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I woke up early this morning super hungry and thought I’d whip up these Zucchini Egg Nests for breakfast this morning. For the past week I haven’t been able to do my normal fast until lunch time. Every morning without fail, I’ve woken up ravenous. So I’m listening to my body and eating breakfast again (it’s a little weird I must admit as I’ve been fasting for so long). I don’t have enough cold pressed oil to make the chimi churi sauce that I normal serve with this recipe, but I do have some fermented cashews in the fridge so I’ll quickly make some cashew cheese to go with it (recipe(s) on my website). This will take me less than 20 minutes to make! Healthy, nourishing food doesn’t have to be difficult or labour intensive, in fact this recipe is really easy! Click the link in my bio if you want to make it for breakfast too 🍳🍳🍳
It’s been raining non stop for what feels like weeks. So I’ve been really enjoying this creamy #dairyfree matcha potion for a gentle pick me up lately 🍵 because every sip feels like it’s nourishing and warming your whole being and insides! ✌🏻 INGREDIENTS 。 1 tsp @thematchareserve ceremonial grade matcha powder 。 1/2 tsp vanilla powder 。 1/4 tsp @sunpotion ashwagandha 。 1/4 tsp @sunpotion rhodiola 。 1 cup hot water 。 1 Tbsp gelatin (bloomed in 2-3T water) or use 1-2 Tbsp @bulletproof collagen powder instead 。 Sweetener to taste (I use 4 drops of liquid stevia) 。 1/2 Tbsp @lukehinesonline MCT oil 。 1 Tbsp coconut or cashew butter METHOD - Mix the hot water and gelatin to dissolve. - Then blend all ingredients until frothy, pour into a mug and savour every sip. It couldn’t get any easier than that 👌🏻 🍵 . What’s your favourite matcha combo? I’d love to try something new 🍵☺️
Firstly, I just want to say a humongous thank you. I’m so humbled by the hundreds of you who been kind enough to message or call me and offer such incredible amounts support, encouragement and words of wisdom regarding my last Instagram post. You’re words have not gone unnoticed, and I’m still completely overwhelmed with the amount of love I’ve received so far, so thank you, thank you, thank you ♥️ . On another note, I just got home from the markets and I had the urge to make these 3 Ingredient Keto Pancakes this morning. They have to be one of my absolute FAVOURITE recipes from our GUTALICIOUS cookbook. You can make them into either sweet or savoury pancakes or crepes (if you make them thin enough and have a good non stick pan) and top them with your favourite toppings. I also use them as wraps and fill them with shredded chicken, spinach, avo, pesto and roast pumpkin, the filling options are seriously endless! Sometimes I even just make them into little pikelets and eat them warm with butter for a quick snack, simply delish! They’re also #keto #dairyfree #glutenfree #nutfree #sugarfree and #grainfeee 🙌🏻 . Click the link in my bio, then click the ‘Cookbook’ tab if you want to get your hands on a copy of our GUTALICIOUS cookbook + heaps more yummy, gut friendly recipes like this one 🙏🏻
Thursday, October 11th 2018. Instagram can be so one dimensional and I personally choose to keep my personal life quite close to my chest. But in the spirit of vulnerability and being a real human being, I’d like to share this with you. I unexpectedly got made redundant from my full time job as a Nutritionist yesterday. I was made redundant, but it felt like I was fired. I’m still trying to process everything. I’ve never been in this position before and it feels as though I’ve done something wrong even though I don’t think I have. And I keep finding myself thinking ‘what the eff’ about 48965x every 5 mins. But this journey has come to an end. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, but at the same time it saddens me it had to happen this way. I was lucky enough to read some beautifully grounding words from @elle.anandi this morning that I’ll truly take on board. . “Embrace. Embrace. Embrace. Deny nothing. Turn over each rock. Feel it. Free it. It’s those parts of yourself you deny that hold the power over your existence. So I choose to turn these parts over in my hands, learn them, get close, inspect, question, feel. Ooph the heavy feels. But ooph the freedom. Embrace. Embrace. Embrace. #thehealing “ . So that’s what I’m going to do. Embrace. Embrace. Embrace. What a beautiful mantra and I feel as if she wrote this just for me. And I just want to send out some good vibes to you, no matter what your personal struggle is right now. Because what you’re feeling is valid. What you’re feeling is important. And what you’re feeling does not have to go unseen. — So now it’s time for me to trust in the universe and allow the magic to unfold for myself. If you’ve ever been in a situation like this, feel free to share any words of wisdom you may have 🙏🏻 — And p.s yes I will be be doing Nutrition consultations, freelance recipe development, photography, food styling and more under Real Life of Pie (very soon), so stay tuned 😘 in the meantime you can email me at if you have any questions or if you’re a past client ♥️
