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Got menstrual cramps? You are not alone, sister! Periods are one of the most basic facts of life. However, we don’t often talk about the pain that can come along with them each month. Did you know that 88% of women experience menstrual pain? It effects each of us differently, but usually includes (and is certainly not limited to) some combination of moodiness, cramps, bloating, fatigue, cravings, sore boobs, back pain and skin break outs.⁣ ⁣ I used to experience PMS symptoms a few days leading up to my period. But things have changed! I mean, I can still experience some minor PMS symptoms from time to time (when I'm stressed) but ever since I started taking @Nordicnaturals cod liver oil, my PMS symptoms are almost non existent! Why? because cod liver oil is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which have a crucial role to play in hormonal balance. They're actually the building blocks of our hormones plus they help to transport them throughout the body by improving blood flow. And because they're so anti-inflammatory they can also help reduce PMS symptoms such as bloating, sore boobs, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration and the dreaded hormonal acne. Many studies have also shown that Omega 3's works even better than painkillers like Ibuprofen to reduce period pain.⁣ ⁣ Make sure you purchase CLO from a reputable brand that doesn't use any fillers in their products (always check your labels). Of course not every supplement works for every person, but I personally have found CLO to be incredibly effective for me. I've also published a NEW blog called ‘Home Remedies for Menstrual Cramps That Actually Work’. Click the link in my Instagram bio if you would like HEAPS more tips and information on how to prevent and manage PMS symptoms ✌🏻✨♥️
Scrumptious morsels of pure choclatey joy! I made a fresh batch of the Chocolate Orange & Ginger Slice from our Sugarless Sweets eBook because I feel like I’m seriously lacking in magnesium right now... cue choccy cravings and a muscle cramp or two 😬 Normally this recipe calls for orange zest, but I omitted it and loaded it up with ginger, cinnamon and vanilla instead. I love ginger for its anti-inflammatory properties and it helps to relieve digestive discomfort. Cinnamon is amazing for its blood sugar regulation + anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. I don’t think you can ever have too much hehe! This super easy recipe also contains collagen which is full of #nutrientdense and highly digestible protein + it supports your skin, hair, nails, joints, digestion, hormones, mood, liver detox, sleep and gut health! I think we all need that little bit of extra support as this crazy year starts to wrap up. Also try keeping these in the freezer so you don’t devour them all in one go, it kind of works for me (but I still eat them even when they’re frozen) 🤤 — For 48 hours only, if you use the code 'SUGARLESSXMAS’ you'll get 15% off a copy our Sugarless Sweets eBook. Simply click the link in my Instagram bio to purchase a copy of you want to treat yourself or if you're in need of a little more #sugarfree dessert inspiration ✨
It’s no secret I hate marshmallows, lollies, fairy floss or basically anything that tastes like pure sugar 🤢. But I’ve finally nailed a soft, fluffy, sugar free, shit free, gut friendly marshmallow that I actually enjoy! And they would be the absolute perfect addition to a warming cup of hot chocolate right now, especially because tonight is a very very rainy, cozy movie weather night 🤩 — Also, if you want to play around with a few natural marshmallow colourings here are my tips, you only need a small amount of each; ◦ Orange - turmeric ◦ Blue - blue spirulina ◦ Green - green spirulina ◦ Pink - beetroot powder ◦ Purple - beetroot powder + blue spirulina ◦ Chocolate - cacao powder — Head to my website if you want to try this recipe out. I’ve got instructions for both @thermomixaus users + a regular method too✌🏻✌🏻
Sugar Free Golden Mango & Lime Gummies. Just check out that colour 🔥🤩. When they’re left at room temperature they could almost pass as chewy mango lollies. If lollies were gut friendly, preservative, sugar and colour free and made from real foods 😂 This gummie recipe is super yummy and easy, it takes less than 15 mins to make! Plus it’s the perfect gut loving snack/ treat to eat yourself and give to your kiddies, niece, nephew, neighbour or pet! Wait can dogs eat mango? You’ll find the recipe in our cookbook GUTALICIOUS on pg. 357👌🏻
