get the homeless the HELP THEY NEED. Join Travis TODAY at
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