These are my Lemon Chu Chu’s, they’re honestly my favourite snack to curb those late afternoon hangry feels. I came home from work absolutely ravenous today, went to the freezer and ate two of these. Then all of a sudden I was human again 😂. If you want the recipe, it’s in my website under ‘snacks’. — Also, if you missed my last post, go check it out and then come back to read this one because I’m about to share my second tip. Which is - enhance your digestive ability. Probably sounds a bit boring but your body uses enzymes, acid & bile to break down protein, carbohydrates & fat into small, absorbable bits. So when you don't break down your food properly, it's irritating to your gut lining generating inflammation, it dampens your immune system and feeds bacterial dysbiosis & overgrowth. All of these end up with you getting gas or bloating or belching or indigestion & feeling icky within 30-60 minutes of eating. So basically you’re not only what you eat, but what you digest and absorb. — 2 simple + FREE things you can do to improve your digestion is to take 5 big deep breaths before each meal. This will help to relax and de-stress your body so you have a better chance of actually digesting and absorbing your food properly. The second is to CHEW. Chewing helps mechanically break down your food and slows you down so your body has a chance to fire up. — Chewing your food until it is soft. Not rushing your meals. Sitting down while you eat. Movement. Sleep. Developing a meditation or mindfulness habit. All of these behaviors help to balance the second brain. — Your second brain is a vast community of nerve cells living with your gut. It manages & monitors all aspects of digestion, including motility, regularity, pain perception & the production of digestive factors. You want your second brain to be calm & flexible. Not trigger happy & reactive. So focusing on behaviours - even if you don't change one aspect of your diet - is life changing. We often don't realise how overstimulated & stressed we are until we start intentionally working on these de-stressing behaviours. I’ve got a blog on my website with more tips on how to improve your digestive health too ✌🏻
Hands up if you want to experience better health, longer lasting energy, glowing skin, be completely symptom free and sleep soundly. But, knowing what to do to get to that point is completely overwhelming right? There's so many opinions out there, therapeutic diet options, a zillion new tests and a mountain of supplements & medications you can or cannot take. ​​​So having a place to start + a framework that allows you to tweak things based on your personal preferences and reactions is important. My number one goal in life is to help and serve others. So over the next few days, I’ll be sharing a few Instagram posts packed with information, to lay out for you the approach that I have used with many of my clients since I began offering consultations. — The 1st thing I recommend you do is find & eliminate your food sensitivities. If you experience any digestive symptoms regularly (think bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhoea, stomach pains, brain fog etc.) chances are you're reacting badly to a particular food(s). In my experience almost everyone gets better from dietary change. The first step in this process is to take a look at what you eat. If you're eating products that contain gluten and dairy every day, a fabulous place to begin is to experiment with eliminating of both of them, 100% and no cheating. These two are without a doubt the most common food sensitivities I see people have. One of the main benefits of eliminating them, is that it allows your body to rest for a period of time without the onslaught of these acidic and inflammatory foods. Once you’ve eliminated them for a period of time, you should find that you start to have more energy, vitality, focus and drive as well as better and more regular bowel movements, fewer aches, headaches and pains and hopefully improved mental clarity & gut health. — Remember our bodies are a living organism which will THRIVE when we put only the purest, organic and most nutrient dense bio-available foods into it. Add to this plenty of filtered water, exercise, love, nature, quality sleep & rest and you have a recipe to be fully ALIVE! — What to do next? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post! 😁 Let me know if you have any Q's
It’s a pizza party for one tonight. Don’t mind if I do! I’ve eaten this pizza 2 nights in a row now because I’m pretty much in pizza heaven right now. I’m so excited about eating pizza again because I’ve created not only an #eggfree version of my cauliflower pizza base (recipe coming soon) but I’ve also reintroduced some organic goats cheese back into my diet...mainly because I feel like pizza is naked without cheese on it. Tonight I’ve got a toasted cauliflower, garlic and turmeric base topped with roasted tomatoes, thinly sliced and roasted pumpkin, goats cheese and shredded chicken. Which is all about to be drizzled with a homemade basil and parsley chimi churi herb oil. If you want my original easy peasy cauliflower pizza base recipe that’s #glutenfree #sugarfree #grainfree #nutfree and #dairyfree head to my website, this recipe is under ‘mains’🍕🍕🍕hope you all had a beautiful weekend ✌🏻
