Travis Allen

It's time to TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA. Business owner since 2001. State Assemblyman since 2012.

***WATER FOR THE CENTRAL VALLEY!!*** President @realdonaldtrump just ordered the ELIMINATION of unnecessary regulations to INCREASE WATER SUPPLY and STORAGE in the Central Valley. Finally our farmers will get the water they need and END THE SYSTEMATIC THEFT of the California Democrats.
Travis Allen is going across California to TURN OUT VOTERS to ELECT REPUBLICANS IN NOVEMBER. The California Democratic Party will stop at nothing to open our borders, raise our taxes, and ruin our state. Join Travis Allen TODAY and LET’S TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!!
***SATURDAY IN RIVERSIDE*** Join Travis Allen for a HUGE Rally and Get Out the Vote Walk for Republicans in the Inland Empire!! It's time Californians fight for LESS TRAFFIC, LOWER TAXES, and LESS CRIME. Starts at 12:30pm - LET'S MAKE THE INLAND EMPIRE REPUBLICAN AGAIN!!
SOCIALISM IN CALIFORNIA: Democrat Senator @KamalaHarris has a new plan to give away YOUR tax money: up to $6,000 for everyone, whether you work or not. With unemployment at its lowest level in decades why do the @TheDemocrats want people on welfare?
"WAY OVER THE LINE": New documents show that Jerry Brown's CALTRANS coordinated ILLEGALLY to stop Prop 6, the Gas Tax Repeal AND targeted Republican Congressmen with taxpayer dollars. It's time to END THE ILLEGAL DEMOCRAT COLLUSION in CALIFORNIA!!
Jerry Brown and the California Democrats are trying to STEAL the November election with the fraudulent DMV motor voter program. Already almost 25,000 people have been illegally registered to vote THAT THEY ADMIT. Sign up to STOP MOTOR VOTER FRAUD NOW!! [link in bio]
Run by Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti, Los Angeles streets are now filled with disease, rats and trash amid the city's exploding homeless population. The CA Democrat Party has turned downtown LA into a third world country. It's time we TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA
Travis Allen is STAYING. In every region across Calfornia, Republicans need YOUR help to ELECT MORE CONSERVATIVES. This is OUR STATE - VOLUNTEER TODAY and let's TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA
This is Gavin Newsom's San Francisco. Human waste, discarded heroin needles, rampant homelessness, and rising crime. There has not been a Republican mayor in 50 years in this city. This is the California Democratic Party's vision for every city in California
****BREAKING NEWS**** Democrat run California DMV REGISTERS ANOTHER 1500 PEOPLE ILLEGALLY, including NON-CITIZENS, blames "processing error"
GREAT AGAIN: Thanks to Republican President @realDonaldTrump the United States now has the lowest unemployment rate in 49 YEARS. It's about time we elect more REPUBLICANS and bring that prosperity to California!!
VICTORY!!! Brett Kavanaugh just confirmed by the Senate in 50-48 vote!!! President @realDonaldTrump 's 2nd CONSERVATIVE Supreme Court Justice GUARANTEES CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY FOR A GENERATION!!!
****51 SENATORS JUST VOTED YES!!*** Brett Kavanaugh now moves toward a final confirmation vote on Saturday in the Senate. It's time STRONG Conservatives are represented on the Supreme Court!!
UTILITY BILLS TO SKYROCKET: Under Jerry Brown and the California Democrats’ new plan the average California ratepayer will see their utility bills INCREASE BY OVER 100%
IT'S TIME TO TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA: While Democrats are protesting @realdonaldtrump , Travis Allen is rallying Republicans across California to organize and elect Conservative candidates in November's elections. VOLUNTEER TO JOIN THE FIGHT TODAY at
@GavinNewsom is for the Gas Tax and High Speed Rail. Is it possible to imagine a worse California Governor?
"THE TIME HAS COME FOR VOTER ID": President Donald J. Trump just called for NATIONAL VOTER ID. We use our IDs for everything - why shouldn't we use them to protect our elections from fraud? And why is the Democrat Party trying to stop this and allow illegal immigrants to get drivers' licenses?
DECADES OF DEMOCRATS' MISMANAGEMENT: Over 129 Million dead trees that the California Democrats' extreme environmental groups BLOCKED FROM CLEARING are now fueling 17 MAJOR FIRES that have killed 8 Californians and forced thousands of Northern California families to evacuate. It’s time to bring back California’s RESPONSIBLE TIMBER INDUSTRY and CLEAN UP OUR FORESTS for the safety of our entire state.
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