I made these #glutenfree #grainfree Bacon & Egg Savoury Muffins (with turmeric, herbs and hidden veggies) yesterday for Roy’s breakfast(s) with the intention of them lasting the week. But of course he ate them in 2 days 😂. You’ll find this recipe on pg. 323 in our cookbook GUTALICIOUS — The next project I’ll be working on (hopefully sometime soon) is creating an eBook full of yummy, gut friendly gluten and dairy free SAVOURY snacks. But I need your help. I’ve already got a long list of recipes I want to create like; sausage roll, meat pie, sweet potato hash browns and chicken nuggets to name a few. But please let me know what recipes YOU want me to create and I may just pop it in my eBook 🤗
A Panna Cotta that isn’t loaded up with dairy or sugar, only yumminess! This is one of my favourite go to guilt-free treats/ desserts, its light yet satisfying and oh so so so creamy. It’s the Macadamia & Vanilla Panna Cotta from our Sugarless Sweets eBook (eBook link in my insta stories). It goes perfectly with this sweet and tangy cultured strawberry coulis (recipe in GUTALICIOUS). I think it would be a delicious addition to your Christmas menu 🥳🍓⚡️
Let’s talk about fruit! ⁣⁣⁣ I get tons of questions about it, if I eat it and why so many of my recipes are low in sugar and why I ferment my fruit. Truth is, I don’t eat much fruit. My perspective on fruit totally changed when I started diving deep into my gut healing journey a few years ago and I realised I wasn’t eating a diet that supported stable blood sugar levels, and thus unstable hormones and unhappy gut bugs. As a digestively challenged person, I don’t do well on a high carb diet (aka eating lots of fruit). Sugar (fruit) spikes my blood sugar and worsens my symptoms: bloating, headaches, light headedness/ dizziness when getting up too fast, lethargy, scatter-brained and unfocused. I do however enjoy low glycemic fruits like organic berries sometimes! But I prefer to ferment my fruits using @kulturedwellness probiotic starter cultures as the beneficial bacteria in them eat away all the sugars in the fruit so it ends up being #sugarfree #gutfriendly and packed full of probiotics that support and re-balance gut health.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ I wrote a whole blog post on the How’s & Why’s of fermenting fruit which is on my blog (currently linked in my insta stories too). I also want to reiterate, EVERYONE is an individual, and if fruit works for you and makes you feel good, then by all means, keep eating it! But for me, it’s the equivalent of eating lollies and just doesn’t serve my body well. Who knows how my body will change in the coming year and maybe there’ll be a time where I love fresh fruit again, but if not, I’ll either take a pass or ferment it instead to create superfood fruits instead 🤗⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ On another note, I was lucky enough to create the Christmas desserts for the @kulturedwellness team this year, and this Cultured Cherry & Vanilla Cheesecake was one of them. It’s now LIVE on my website, click on the recipe tab then ‘Sweets’ for the full recipe!⁣⁣⁣
When my digestion isn’t working properly, I just don't feel like myself, I feel out of sorts, out of whack. It really makes sense though, when our digestion isn’t working at its optimal level we feel fatigued, dragged down, mopey, unmotivated, bloated and uncomfortable. We all know there are things we can do for our guts, like managing our stress levels, getting enough sleep, taking specific probiotics or avoiding trigger foods like dairy and gluten - but did you know that homemade sauerkraut is one of the best sources of probiotics we can ingest? It's loaded with the good stuff that keeps our guts sealed and bellies happy. — Today, I want to re-share an old favourite of mine with you. Spicy Carrot Sauerkraut - think tangy crunchy cabbage and carrot with anti-inflammatory pops of turmeric and ginger to help your gut get healthy and strong. Cabbage is fantastic for reducing inflammation in the body, boosting immunity and it’s ideal for a healthy digestive tract because it helps to promote good bacteria to grow in the gut + crucifer veggies also help to stave off a variety of cancers 🙌🏻 — Head to for this easy, delicious gut loving recipe // #reallifeofpie #gutalicious