Sugar Free Strawberry Sorbet. How and why sugar free? Well I’ve been working on healing and rebalancing my gut & hormones for the past few years (they’re both intrinsically connected). I originally cut out ALL sugar from my diet, including fruit. Because when your working on healing your gut it’s super important to stabilise your blood sugar levels as it’s one of the most important aspects of balancing hormones, and too much sugar can throw that off + it feeds some of the bad bacteria/ parasites in your gut. There’s nothing inherently wrong with fruit and if you don’t have gut infections, then by all means enjoy it. I genuinely miss eating it fresh (well, I only miss fresh mangoes!) but I thought I’d provide you with some alternatives on how you can not only remove the sugar from fruit, but also boost it nutritionally and support your gut and hormone health all at the same time - through fermentation! So how does that relate to this ice cream? It’s made from fermented strawberries 🍓 — If this sounds interesting and you want to know more, click the link in my insta bio, click ‘menu’ and see the ‘Sweets’ category for the recipe. I’ve also got a blog on my website all about how to ferment fruit + more in-depth information on why. See my highlights as I’ve linked it there ✌🏻🍓✌🏻🍓✌🏻
There’s cultured everythang in my kitchen, even Wild Blueberry, Purple Cauliflower & Vanilla Coconut Chia Pudding Smoothies. That’s a mouthful 😁. Truth be told, I’m not a huge chia pudding lover, but this one was actually pretty yummy. So here’s a rough recipe if you’re a chia pudding fence sitter like me, or if you feel like creating something a little different for breakfast. — Vanilla Coconut Chia Pudding - mix chia seeds, coconut milk, vanilla and a few drops of liquid stevia or your preferred sweetener to taste. Add to 2x glasses. — Purple Smoothie Layers - mix frozen (wild) blueberries, pre-cooked/ frozen purple cauliflower, @kulturedwellness coconut yoghurt, fermented and frozen chopped bananas, vanilla, adaptogenic herbs, cinnamon and collagen. Blend until smooooth as silk. Taste and add liquid stevia or your preferred sweetener if desired. Separate 1/3 of the mix into a bowl and mix through a bit more coconut yoghurt or coconut cream to make it a paler purple colour. — Layer the purple layers as you please and top with as many garnishes as you can fit ✌🏻enjoy
I got to create this plant based snack board with ample amounts of golden lemon cashew cheese today. It felt so amazing being able to use such fresh, local and organic produce and celebrate the beauty of plants. What was even better than adding as many edible flowers to this platter that I could possibly fit, was being able to share it with my loved ones and nourish their gut bugs with loads of sneaky probiotics from the cashew cheese. I also added my Turmeric Seedy Crackers (recipe in our GUTALICIOUS cookbook), daikon radish triangles and squares and fresh cucumber slices. If you want the recipe for my Golden Cashew Cheese, it’s on my website - just click the link in my insta bio 🧀✌🏻I hope you all had a fabulous long weekend ♥️
I've been sipping on this creamy steaming hot cup of #sugarfree hot chocolate with just the right amount of cacao and cinnamon today. I also added a good pinch of cardamom, ginger and nutmeg... holy moly I’ll definitely be doing that again!!! 🙌🏻🤤. Besides the absolute taste sensation, the other marvellous fact about this 'Bulletproof Cinnamon Hot Chocolate' is the nutritional boost it holds. Cinnamon improves your brains cognitive processing, prevents and soothes inflammation, reduces mucous production, gives you an extra energy boost + the incredible flavour and aroma of cinnamon is just divine!!!! And chocolate releases several neurotransmitters that have positive effects on us by making us feel happy and lift our mood. One of those neurotransmitters is called Phenylethylamine which is known as “the love drug”. Eating chocolate also releases endorphins into the brain which decrease levels of both stress and pain. These facts, on top of the divine taste and smell make me one happy gal! P.s it takes less than 5 minutes to make so you could treat yourself tonight. You’ll find the recipe on my website under ‘beverages’ ✨🙌🏻🤗
♥️ Keto Collagen Fudge Hearts are going down! ♥️ They’re super low in sugar and high in quality fats, these little love hearts won’t spike your blood sugar and help you burn fat. Plus the addition of collagen helps repair leaky gut, boosts the health of your hair, skin, nails and teeth, supports liver function, aids digestion and aids hormonal balance. To get this super simple and easy fudgey recipe in 3 different flavours (chocolate, turmeric and vanilla), the recipe is in my instagram story highlights. It was featured on @Bulletproof a few months back, but I’m re-sharing it because it’s one of my favourite go to snacks. You can store them in a little container in the fridge or freezer and eat one or eight 🤷🏼‍♀️ if you feel like a little sweet treat. And the recipe for this sugar free, cultured smoothy bowl recipe was made up, but there’s one(s) similar on my website if you feel like making it. How fun is food?!?
Purple cauliflower is my favourite food to play around with right now! I felt like getting a little creative in the kitchen and ended up making this with it. It was surprisingly simple to whip up, mainly because it was a bunch of leftovers. It’s zoodles (cooked in bone broth) topped with buttery purple cauliflower purée (recipe is in my feed, 12 rows back) parsley & basil chimi churi, sliced chicken breast with a sprinkle of chilli flakes and extra crispy garlic slices. I love simple, delicious, real food like this and made in under 20 minutes 🙌🏻
I reshot the recipe for my 2 Ingredient Probiotic Mango Sorbet because looking back at the original photos made me cringe + question my career path/ photography skills/ styling or there lack of/ creativity/ everything I’ve done in the last 2 years, you know? Nope, okay...just me then. Anywhoo, this is my absolute favourite thing to devour at the moment, well actually all the time. Nothing hits the spot better! This sorbet is completely #sugarfree because I’ve fermented the mango which means it’s also chock full of probiotics! It’s refreshing, slightly tangy, it smells amazing and it has the most incredible silky smooth sorbet texture. Click the link in my insta bio to get your hands on the recipe 🍨✨ . P.s I may have sneakily added in some turmeric and ginger juice to this batch to make it more anti-inflammatory, gut soothing and a more vibrant orange 😍
You guys... I made Chocolate Coated Caramel Swirl Cheesecake Bites! 🙌🏻 Hands up if you want one 🙌🏻. But seriously, is this a recipe I should remake and share with you? For the caramel, I’ve used fermented dates so it’s #sugarfree (recipe already on my website) to create a super delish caramel-y date sauce and I then swirled it through a gut friendly chocolate cheesecake filling, froze it, then chopped into squares and drizzled melted choccy on top! Check out that #drip on the third one down👌🏻. Let me know if you want the recipe, otherwise, I’ll just be sitting here enjoying the very last piece...all to myself 😁🤤👏🏻
Cinnamon + Rose Adaptogenic Blue Latte for this beautiful Spring morning. To make these I used a little ground ceylon cinnamon, 1/2 vanilla bean, 1/2 tsp @sunpotion astragulus , a dash of @bulletproof brain octane oil, coconut milk, @unicornsuperfoods blue spirulina powder and a few drops of liquid stevia. Heat in a small saucepan and then add to your blender and give it a good blendy blend until its frothy. Pour into a big ass mug and top it with extra cinnamon, shredded coconut and a sprinkle of rose petals. Yum. If you add 1-2 tsp gelatin, you could also turn this into a Panna Cotta (instead) just pop him in the fridge and let set for an hour! Now that’s a breakfast dessert I can back 🙌🏻✨
A portrait of a woman who is content where she is but sometimes lives in the past and worries about the future. A woman who at times forgets to take her own advice, who sometimes knows better but does it anyway. A woman who can be laughing one moment, heart full of joy, then be overcome with the grips of a heavy heart. A woman who can often forget that she has limitless potential and can be too hard on herself. A woman who is soft, determined, loving, complex and always learning more about herself each day. A woman who tries to show compassion and consideration to others. I am a woman and i am all of these things. 📷 by @roybyrne ❤️
Pros of being an adult: there’s no one to tell me I can’t eat cheesecake for breakfast 😝. I LOVE cheesecake. But I love it even more when it’s nourishing, sugar free, good for your gut and packed with probiotics. I had so much fun recreating the Layered Cheesecake recipe from our GUTALICIOUS cookbook (pg.343) for an holistic speaking event this weekend. But, of course when I’m told to follow the recipe (my own recipe in fact) I do the opposite 🙈. I ended up blending in some raspberries into the last layer to create a neapolitan cheesecake instead. And if I’m being honest, it’s so much better this way, plus it’s prettier too, so #noregrets .And the best thing about catering an event is that I had to slice off a piece for myself, for taste testing purposes of course. Click the link in my bio, then click ‘menu’ and then ‘cookbook’ if you want to get yourself a copy of #gutalicious to make this creamy dream of a cheesecake and delight your gut bugs!
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