Self love is flossing your teeth. Saving money for your future. Booking that holiday you’ve been dreaming of all year. Self love is saying no to a party you know you’re too tired to attend. Its going to bed an hour earlier. It’s letting yourself eat your favourite chocolatey muffin topped with the creamiest coconut vanilla frosting because tastes so so so incredibly GOOD and look, there’s a cherry on top 😂! Self love looks different to everyone, but the sentiment remains the same. We can practice self love ourselves every day so we can work on being the best version of ourselves and make the world a better place. — P.s if you saw my stories the other day where I showed you that mysterious creamed coconut vanilla sauce I made, this is what it turned into 🤤🤤. This recipe will be shared by @bulletproof real soon 😚
Creamy Chocolatey Panna Cotta PERFECTION 🤩. This recipe has been a big staple for me for years. It’s ridiculously yummy, #sugarfree #gutfriendly and #dairyfree + it’s ridiculously easy peasy to make. So easy you can make it in under 5 minutes with only 4 ingredients, this is why I’ve included this recipe in my Gutventure Travel Guide because who wants to miss out on this yumminess while travelling! Not me! We actually made this almost every day while we were in Bali earlier this year and alternated with the Matcha & Coconut Panna Cotta (that recipe is already on my website, I’ve also linked it in my insta stories). This Choccy Panna Cotta would also make a delicious Christmas Day dessert. I would probably glam it up a bit by serving it with fermented cherries, whipped coconut cream and shaved dark chocolate and of course edible rose petals because I’ve still got 5kg to use up 😂. This recipe is in my Gutventure Travel Guide (eBook) which can be found under the ‘Shop’ tab on my website ♥️ // #reallifeofpie #gutventure #gutalicious
Have you guys started thinking about Christmas yet? I haven’t really, I mean December crept up on me and kinda came out of nowhere! I personally don’t really like buying gifts for friends and family (unless it’s practical, you know like a copy of our cookbook GUTALICIOUS 😂). But in all honesty, we don’t need more ‘things’ in our lives and I hate the idea of having a Christmas about ‘things’ that’ll most likely add to our landfill in a few years. Roy and I haven’t purchased gifts for each other in years, we give experiences as gifts instead which I think is so much more beautiful and meaningful. But this year I’m also thinking I’m going to have to gift some homemade edible goody bags with some of this Loaded Sugar Free Rocky Road. What do you think? Would you be happy with an edible gift 😂🤤? If you want the recipe for this #gutfriendly , #sugarfree rocky road, head to my website and click on the ‘Sweets’ tab under recipes 🍥
I finally got around to re-creating this Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake! Woohoooo 🙌🏻 it’s #lowcarb #gutfriendly and full of probiotics, #dairyfree and #paleo . For the caramel I used fermented dates so it’s #sugarfree and I blended them with vanilla and @lakantosweetener (which kind of tastes like brown sugar) to create the most delicious caramel sauce. I then swirled it through a gut friendly chocolate cheesecake filling, froze it, then chopped into squares and drizzled melted choccy on top! This recipe is now live on my website, so click the ‘Sweets’ tab on my website if you want to try it out. P.s swipe right to see a dollop of the caramelly golden good stuff 🤤🤤🤤 #reallifeofpie
Last week I was sick on bed rest and I learnt some interesting things about myself. I watched so much Greys Anatomy I’m practically a surgeon now. Sutures, 10-blade, central line, code blue, v-fib, echo-cardiogram, yup I’m totally up with the medical lingo. I also don’t think I ever have to bother going to one of those silent meditative retreats where you can’t talk all weekend. I went 5 days without uttering a single word. Not even hard. Probably (most definitely) because of the pain. But that’s not the point. I guess that also makes me a bloody great listener! I also learnt I could live off a diet consisting entirely of bone broth and my kidney cleansing green juice for 3-4 days straight 😂. Being sick sucked, but at least now I know the difference between a code blue, black and red and that I don’t like lemon in my bone broth anymore 😄. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a newsletter with my top tips on how to really support your body during times of sickness and/or stress with food because #foodismedicine . If you haven’t signed up to my newsletter but would like to, head to to sign up. I promise I won’t spam you, from time to time I share free advice, tips as well as new recipes and blogs with you. And who knows, there may even be some kind of special offer in tomorrow’s newsletter. Guess you’ll have to sign up to see 😋
I have to admit... I have been a wee little bit selfish. I’ve kept this recipe all to myself for many many many months 🙈😆. I don’t even know why. But I finally got around to photographing it today, instead of just eating/ inhaling it so I can share it with you. This is my Vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crust, adapted from my original Cauliflower Pizza Crust because I wanted an egg free version of it. It’s super easy to make, not like the normal cauliflower pizzas that have a billion different steps in the method. Plus it’s #glutenfree #dairyfree #grainfree #nutfree #sugarfree #lowcarb and #paleo . So if you want a super yummy and easy peasy hidden veggie pizza crust recipe that actually works, head to my website for this recipe for a party on your tastebuds 🍕🤤✨ #reallifeofpie
I was pretty sick and on bed rest for a few days last week. I was basically living on @meadowmarrowbonebroth and veggie purées like this one because that’s all the energy I had to make. In every purée I made, I always included cauliflower because it’s an incredible liver and spleen detoxifier + it contains sulfur, a sticky molecule that attracts toxins and heavy metals and transports them out of the body. It also gives your immune system a boost (which was what I needed), rich in Vitamin C, it’s anti-inflammatory and protects the lining of the stomach which is vital for preventing certain bacterial overgrowths. Isn’t Mother Nature so clever, she puts the medicine in our food 🙌🏻🤗. One of my favourite ways to eat cauliflower is to cook it in bone broth until the broth is almost evaporated, then blend it with salted organic butter and fresh sage until it’s silky smooth. And sometimes I’ll add in other veggies like broccoli stems, zucchini, bok choy and spinach to make it a beautiful green colour. Head to for this gut loving recipe ⚡️
I still love toast after all these years of being gluten free. Sure my toasts are a lot different and way fancier than my childhood favourite of plain toast and butter. But you gotta evolve right?! So today I’m going rainbow style. Gluten-free everything sweet potato toasts with caramelised beef mince and spices, chilli, cultured veggies, fresh guacamole and lime juice. Definitely a go-to quick and easy recipe here at #reallifeofpie ✨ . I know these may look fancy and you probably don’t believe me that they are an easy peasy recipe, but I made this original recipe in Bali using only a toaster and a frying pan. Click the link in my insta bio, and click on the ‘eBook’ tab to get this recipe, it’s in my Gutventure Travel Guide 😚
you will only ever live the life you create for yourself. find your passion and it should bring you joy, that joy will spread in every aspect of your life. what better way to live 🙏🏻 #reallifeofpie . . 📷 by my ♥️ @roybyrne
Cherries are one of my favourite summer fruits and my latest obsession is fermented cherries 🍒😍. Did you know that cherries are a well known brain food and can help to strengthen cognitive function by helping to improve memory, focus, and concentration and help to reduce brain fog? They’re also an excellent source of melatonin which is known to calm the nervous system, decrease irritability, ease headaches and promote a solid nights sleep with a balanced sleep-wake cycle. . I had an overabundance of fermented cherries so I decided to turn them into Cherry & Vanilla Jellies. They’re utterly delicious and completely #sugarfree + #gutfriendly . Head to if you want the recipe 🍒🍒🍒 #reallifeofpie
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